Low-key Yong Yong Unleashing Passion Commemorating The Initial Success In The Workplace

Everyone has the value of self-existence. A-Gump’s self-improvement has created one seemingly impossible one after another. Nick Huzhe’s optimism has greatly encouraged the world, even as a Ordinary staff such as Durala also have their own upward philosophy. Most people live in the workplace and reflect value in the workplace. When we taste the initial taste of success, it is a great encouragement. This success may mean the first bucket of gold, or it may mean a transformation of life. Either way, it’s so important that in the days to come, I’m still proud of it. Well, at this point, you should give yourself a gift.
Baume & Mercier 10273

Model: 10273
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 19700
Watch details: TANGENTE 130 watch

Model: 130
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 37.5 mm
Watch price: ¥ 18600
Watch details: TANGENTE series watches will give you what you want. The strong German flavor makes the watch look so European-style, the extremely simple Bauhaus style, and the aftertaste watch as the source of timepieces. The 130 watch uses a manual mechanical movement with an indispensable date display function for the workplace. The diameter of the watch is 37.5 mm, and the disc is unusually wide under the visual effect of the ultra-narrow case edge. Horse leather is a characteristic strap material of NOMOS watches, which is softer and more comfortable than crocodile leather. If you want a little implicit personality, then it is what you want.
Le Méridien Bentao Series PT6158-SS001-43E-1

Model: PT6158-SS001-43E-1
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 16000
Watch details: aimei / 5467 /
Watch Reviews: Personality and fashion, simplicity and taste, perfectly combined in Le Méridien Bento series watches. The popular blue injects a trendy sense of fashion into the watch, but at the same time it doesn’t look overly flamboyant. The simple appearance does not lose its personality. The watch has the day and date display to serve the daily wear of the workplace. The watch has a built-in self-winding movement that automatically recharges the watch when worn. Amy belongs to a very low-key brand in China, and fewer people know it, the chance of hitting a watch is even less.
Summary: Different workplaces have different rules and form very different cultures. This internal drive deeply affects the young people in them. However, the best of them all have unique personalities. They are successful people in the future and stand out in the workplace. If you are one of them, don’t forget to give yourself a gift, a gift that will always be with you.

Romantic In The Winter

In Switzerland, the long winter can always bring snow-capped natural wonders, snow-white ground and clear blue sky to form beautiful scrolls. Watch designers are very good at capturing such beautiful scenery. Craftsmanship, they are perfectly presented on the dial. And Germany, right next to Switzerland, is another important country of watchmaking, and watchmakers there are also very happy.
Lange LANGE 1 watch series 113.043

Watch Series: Pocket Lange 1 Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Calfskin
Time to market: 2015
Watch details: 1 ladies watch. With the light blue texture of the plate, the strap also uses the matching color, the overall fresh and elegant, like a water lily in the snow, pure and holy.

Blancpain Moon Phase Series 3653-1954L-58B

Watch Series: Ladies Watch Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Belt
Domestic public price: ¥ 313000
Watch details: 165000
Watch details: chopard / 13135 /
Comment on the watch: Chopard is a watchmaking family, and it is also a jewellery and diamond master. Whether it is luxury jewelry or fine watchmaking, it is easy to come by. Chopard has a deep understanding of the ladies’ hearts, clever use of diamonds, and integrates them into the ‘moon’ and ‘stars’, which best represent romantic colors, supplemented by a pale blue dial to create a poetic atmosphere of a quiet night sky Space, bringing pleasant visual enjoyment to ladies.
Summary: All three watches perfectly incorporate natural elements into fine watchmaking. Using delicate and exaggerated design techniques, they have inadvertently caught the eye and can’t leave for a long time. Brands have fully expressed their insights on women’s watches. Although they use light blue as the main color, they have no meaning of ‘cold’, but rather more exciting and beautiful.

