Ulysse Nardin Launches New Ads To Subvert Your Imagination

UlysseNardin Athens Watch will release new online and offline advertisements worldwide in June 2018. With a number of posters and a promotional video, it will continue to rise against the current and pay tribute to the ocean’s roots for more than 170 years.

   The new ad for Athens Watch tells the adventure of a big shark in the cities of New York and Shanghai. The marine theme has been an essential element of the brand since its establishment in 1846. This ‘shark’ is a bold new attempt. The advertising idea came from the Paris company Extreme, and the “king of the sea” sharks broke away from the water world and entered the urban environment. In the ad, we see sharks moving away from their habitats: the deep sea and the reef, traveling through the streets of New York and Shanghai. This predator is secretive, relies on instinct, is energetic and well-informed. It is the embodiment of action, and if it ceases to act, it will face destruction. It swims all the time and doesn’t wait for things to change-because it actively changes. Powerful, outstanding and efficient, we associate it with success in the business and financial sectors.

   The new visual identity will be accompanied by the new global strategy of Athens Watch, and Sea World is still the center of brand expression. This advertising message is a new idea, paying tribute to the principle of freedom and innovation that always guides the brand to create. The Athens Watch pays tribute to modern explorers, contemporary pilots, and those who are good at making rules, sailing and heading up. At the same time, I also pay tribute to the # 幻梦 成 针 # series.

   The FREAK series is the unique, extraordinary, wonderful, unconventional and unusual free soul. # 翻 Sub 非凡 ## FREAKMEOUT or ‘SURPRISEME’ is the slogan of this new advertisement, which was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International High-end Watch & Clock Fair (SIHH). Today, # Subversion Extraordinary ## FREAKMEOUT is a diversified slogan for Athens timepieces.

   The Athens Watch has made a huge contribution to marine conservation and aims to use this ad to communicate with people who are serious about sustainable development. Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem and are vital to the health of the planet and the survival of humankind. The disappearance of species like sharks is bound to trigger the extinction of thousands of others.

   Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Athens Watch since the fall of 2017, said: ‘This ‘Shark in the City’ directly expresses our voice with a new and bold perspective. It constantly swims to create a surprising effect.’ # 倒 sub 非凡 ## FREAKMEOUT will use this boldness and surprise to realize the aspirations of the new captain.