Seiko Timekeeping Will Continue To Cooperate With Iaaf Until 2019

According to Watch House, as early as 1985, Seiko watches from Japan reached an agreement with the IAAF IAAF World Championships, and will use Seiko’s during the competition in Rome in 1987. Timing is the official timing for the entire game.

 For the next 26 years, Seiko and IAAF have been working together to create a legendary collaboration story. Recently, Seiko also officially announced that in the next time, until 2019, Seiko will continue to be the official timing partner of the IAAF IAAF World Championships. A total of IAAF competitions will be included during this period, held in Beijing in 2015, London in 2017, and of course, unknown unknown 2019 games.

 In addition to the above games, this period also includes 22 other activities. IAAF World Indoor Championships and IAAF World Junior and Youth Championships.

 As we all know, since the first IAAF IAAF World Championships held in Rome in 1987, SEIKO (Seiko) has been the official timekeeper for the IAAF World Athletics Championships for 12 consecutive times. In order to support this event, the brand uses a series of advanced system equipment to accurately measure the competition results (time and distance) of top athletes and communicate the event information to the audience in a timely manner. We have invested in a variety of equipment, including the latest development of the LED display of the event display panel, and all spectators present will experience a better viewing experience than ever before.

 Because the new track and field event display board is equipped with a full-color LED display, it will display the relevant information of the event in bright colors. Such as athlete introductions, ongoing games and results. It has display screens on three sides, so the information displayed can be easily seen at any angle from the round stand.

 The latest starting gear to be introduced in the track, the position of its built-in horn has been moved from the back to the front. Therefore, the mobilizer can hear the commander’s voice and start signal more closely. And the length of the pedal is also increased by 8 cm to 25 cm compared to the traditional model. These larger pedals can enable athletes to generate stronger thrust when starting.

 IAAF President Lamine Diack said that he was very happy to maintain such a long-term friendly and cooperative relationship with JD. This shows that the sports field is still highly valued by everyone, and the brand is also grateful for the long-term innovation of the sports timekeeping industry, which is a great achievement for athletes and the entire sports industry.

 In the future 2014-2019, I believe that we will cooperate more tacitly and present more and more wonderful moments for sports enthusiasts around the world.