Releasing The Sweet Temptation Several Personalized Style Watch Recommendations

The ancient man said, ‘The spring must be found in the early spring, and the flowers will not be old until the flowers grow old.’ When the spring was smelled, the flowers were already blooming in the mountains. Only in spring can such imagination, poetry and romance make people want to have a good love. Dressed up as Loli, Royal Sister, ‘Bad Girl’, or even a lady … Take advantage of this great spring light, release the sweet temptation, make the flower of love open immediately, and become the winner in love.
Unique trend loli control

 No matter how intelligent and powerful your heart is, you must understand that most men have a loli plot in their hearts. They like girls with girly faces and girls dressed in pink, tender goose yellow, and fresh tender apple colors. Occasionally, they can sell cute and pretend to be innocent, and their seductive gestures can best inspire protection in men’s hearts.
 Recommended watch: Glashütte Four Seasons Series 90-00-04-04-04

 The overall tone of the watch is a soft tender pink, a pink mother-of-pearl dial and an Acqualino strap, which match the natural colors of cherry blossoms. The dial is decorated with a hand-carved cherry branch pattern, which is very delicate. In addition to the white diamonds, the watch is also set with 37 natural pink diamonds. This spring flower wants to use the eccentric indication method that Glashütte is used to. The hour and minute dial and the small seconds dial are intertwined with beautiful cherry blossom patterns and diamond decoration. It must be a necessary weapon for Wangtaohua.
Fashion aura shows personality

 You must know that this is no longer an age of smiling teeth. Men’s expectations of women have also changed greatly. Those who are hot, love to wear professional attire, understand life and understand fun, in short, are sexy, independent, mature, and The feminine Yujie can also please men. What’s more, for many men, marrying a royal sister is equivalent to marrying a quality life.
 Recommended watch: Radar R5.5 series R28886162 watch

 Since the pop wave of the last century, countless young people have chased such a wave at least while taking advantage of the last train of young people. Now radar is no exception. This all-black high-tech ceramic r5.5 watch reproduces the classic The design, the rounded square dial and the strap are completely integrated, which completely obscures the gender positioning of a watch, which reminds people of the days when bell-bottom pants, toad mirrors and flower shirts became popular. Retro watches are more suitable for retro matching, but this watch is not just as simple as retro, the eclectic fun revealed is full of interest. The handsome and retro cowboy is the most suitable match, it is also eclectic, and it is also straightforward. It will definitely make you remember it in the crowd.
Show the elegance of a lady

 In order to be a lady, you need to have at least the following qualities: beautiful, elegant, intellectual, calm, with flowing long hair, gentle eyes, like stilettos, and always wear delicate and decent. Needless to say, the noble temperament on the body has made men spontaneously respect and value, making them unable to resist such attractive charms.
 Recommended watch: Omega Ladymatic 425. watch

 Each movement is equipped with the brand’s unique Si14 silicon spring. Silicon is a non-magnetic substance. Its special physical properties allow the silicon spring to minimize the impact of external vibrations and environmental interference on the watch’s travel time. This is a truly amazing timepiece. The 34mm 18K red gold case is eye-catching. The bezel and the 18K red gold bracelet are lined with snowflakes inlaid with a large number of gorgeous diamonds. The side edges of the case are cleverly decorated with diamonds to create a dynamic decorative ripple. . Including the 11 diamond hour markers on the mellow brown dial, this model is set with a total of 894 diamonds and weighs 5.46 carats.
Bad girl Fan Qiang self not low-key

 As the saying goes: Men are not bad, women do not love. There is also a saying: good girls go to heaven, bad girls go around. Dressing for rock, metal, and underground music, nudity, destruction, and heavy metal are all alternative fashion elements that are full of bad girls. It is very easy to grab the mirror no matter what fashion match, the charming charm of bad girls is irresistible.
 Recommended watch: Richard Miller RM 007 LADIES’WATCH

 This watch is made of rose gold and platinum, with a completely hollow dial and case design, giving you a feel of the palm of your hand; a standard tonneau-type case design with a white dial inside; the diamond-set hour mark Add a touch of bright color; the knurled crown has a pointed design in the middle, located in the groove on the side of the case, which is a classic of Richard Mille. The rear-view case-back mirror design can clearly see the internal movement structure. Richard Mille, as a top mechanical watch brand, has won praise from the public with its revolutionary watchmaking technology.
 After reading today’s introduction, go pick a style that suits you.

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