Tuduo North Flag City Tour Challenge Season 2 Who And Struggle

In 2015, Tudor launched the North Flag watch for the first time, and started the first season of the City Tour Challenge, showing its fearless spirit as a brave man. When most people are trapped in the cement forest, when life is covered by endless traffic and horses, when worldly hustle and bustle and rushing rhythms come in, how many people dare to break free? In 2016, the second season of the Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge officially opened. You are invited to challenge the past and experience the power of freedom.

    Starting from April 9, 2016, the Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge will be launched in more than ten cities across the country. Enjoy the fun of climbing on the indoor climbing machine specially built by Tudor. In the successful first season, the Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge attracted more than 1,500 participants from 18 cities across the country to join this event, and Tudor recorded every exciting moment for them.

Activity time
April 9, 2016-June 26
Active city


ways of registration
1. Follow the official Tudor WeChat account, click the menu ‘Explore More’, and select ‘City Rock Climbing’ to register in real time.
2. During the competition, go directly to the event site of each city to register directly.

    Participants are required to bring a valid ID to the event site. Each challenger can also participate in climbing games on the event page to test your reaction speed and concentration! Addicted before the actual combat.
Challenge climbing skills
    During the competition, you can show your superb climbing skills and tenacious determination to climb to the top. All the wonderful moments will be recorded by the on-site high-tech climbing camera! After the race, you will also receive your real-time challenge scores. You can also check and download your photos and scores through the “Climbing Moment” on the official Tudor WeChat menu. You can also learn about all the stages in the “National Ranking” Top 10 user scores in the middle, and compete with your partners!
Mystery gift
    In the City Tour Challenge, the top ten players in the country will receive an official mystery gift from Tudor, to reward the challengers for their superb skills and excellent physical fitness! In order to recruit more brave adventurers to come to join our challenge, each contestant, share your climbing photo and link to the event website via your mobile phone and share it with your circle of friends, invite more friends to join the challenge, you can go to the competition site Pick up a souvenir from Tudor retail stores (cannot be redeemed).
Tudor Spirit
    In early 1950, the Greenland expedition courageously opened up polar snowfields in the coldest and remotest scientific environment of the earth, sneaked into the cracks of glaciers, and stubbornly advanced in the harsh environment. The expedition team wore the Tudor Oyster Prince watch, which was accurate and reliable. Characteristics, escorting the brave explorers.

    Today, Tudor NORTH FLAG inherits the outstanding performance and stable performance of Tudor watches in extreme environments, and is favored by adventurers. The Tudor North FLAG City Tour Challenge is to explore with you the spirit of Tudor’s pursuit of adventure and freedom.

    Tudor North FLAG also has a significant identity feature, is equipped with Tudor’s self-developed movement MT5621. This movement is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) and has a power reserve of up to 70 hours. The bold design of the back of the watch is transparent, reflecting its fine craftsmanship and atmospheric aesthetic design.