Dewitt Born For Love-news Dewitt

DEWITT watchmaking family draws inspiration from its rich historical heritage and re-interprets Alma jewelry watches in 2014, this is the second watch factory exclusively for women Designed series. The harmonious and symmetrical oval case, the slightly arched contour that perfectly fits the wrist, and the famous DEWITT emperor column carving make up the new look of the Alma watch.

Alma Jewelry Watches for Women Delicate and elegant diamonds surround the dial

This collection is available in 7 styles, made of rose or white gold, set with diamonds, and with a beautiful dial. The Alma watch is equipped with a self-winding movement with a central seconds hand and a power reserve of 42 hours. The three hands are all made of 18K gold. The sword-shaped hollow hour and minute hands and the slim second hand are staggered in the center of the dial, pulling the time between the changing light and shadow.

Crown made of polished gold to create a halo unique to top-of-the-line watches

The first two jewellery models with matte or polished flanges are adorned with Arabic numerals and retouched with ‘black gold’, making snowflake-inlaid round diamonds more dazzling. The minute scale ring is inlaid with square diamonds, and the black lacquered hour markers embellish it. The dial of the polished rose gold model is decorated with the ‘Paris studs’ pattern, which makes the pure and eye-catching design perfect, contrasting tones, round The silhouette and the effect of light and shadow contrast each other. The anti-glare mirror is arched at 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, which makes the overall curve of the watch more atmospheric, and also makes the watch already famous for the Imperial column more unique charm. The 18K gold material is polished Alternating with fine sandblasting, the crown and pin buckle are made of polished gold and engraved with ‘W’ to add finishing touches to delicate details. The Elma series is full of 21st-century modern flavor, and it also contains royal style. It is the best testimony of the attention to detail of the DEWITT watch factory. This kind of excellence makes the watch making an extraordinary timepiece.

The famous DEWITT emperor column carving, which constitutes a new look for Alma series watches

Citizen Launches New World Time At Watch

According to the Home of Watches, Citizen, a well-known Japanese watch brand, has launched a brand new timepiece for women’s world time. The design is very elegant and the functions are also available.

This brand new Women’s World Time watch uses a 39mm rose gold case. The satin finish and polishing techniques give the precious metal a unique softness and elegance.

On the dial side, a mother-of-pearl dial is used. The Arabic numerals and bar hour markers are made of golden material, which echoes the tone and quality of the overall watch. The two biggest points on the dial are the orange hands, and the beating colors also bring a lively breath to the watch itself.

In addition to its glamorous appearance, it is no less functional. The waterproof depth is 100 meters, and the time in 26 different cities can be displayed simultaneously, as well as the very practical functional design including power reserve.

The Watch House believes that today’s women’s watches are becoming more functional. This Citizen watch is the best interpretation of this concept. I believe that such exquisite timepieces will also be favored by more people.

Bernalon Fatrum Reverses The Omega Dubai Women’s Masters

December 7, 2013, Dubai time, facing the breeze, the 2013 Omega Dubai Women’s Masters ended in the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. Thai player Pornanong Phatlum eventually overtook Stacy Lewis with a total score of 15 below par to win the sixth Omega Dubai Women’s Masters Championship. The most dramatic ending in the history of this event.
Bernalon Fatrum

