The Painter Wu Ma Appeared At The Rolex Field Race.

On October 19, 2013, the 2013 Rolex Cup International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League will start the first peak match of this station: the 140-145CM World Cup qualifier. Many outstanding riders from home and abroad ride their favorite horses to appear in the Beijing Chaoyang Park Sand Volleyball Main Arena, competing for tickets to the World Cup finals next year in Lyon, France.

              Painter Wu Ma appears at Rolex Field Race

 Before the official competition began, the famous Chinese horse artist Wu Ma appeared at the competition site, painted a horse on the scene, and presented it to the world’s number one famous British rider Ben Maher. Wu Ma is a member of Xu Beihong’s Art Committee and a promoter of horse culture. He has repeatedly ruled Chinese equestrian events as a referee, and has continued to sponsor and support the International Horse Federation (FEI) China and the American Quarter Horse Association China events in the form of art. The Horse Association promotes and disseminates Chinese horse culture. Ma Xiongjian in his writing is vigorous, fierce, yet chic, elegant, and leisurely.

 Taking care of things and expressing freehand brushwork, Wu Ma’s paintings given to British riders not only expressed his personal love for the equestrian cause, but also carried the desire and expectations of the event organizers to learn from each other and make progress together. 2013 is a significant year in the history of Chinese equestrian history. Many domestic equestrian events including the National Games attracted the participation of many top riders at home and abroad, and also made the equestrian sport more popular with more and more people. attention. The holding of the FIFA World Cup China League has also become a good communication link between Chinese equestrian and the world equestrian. He not only brings the excellent Chinese riders to the international equestrian arena, but also allows the Chinese equestrian sport to accompany this event. Great progress has been made throughout the country. With China joining the FIFA Venue Obstacle World Cup in 2011, the global landscape of the event has added a crucial piece.

Wuma Introduction:

 Member of Xu Beihong Art Committee. Horse culture promotion and disseminator, equestrian referee. At the age of 10, he started painting horses and studied Chinese painting and oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Study the horse anatomy and movement rules systematically, and have researched and created on the prairie horse farm many times. His works are collected in art institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Plan a series of corporate cultural activities such as ‘BMW and Chinese horse culture’, and use exhibitions and lectures to spread horse culture in equestrian clubs, enterprises and institutions. Plan and be invited to participate in horse culture projects such as China Horse Fair and Beijing Horse Culture Festival. He has repeatedly ruled Chinese equestrian events as a referee, and has continued to sponsor and support the China International Federation of FEI (FEI) and the American Quarter Horse Association China events in the form of art. Promote and disseminate Chinese horse culture. Currently planning and organizing the first exhibition and promotion of Chinese horse culture in the United States.

Wuma work content and painting characteristics

 Wuma has been committed to the dissemination and promotion of horse culture and horse art in a broader field in the form of art exhibitions, art exchanges, and art lectures in many summit forums, exhibitions, companies, galleries, equestrian clubs and other cooperation. Let more people know, understand, and love horses.

Wuma painting horses, focusing on promotion and development, is a horse culture.

 The horse of the martial arts is strong, vigorous, fierce, yet chic, elegant, leisurely, quiet or moving, or running or resting, all lively, diligent in seeking for new things, using the material to support the situation, splashing ink freehand, blending Chinese and Western, iron ink is dripping, simple and concise, modeling, anatomy, dynamic and accurate and slightly deformed, beauty is the most important.

 The skill of Ezekiel’s sketches, borrowing the tools of ink and wash, danced on rice paper, and indulged in affection. Looking back on the Tang and Song dynasties, facing the contemporary, deeply realizing life, on the divergent paper, tortuously searching for his own artistic language in countless times of artistic practice, looking for a context that reflects his inner world.

Wuma painting horses creates pictures, but manages the soul. It is the so-called foreign teacher’s fortune, gaining heart, persisting, and finally realizing