Richemont Richemont Group Announced That It Will Adjust Its Executives In April 2013

Richemont announced that Pilar Boxford will officially retire from April 1, 2013, at which time she will also retire from the Group Management Committee. Taking into account the membership adjustments of the Group Management Committee just announced in November 2012, Ms Pilar Boxford will not be replaced on the committee.
Ms. Pilar Boxford joined Cartier Paris as a product manager in 1979, responsible for the promotion of Cartier perfume products, and then gradually took charge of Cartier’s global public relations strategy. Five years later, she moved to Cartier London as the director of communications.
In 2004, Ms Pilar Boxford was appointed Director of Group Public Relations and joined the Group Management Committee. After she retires, she will continue to serve as a group consultant to support the company’s handling of major public relations events.
Johann Rupert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Richemont, said:
‘After 33 years, Ms. Pilar’s knowledge and her contribution to Cartier and other important positions in the company have been proven in her global reputation.’
Source: Richemont