Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Fully Supports The European Arts And Crafts Open Day

In 2013, Vacheron Contantin will join forces with the L’ Institut National des Métiers d’ Art again with joy and passion to assist the European Artistic Crafts Days.
Vacheron Contantin believes that advancing the arts and crafts industry is not only a promise, but also a responsibility. The brand strongly supports this event and assisted in organizing the European Arts and Crafts Open Day in France, Milan, London and Geneva.
Vacheron Constantin, one of the world’s most famous watch brands, was founded in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the oldest and earliest watch manufacturer in the world. It has inherited the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship for more than 250 years. Great contribution. Vacheron Constantin has always paid attention to the field of culture and arts. Through the form of sponsorship or cooperation, many arts and crafts are protected and supported. The purpose is to let everyone understand the handicraft heritage that needs careful care, so that they realize that these industries have future development prospects .
Vacheron Constantin will join forces with a British non-profit organization, the British Luxury Association (Walpole), to host its first open day event in London. As a weathervane admiring the outstanding quality of British luxury goods, the British Luxury Goods Association values ​​the generosity of arts and craftsmen in the process of value and heritage. Vacheron Constantin will fund the Crafted-Makers of the Exceptional exhibition at Somerset House, which will showcase the excellence of the arts and crafts industry.
Vacheron Constantin will also be co-sponsoring the theme exhibition ‘Le temps de la création’ in France with the National Institute of Technology. The exhibition is held in the Palais de Tokyo and aims to fully display the arts and crafts industry. Contemporary characteristics. (France)

Vacheron Constantin supports European Open Day for Arts and Crafts 2013

Vacheron Constantin will also collaborate with the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in Milan, inviting senior craftsmen and newcomers to participate in the ‘Arts, Crafts and Design-Asia’ to be held in Superstudio 13. ‘Times in the Eyes of Alexandro Mendini and His Craftsmen’ (Arts & Crafts & Design-le Temps vu par Alessandro Mendini et ses artisans) exhibition. This exhibition was conceived by Italy’s most distinguished designers, and aims to show the perfect fusion of these skills with contemporary creation by initiating a new era-themed dialogue between design, art and arts and crafts. (Italy)
Finally, Vacheron Constantin will jointly hold the theme exhibition ‘L’envers du décor’ in Geneva with the Geneva municipal government. The ten cultural institutions will not only disclose their mysterious behind-the-scenes information, but also invite the public. Start a warm exchange with artisans. Vacheron Constantin will also participate in an exhibition at the Musée d’ Art et d’ Histoire de la ville de Genève, which aims to showcase the work and achievements of these institutions. (France)
Each event is like a cultural invitation that transcends time but combines meticulousness, precision, excellence, and beauty. This unique opportunity not only gives everyone a deeper understanding of the craftsmanship heritage that needs careful care, it also allows people to imagine and explore all the possibilities for a perfect fusion of heritage with today’s universal values.