Watches That May Survive In The Last Days

The eschatology is nonsense, but we might as well be romantic and imagine this moment, then what are some of our cherished watches that might survive the crisis, then it really has been passed down Made it.
   [Anti-seismic star] This Glashütte watch, which was tailor-made for golfers of the London Olympics, can be said to be a typical representative of anti-seismic watches. It is important to know that the instantaneous impact of a golf swing on a golf movement can be fatal to the damage of an ordinary watch movement. This watch uses a uniquely developed elastic material. The four cushioning elements made between the movement and the case absorb at least 60% of the external impact, which ensures the machine even under strong impact. The stable operation and precise travel time of the core.
   [Seismic star] This watch subverted the seismic standards of all mechanical watches at the time. Not only does it reach the level worn by astronauts, it is also a rare ski-specific watch, and these are derived from a magical and great earthquake-resistant system-BALL Amortiser. This wonderful micromechanical device consists of two parts: first, an anti-magnetic protective ring that wraps the movement while reducing the shock to the movement. Second, the ‘rotating table top locking device’. This system protects the movement against shocks from both the front and sides. Whether flying into space or playing golf, the wearer can choose to lock the watch rudder to prevent the ‘auto-rotating watch’ that is swinging from being suddenly shaken and affected. I have to say that this is a practical and interesting technology.
   [Anti-seismic star] This is a reliable watch that can be worn around the Arctic Circle. It was created by Panerai in order to sponsor an explorer to “travel” the Arctic. Panerai PAM252 uses a shock absorber called Incabloc, which is an anti-seismic measure commonly used by Swiss watch factories. It uses a set of vertebral gems and auxiliary brackets to complete the anti-seismic effect. In addition, the 42-hour power reserve and the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C) certification are also symbols of practicality and precision.
   [Anti-seismic star] This watch uses Paraflex shock absorbers developed exclusively by Rolex. This shock absorber has 50% more impact resistance than the previous shock absorber KIF. In addition, this Rolex also uses The Parachrom hairspring is made of a paramagnetic alloy, which is not only immune to the influence of magnetic field, but also has ten times more shock resistance.
   [Earthquake Resistant Star] As a niche brand of professional golf watches, this Hole in One series of watches in Jaermann & Stübi is not only equipped with a professional shockproof system, but also tailored for golf. The patented complex golf accumulator can display the number of shots per hole, the central pointer shows the total score, the rotatable bezel can compare the handicap of each round, and the retrograde pointer at 6 o’clock shows the number of holes in the current game. , Overall, this is a very interesting and practical sports watch.
   [Anti-seismic star] TAG Heuer’s first watch with advanced shock-absorbing movement protection device released in 2009. Its unique tubular design and advanced anti-seismic protection accessories are inspired by GT racing technology. The watch is made by TAG Heuer Calibre 36 The movement is powered and the device is clearly visible through the glass and the sapphire crystal case back. The design from TAG Heuer’s newly-developed R & D department is light and transparent. The polished black PVD-coated case (based on the Monaco V4 case) uses accessories inside the sky and racing field with super-vibration-resistant composite shock-absorbing materials The vibration on the movement is absorbed by multiple support arms, and then directly transmitted to the composite vibration filtering device, which can absorb the vibration energy emitted by the well.
   Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis … These doomsday shots appearing in the film make people shudder. ‘Shock’ and ‘water’ have become keywords that have tested the limits of human survival for a while, and watches that bear mechanical and technological civilization happen to be also resistant to earthquakes Waterproofing and waterproofing are constantly making achievements. The eschatology does not need to be believed, but we might as well be romantic. Imagine this moment, then what are our precious watches that can survive the ‘shock’ and ‘water’ What about the crisis, then they really have become handed down.