What You Want Is Pure Tasting Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Watch

Today’s fashion always mixes a variety of colors together, giving the public a visual impact. I don’t know how to look at colorful scenes. The single and pure color is more refreshing and applauding. TAG Heuer’s new Formula One chronograph watch reflects a pure sense of nature from the internal design, function display and appearance. Xiaobian feels that wearing such a watch will surely keep us away from worldly pressure , For a peace of inner peace. Official model: CAH1213.BA0863

  TAG Heuer has always practiced the design concept of ‘technology determines function, function inspires design’, and almost every style launched has become a classic in the history of watches. Not following the trend, or admiring the sameness, every watch is a masterpiece with heart.

  Excessive colors and decorations seem to be artificial, using pure white and silver against each other, making people feel a new look, a sense of extraordinary elegance.

  The 41 mm white dial has a simple and elegant design, with a small second hand at three o’clock, a 30-minute counter at nine o’clock, and a calendar display window at four thirty. Twelve diamonds are used as time scales, adding a touch of luxury to the original low-key design.

  The material of the case is rust steel-ceramic. The white ceramic is soft and pure. The large Arabic numerals on the outer ring of the case are convenient for reading, and they are perfectly matched with the slender second hand for easy reading.

  The delicate crown is engraved with the icon of TAGHeuer, the upper button is the start and end of the timing, and the lower button is the zero reset. In addition to displaying the time of the watch, one more function can always be favored by the public.

  A good watch that looks crumbly from every angle. The stainless steel on the side without the crown is very smooth, and every detail of the dial is clearly seen through the sapphire crystal glass.

  The design of the strap is consistent with the overall style, and still uses stainless steel and ceramic materials. For consumers, the most important thing is the comfort of the strap. The two materials of this watch can give the wearer different feelings. Stainless steel is more durable, while ceramics are lighter and more comfortable to carry.

  With the click of the button on the buckle, the whole watch will move with you, as if it is a secret sign to release power, and a vibrant day is about to begin. The bottom of the table is engraved with the model number of the watch. In some cases, these numbers are also a representative of identity or brand. Water-resistant to 200 meters.

  In addition, the hour and minute hands of this watch and the signs of the twelve time points are painted with fluorescence, accompanied by shining diamonds during the day. When you watch this watch at night, TAG Heuer will give you A surprise, a touch of green light adds a touch of color to the night, a kind of warmth.

Summary: The watch is not only a symbol of the status of rich people, not only the darling of high-ranking officials and nobles, but also TAG Heuer has launched a wristwatch for the people. A watch of its own. In complex social relationships, what is needed is this pure feeling and intimate peace. Official model: CAH1213.BA0863; Reference price: 24,300 yuan (picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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