   The whole game was exciting. The 24-year-old from Bangkok fell behind Louis by a stroke in the first 16 holes and advanced a birdie on the 17th hole to counterattack and tie Louis. In the end, Bernalon once again won a birdie championship at the 18th hole.
   The defending champion Feng Shanshan, who is the same as Omega Celebrity Ambassador, like Stacey Louis, achieved fifth place in the first round, even though she was behind 4 par.
   In addition to winning the championship prize, Bernalon also received an elegant Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 34 mm coaxial watch, this watch with 18K red gold case and leather strap.
   Commenting on the winner, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s global vice president and sales director, said: ‘This year’s Omega Dubai Women’s Masters has been exciting, all golfers have performed well, and the atmosphere is awesome. On behalf of Omega, congratulate Bernalon Fatrum for her impressive record, and wish her another success in her future golf career. At the same time, we also hope that this new Aquamar coaxial Aqua Terra watch It will give her a wonderful experience. ‘
Omega and golf-a world-wide offering
   Over the years, sponsoring golf events has been an integral part of the Omega brand strategy, and the name of this famous watch manufacturer has always been closely linked to some important golf events. Omega’s collaboration with The PGA of America has made the Swiss watch brand an honored official timekeeper in major PGA events, including the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup in the United States. (The Ryder Cup) event.
   Omega is the title sponsor of the annual European Masters in Switzerland. It also sponsors the Dubai Desert Classic and The Dubai Ladies Open, two in the Middle East. The region’s most prestigious sports event.
   In 2016, Omega will continue to be the designated timekeeper for the Olympic Games, and golf will return to the Olympic Games after a lapse of more than a century. Golf has been officially included in the top world sports events, demonstrating that golf has truly become one of the most important international sports events.

Tianwang Watches, How About The Top Ten Domestic Watches?

In the news webcast of the 1990s, an ad ‘Tianwang tells you the time accurately’ made the Tianwang watch brand a household name. Tianwang watch has risen from that time, and now it is one of the top ten domestic watch brands. But there are also many friends who ask questions about the Utopa watch, how good the Utopa watch is, etc. Let’s tell everyone the following watch home!

Tianwang watch brand introduction
   ‘Tianwang Watch’ is a watch brand under the Hong Kong Timepieces Group. Hong Kong Shijibao Group Banner is a large-scale watch group integrating design, production and sales. After more than 20 years of development, the Tianwang watch brand has become a well-known brand in the domestic watch industry. The brand has been awarded the national best-selling product ‘Golden Bridge Award’ for four consecutive years by seven ministries including the Ministry of Domestic Trade, the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China, the China National Light Industry Council, the China Consumers Association, the National Technical Supervision Bureau, the China Textile Federation, and the State Economic and Trade Commission. Furthermore, it has won honors such as ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘China Well-known Trademark’ and ‘National High-tech Enterprise’.
Tenno brand history
   In 1988, Tianwang Chuangpai was established and designed and produced the first watch. A single style, monotonous color, a bracelet-like fashion appearance, dazzling gold tones, attracted many beauty-loving, and swept the country for a while.
   In 1991, the creation of Tianwang Watch has won honors such as ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘China Well-known Trademark’ and ‘National High-tech Enterprise’. The Shenzhen High-quality Product Evaluation Committee awarded Tianwang Watch the “pointer quartz electronic watch GB324T / DD Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Quality Product” title.
   In 1992, Tianwang watch boldly launched the first fashionable women’s watch with its keen market sense. This watch is based on the basic timing function, based on the traditional women’s watch as the basis for the shape design, and also uses shiny crystals as a strap decoration element. The watch is jewelled to meet the dual needs of women’s timing and decoration.

   In 1994, the first mechanical watch was born. The dial is decorated with screws as the main element. I pay tribute to this low-key hermit who has profoundly influenced the development of the times!
   In 1995, Tianwang designed and produced the first all-tungsten steel watch. The inherent noble texture combined with the angular design of the façade was clear and steady.
   2000 is the second millennium. To celebrate this once-in-a-century grand event, Tianwang Watch specially launched a millennial commemorative watch.
How about Utopus?
   While learning advanced foreign technology, Tianwang Watch also insists on independent research and development, independent design, and constantly selects high-tech and high value-added materials for watch production. The company has a high-quality, capable design and research and development team. The famous watchmakers in Hong Kong are responsible for the design. In terms of product design research and development, they invest huge sums of money in new product development and technological transformation every year. They insist on taking the market as a guide and taking consumer demand as the fundamental.
   Classic and fashionable models have effectively compensated for the deterioration of the chronograph of the watch, and in accordance with the needs of the era, with the theme of health, fashion, and environmental protection, we have developed a ceramic series, which is shiny and cold, and does not hurt the skin. Features such as abrasion resistance and non-breakability are favored by consumers; high-quality tungsten steel used in aerospace shuttle machines is sintered at high temperature under vacuum conditions, with extremely high hardness, a smooth surface like a mirror, and a very strong texture. In the market, Tianwang tungsten steel series Watch models have become a classic example of the domestic watch industry.
   Tianwang watch is one of the top ten watch brands in China, and the popularity of Tianwang watch has risen again and again this year, currently second only to Fiyta’s top ten domestic watches. In terms of use value, the Utopia watch is completely fine, and even has a very high price-performance ratio. But in the world of watch industry, only six categories can be ranked.

