Permanent Architectural Aesthetics Tasting Mido Commander Series Memorial Day Watch

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Mido brand, and it is a day of great significance. Therefore, the Mido watch has been pushing harder this year, and these new models have also made great breakthroughs in design. Among them, the Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ watch is a very representative model. Since its launch at the beginning of the year, it has received widespread attention from watch friends. With a unique and conspicuous ‘big calendar’ design, it shines. Today, this version I want to introduce to you is one of the gold versions, which is more casual and stylish than the belt model. At the same time, the gold design also looks more luxurious. Let’s take a look at this watch together. (Watch model: M021.626.22.031.00)

Representative ‘big calendar’ design

   As the brand’s centennial watch, the new product uses the iconic design of the past, and also uses a new ‘big calendar’ display window design. Watch friends who have experienced purchasing know that watches with large calendars are rarer within 10,000 yuan. Because this design is more complicated than the regular calendar and the R & D cost is relatively high, it is often carried by some more advanced watches. Mido has broken this convention this year, and can also allow the wearer to enjoy the big calendar function within 10,000 yuan, showing the full price-performance ratio.
Watch real shot display

   The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm. The sides are recessed and the lines are natural, adding a lot of personality to the watch. The connection between the bezel and the bracelet is decorated with PVD coating, which enhances the overall temperament of the watch. The straight ears are slightly curved, making the watch fit the wrist more ergonomically.

   The crown, which is half “recessed” on the side of the case, is easy to pull out from the rear, which facilitates the adjustment of the time and calendar. The crown is engraved with the brand LOGO ‘MIDO’ and designed with a non-slip texture, which feels first-class.

   The iconic Commander’s dial layout makes the watch more recognizable. Like the case, the three-dimensional scale and hands on the white dial are also gold-plated, echoing the outer bezel, showing a unique and low-cost aesthetic design. The luminous part is set at the end of the hour, minute and hour markers, so that you can clearly watch the time even in a dark environment.

   The large calendar at 6 o’clock is equipped with a separate PVD gold-plated frame, which is eye-catching and chic. The large calendar with instant jump and fast adjustment functions makes this watch stand out from other models of the same level and is welcomed by many watch enthusiasts.

   Equipped with Caliber 80 long kinetic mechanical movement known for its outstanding performance, and using a unique large calendar mechanism to highlight the uniqueness of the watch. The large calendar is divided into two parts, the single digits are presented by a petal-shaped 0-9 scale gear, and the ten digits are displayed by a large scale dial, which has 31 numbers, 9 0, 10 1, 10 Two 2, two 3, two disks jump at the same time when using, so as to combine the big calendar function. With a power reserve of 80 hours and a silicon hairspring, it shows the excellent performance of the watch.

   The design inspiration of the commander series echoes the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The cold steel structure makes the commander series highlight the masculinity of men. Unlike other gold versions, this watch’s bracelet has a PVD gold-plated part at the end of the visual link, which is unique and bright. Equipped with PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel double folding clasp, which can be worn by pressing the button below.

Mido Commander Anniversary Watch

Summary: The Commander series was born in 1959 and once won the broad market space for Mido by virtue of its outstanding performance. Today, the Commander series is still an evergreen watch in the brand, and presents a unique wristwatch for those who love it. And this is the Mido Commander Series Anniversary Watch. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention to it. Watch price: RMB 8,500