Rolex Announces The Launch Of The Rolex.Org Website

Rolex announced the launch of the ROLEX.ORG website- The Crown logo embodies our views on brand positioning and hopes to bring ambition to the world. We call it [Perpetual Spirit]. This spirit is based on the belief in the infinite potential of human beings. They continue to pursue progress and long-term excellence, constantly push the boundaries and foresight. We are committed to creating timeless watches, just as we want to contribute to future generations. website

    The ROLEX.ORG website includes four major themes:
    Perpetual spirit: our founding spirit
    Environment: Protecting the Earth
    Science: Knowledge Transmission
    Art: Cultural Spread
    At the same time, Rolex also regards the contribution of society as its responsibility and is committed to supporting different institutions and people through two long-term funding programs:
    Rolex Awards for Enterprise: The Rolex Awards for Enterprise is a corporate philanthropy that recognizes outstanding people around the world, provides support to underfunded pioneers, helps them overcome challenges and implement their innovative projects Thereby improving human knowledge and health.
    Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative: The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is a charity program designed to advance global cultural development. This project discovers talented young artists from all over the world, lets them work with masters of art, and receives one-on-one careful guidance during this period.