How much is Uranus Watch?
   After years of cultural accumulation, Tianwang Watch has become the first choice for consumers to show their identity. In the market, there are many styles of Tianwang watches. Everything from 300 yuan quartz watch to 20,000 yuan tourbillon watch. Consumers can easily find a watch that suits them!
Introduction to the popular series
Legend Series

   The Uranus legendary series of watches, the low-key and restrained design exudes elegant feelings, smooth and exquisite appearance, showing the atmospheric style in the hands and feet, the simple hands are elegant and rhythmic in minutes, accurately recording the mottled footprint of life. Take the oath of time, stick to the dream, and in the journey of life, measure every legendary trajectory with perseverance.
Boya series

   Bo, Chase also knows the world; Ya, the noble person is also well-honed, Kyushu; the boya is good at form, finer than ‘core’, and the refined appearance contains infinite wisdom, ‘Shangbo Pinya · Know the world. ‘
俪 azi series

   The elegant women’s watch series with elegant and chic shapes, simple and soft lines, slender and beautiful, elegant and luxurious, with the charm of oriental women’s fashion and classical perfection, let modern women
The inadvertently charming and charming charm blooms in the hands, making people admire.
Tianjue Tourbillon Series

   Peak craftsmanship. In order to transfer the spirit of the pursuit of excellence and perfection of the tourbillon to modern people, and in order to carry forward and interpret this spirit, Tianwang Watch Collection has developed for many years.
The result of experience is the design and production of a Tourbillon watch series.
   Tianwang Watch official website: www.tianwangwatch.cn

Roger Dubuis Millésime ‘retro’ Craftsmanship

ROGER DUBUIS Roger Dubuis has long been committed to maintaining and repairing classic timepieces in the fine watchmaking tradition, and continues to inject new vitality into the proud watch heritage. In order to leave an extraordinary mark on the brand’s 20th anniversary, the only watch factory in the world with the Geneva mark on all timepieces has launched a unique restoration plan: the Millésime watch series, which is added to its Hommage series Magnificent banner.

Roger Dubuis will launch a series of unique 21st century timepieces based on antique-based movements. Its first watch is proud to debut this year.

As the name of the new series indicates, ROGER DUBUIS will launch a unique ‘retro’ timepiece every year, creating with a unique appearance to show the richness of restoration art. These exclusive timepieces will only be sold at ROGER DUBUIS boutiques, and will complement each other’s openings, becoming a landmark event in the development of the brand’s sales network. Under this significant task, the watch factory will use ancestral methods to repair a series of antique basic movements, and upgrade and upgrade them to meet the specifications of the 21st century Geneva mark, and become a limited edition outstanding watch series. All Millésime watches will be equipped with a perpetual calendar. Some perpetual calendars exist alone, and some are paired with the other three most complicated and meticulous watch complications.

Through the dial, you can see the multi-level mechanical beauty of the complex function movement.

When Roger. When Mr. Du Bi described his watchmaking career, people were always involuntarily attracted by his love and deep mission for authentic traditional watches. Whether it was the restoration of a complex watch in the Galerie d’Horlogerie Ancienne professional watch auction company in the early days (or the predecessor of the Antiquorum auction company), or the big complication of a Geneva watchmaker The department is dedicated to creating semi-finished movements (also known as whiteboard movements or basic movements), or is committed to the establishment of the Groupement Genevois des Cabinotiers in Geneva, Roger. Mr. Du Bi spares no effort to continue to contribute his enthusiasm and skill, just like the guardian of watchmaking profession. ‘Clock repair made my character.’ Roger. Mr. Du Bi said, ‘What could be more touching and exciting than following the footsteps of watchmakers in another era? I have always been full of admiration and deep respect for their works, strict discipline and superior intelligence. Their purpose The main purpose is to ensure that those of us who are dedicated to exquisite machinery can continue to appreciate and enjoy the superb beauty of the masterpieces of timepieces, whether they are new creations or historic works. Now we want these outstanding works and peerless skills Handed down.’
Origin of the Millésime concept
This unique chapter in the extraordinary world of ROGER DUBUIS originated in 2001, only a few years after the brand was founded in 1995, when Roger. Mr. Dupee has purchased some semi-finished movements and intends to upgrade them to meet the strict requirements of the Geneva Seal. His first timepiece, repaired on the basis of the RD60 movement, was sold for one million Swiss francs. The restoration plan was subsequently put on hold, and it was not reopened until he returned to the company a few years later. In order to celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary of the brand in a unique way in 2015, ROGER DUBUIS has launched this restoration project again to pay tribute to ancient watchmaking skills. This plan incorporates the basic movements that the brand founder and the ‘Soul Master’ originally retained into the Hommage series of timepiece creations, with the intention of creating a unique set of watches that retain the design features of the Hommage series.

Open the back cover of the pocket watch, letting you see the mechanical beauty of the Hommage Millésime movement

These exclusive timepieces will only be available in ROGER DUBUIS stores and will be launched in conjunction with the opening of some flagship stores. Every year, a Millésime watch is released, becoming an annual event that connoisseurs and collectors are looking forward to. The common point that runs through these outstanding reproductions is that all timepieces are engraved with the precious Geneva mark and are equipped with a perpetual calendar. Some perpetual calendars exist alone, and some choose to match one of the other three major horological complications: minute repeater , Tourbillon or chronograph. Every watch will use Roger. The movement that was gifted by Mr. Du Bi, and repaired with the most orthodox craftsmanship and technology. Millésime timepieces use a movement that is not new and complete. Therefore, just like repairing a painting that is damaged or needs to be reconstructed, these ancient movements must be completely restored in an ancestral manner in order to harmonize with the original structure, and sometimes even need to remanufacture the missing parts.
 At the same time, because these movements must meet the requirements of the Geneva Seal, they have been upgraded to add extreme value. In order to comply with the latest guidelines of the Geneva Seal, which require that the entire timepiece be implemented inside and outside the watch, not just the function of the movement, ROGER DUBUIS must bring a 19th-century movement to the highest quality standards of the 21st century. , So that it not only has perfect technical performance, but also helps the watch as a whole to reach the state of exquisiteness.

Roger. Mr. Du Bi, the founder of the brand

The first Millésime watch will be a symbolic gift for the new ROGER DUBUIS Geneva store opened in July 2015. At this time, the watch is equipped with the RD181 basic movement, which is Roger. The semi-finished movements of the late 19th century and early 20th century that Mr. Dubi himself found from antique watches originally included the functions of the minute repeater, perpetual calendar and chronograph.
ROGER DUBUIS launched this exquisite pocket watch with a diameter of 60 mm in 2015, turning the RD181 movement into a unique collection, thereby paying tribute to the founder of the brand. . Signature of Mr. Du Bi. The owner of this pocket watch can personalize it and transform the different links of the bracelet into a series of small plaques made of 5N rose gold that can be engraved with personal information. In addition, the back cover of the pocket watch can also carry unique signatures and personalized inscriptions according to customer requirements. Of the 1,950 hours occupied by the RD181 movement during the two-year R & D and manufacturing period, 700 hours were used for repair work. Its perpetual calendar has been modified to accommodate two callback pointer displays, reminiscent of the earliest perpetual calendar models developed and produced by ROGER DUBUIS.
The countless individual frames, including some special decorations, gathered by this watch come from the hands of different experts, who not only have superb skills, but also must have a comprehensive understanding of the overall requirements. This movement with a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, its main splint, crown and timekeeping mechanism have been damaged, and need to be carefully and carefully repaired in order to disassemble, repair, decorate and repair them without harming them. reassemble.

Repairing this movement requires a combination of 20 different professions and skills

The watchmaker has also redesigned a new element to form the lucky number 8 that ROGER DUBUIS is used to in all limited edition timepieces. This model’s round case is paired with a grooved bezel and is finished with contrasting satin brushed and polished finishes. The 5N rose gold-toned main splint is used directly as the dial, with blue hands, Guilloché engraved chronograph, satin-finished sun-finished dial, and perpetual calendar splint decorated with Guilloché engraved sun. Directly performing such detailed decorative art on the main splint, this rare technique exquisitely presents the aesthetic and technical achievements that ROGER DUBUIS prides itself on.
The Millésime watch, which belongs to the Hommage series, shows infinite admiration for the generations of watchmaking masters. They have created a proud tradition of mechanical clocks with superb craftsmanship. These Millésime works also praise the founder of the brand and also the motivator of this timepiece series. Roger. Mr. Du Bi’s precious heritage. The Millésime watch continues the spirit of the entire Hommage collection. It is a timepiece created for enthusiasts of fine watchmaking and fully meets the quality standards of the most prestigious precision certification Geneva mark. It not only shows the classic watchmaking art like Guilloché engraving, but also reflects the bold combination of tradition and modern art.

RD181 movement-the first watch of the new generation

Like all ROGER DUBUIS timepieces, the entire movement of this watch is certified by the Geneva Seal, and each component is carefully crafted in accordance with the aesthetic standards of this authoritative certification body for excellence Quality sets the highest benchmark. This watch brings together twenty different professional skills in one, not only showing the beautiful realm of innocence in decoration and refinement, but also achieving outstanding performance in terms of technical indicators beyond the group: through a week of wearing simulation, complete one The precision test of the minute difference completely meets the requirements of the new Geneva mark standard. This test is even more rigorous for a pocket watch that is more than a century old, and it is an extraordinary feat to achieve such an achievement. Roger. When he founded ROGER DUBUIS, he decided to provide an ideal environment for fine watchmaking, so that his passion and enthusiasm for watches could flourish. Roger. With the ideal of accomplishing a great cause, Mr. Du Bi never chooses shortcuts. He hopes that the brand can relentlessly pursue progress, innovation, superb performance and perfect quality. Watch restoration and the Millésime concept are the ultimate expression of these timeless values.

2013 Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Championship China Will Be Held In Wanning

‘I have witnessed the rapid development of surfing in China in the past two years. I would like to especially thank the Wanning Municipal Government and Swatch. Their popularization of surfing has made this sport increasingly ‘The more Chinese people are familiar with,’ said Liu Dan, ‘I am looking forward to meeting my friends from previous events to participate in the 2013 Swatch World Women’s Professional Longboard Championship in China. ‘

2013 Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Championship hosted by Mannings China

ASP World Women’s Longboard Championship

20November 20-24, 2013

The preview of the event was announced in the art of Shanghai Swatch Peace Hotel on October 17, 2013

见证 After witnessing the first international professional surfing competition held in China, Wanning, Hainan Island will host the Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Championship China for the third time from November 20th to 24th this year. The relevant announcement of the event will be officially announced on October 17, 2013 at the Swatch Peace Art Center in Shanghai.

At that time, Kassia Meador from California, USA, and Liu Dan, a native of China, will appear at the event to interact closely with surf fans in Shanghai to cheer for the upcoming event in Wanning. Kassia said, ‘Surfing has just begun in China, and it is really exciting to promote this sport to Chinese surfers here. Two years ago, Sun Moon Bay in Wanning City was very rare in surfing. Everyone knows that it is an honor for each of us to come to this beautiful surfing mecca. ‘

‘In the past two years, I have witnessed the rapid development of surfing in China. I would like to especially thank the city government of Wanning and Swatch. Their popularization of surfing has made this sport more and more known to Chinese people. ‘Liu Dan said,’ I am very much looking forward to participating in the 2013 Swatch World Women’s Professional Longboard Championship in China with my friends from previous matches. ‘

Signing event Swatch elite team surfers Kassia Meador and Liu Dan will meet and hold a lot of surf fans at the 2nd floor of the Swatch Art Store on the Swatch Peace Art Center at 6pm on October 18, 2013 Signing event.

Tatiana Volossoza And Maxim Taranco Joined Zenith

After winning the 2014 Winter Olympics medals, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov successfully won Trust and love in Lishi.

   The pair of Russian figure skaters made a special trip to the Le Locle watch factory to meet the watchmaker there. The children of the local ice skating club were extremely excited about the arrival of the two ambassadors.
   The two also received warm hospitality in the ‘Winter Lodge’ lobby of the La Réserve hotel, and the party continued in the elegant and peaceful atmosphere until late at night.

Girard-perregaux World Tour Exhibition Of Young Watchmakers Girard-perregaux Lands In Shanghai, China

Girard-Perregaux Since 2012, Girard-Perregaux has held roving exhibitions of young watchmakers’ workshops around the world, explaining the brand’s ‘new traditional look’. This year, the Girard-Perregaux World Tour Exhibition for Young Watchmakers has begun the journey to China again. After visiting many places in China, he landed in Shanghai to present the art of watchmaking and displayed a series of chic and exquisite watches including the revolutionary ‘constant power escapement’.

On the morning of July 26, 2013, Girard-Perregaux held a press conference at the Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai. Stéphane Oes, the new generation of young and promising leader in the watchmaking industry and head of the GP Girard-Perregaux brand movement development department Introduce Chinese media GP Girard-Perregaux’s revolutionary concept carefully developed over the past eight years, ‘Constant Power Escapement System’, to solve the challenge of constant power technology that the watchmaking industry strives to surpass.

The principle of the constant power escapement system is that it can output stable power to the balance wheel no matter how much power is transmitted from the mainspring drum, providing the ultimate accuracy and stability for the mechanical watch. Behind this seemingly simple principle, three new patents are actually included, and in order to meet the highest accuracy, GP Girard-Perregaux watches combine the cutting-edge technology and aesthetic principles to invent an output that is stable and unchanged. Powered by only 14 micron fine elastic silicon hairspring.
On this occasion, Girard-Perregaux’s latest products of 2013 and classic top-of-the-line complicated production watches also appeared in Shanghai at the same time. The elegant Girard-Perregaux 1966 column-wheel chronograph, the design of the powerful Sea Hawk diving watch (Sea Hawk) and other landmark watches proudly debut. Sanjinqiao Tourbillon Watch and Minute Repeater Timepiece will also make a stunning debut at the same time.

After that, GP Girard-Perregaux’s new generation of young watchmakers will move the workshop to Hang Lung Plaza, allowing guests to understand the delicate structure of the movement and provide a one-to-one watchmaking experience. At the same time, GP Girard-Perregaux young watchmakers will also bring their watchmaking tables to the Bund for shooting, which will complement the traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship with Shanghai’s deep cultural heritage and make the brand philosophy richer and more dynamic.
The GP Girard-Perregaux young watchmakers world tour exhibition will continue to visit China to reproduce the essence of GP Girard-Perregaux watches to the public in Hangzhou and Kunming.