Halda Space Discovery Airborne Madrid-news Halda

Swedish watchmaker and inventor of the unique watch docking system, Halda Watch Co, has now landed in Spain. The company has reached an exclusive agency agreement with El Corte Inglés, Europe’s largest department store chain.
With its clever Halda Space Discovery concept, Halda Watch Co. opens up new dimensions in high-end watchmaking. This watch can stand the test even in extremely harsh environments. It’s no surprise that this masterpiece of watch that combines the best of Swedish engineering and Swiss watchmaking is sought after in Spain. Halda Watch Co. sets new standards in time measurement applications with Halda Space Discovery.

The electronic module and the specially-designed case with NASA-certified materials are built to address the intricate needs encountered by space survivors. In terms of precision and characteristics, they truly understand how to successfully manage it in space Astronaut as the benchmark. For mechanical movement experts, this watch has a long history of the Swiss ASSA movement of the 1970s, which is an amazing high-tempo masterpiece. Halka Watch Co. CEO Mikael Sandström has reason to be confident about the future:
 ‘Halda Space Discovery has set the direction for our future development. Our patented docking system can transform the watch to meet the highest requirements in all possible cases, and goes beyond the general meaning of the watch.’
Once again, the Swedish watchmaker was successfully loyal to its philosophy, insisting on quality, style, and functionality, and never compromised.

Mysterious Infinite Geometric Interpretation, Explore The Symbolic Art Dimension Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch Tattoo Art Reinterprets The Iconic Design Of Big Bang

[April 20, 2016, New York] Harmonious and balanced artworks emerged at the historic moment. The top Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT cooperates with London tattoo studio Sang Bleu to officially release the interesting and eye-catching Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch. Harmonious patterns and balanced proportions blend together, telling the infinite mystery of geometric shapes in the dimension of time. At the same time, the design of this watch also reflects the profound accomplishment of Sang Bleu tattoo studio in the creation of geometric patterns. Sang Bleu founder Maxime Büchi draws inspiration from the famous painting ‘Vitruvian Man’ by Da Vinci, and gives a harmonious and balanced pattern design to a watch that records time . Since ancient times, human beings have created many amazing architectural works of art by mastering the symmetry of graphics. Maxim Butch deeply understands the mysteries of geometric figures and creates a unique artistic style. These qualities also reflect Butch’s relentless pursuit of perfection and the worship of symbol art.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch presented in a unique case

   Back in London Fashion Week in February 2016, Hublot collaborated with Sang Bleu Studios to present art sculptures combining glass and metal elements. This artistic work constructs visually stunning sensory images in the form of whimsy, and thus extends the design concept of the cooperative watch-a unique pattern composed of subtle flips and superpositions of circular rings and squares, The concept of ‘orthogonal circles’ boldly records time in a unique way. Hublot’s iconic Big Bang design also ushers in a fusion with geometric aesthetics.

Maxime Büchi, founder of tattoo studio Sang Bleu in London, and Jean Francois Sberro, general manager of Hublot Americas

Manuscript of geometric symbols by Maxime Büchi, founder of tattoo studio Sang Bleu in London

   This new Big Bang watch has never been seen before. The edges of the watch are chamfered to produce a geometric effect. The classic round bezel is polished into a hexagon, giving the watch a wonderful three-dimensional effect. The matte black dial is brushed with a circular satin finish and its Arabic numerals are specially designed by Maxim Butch. The seconds scale is engraved on the metal dial, and the curve is harmonious with the watch as a whole. The ‘handless’ design of the dial not only gives the watch a more unique mysterious atmosphere, but also leads a new dimension of time. Three rhodium-plated octagonal discs overlap to show time. The largest octagonal disc stands for ‘hour’, the smaller octagonal disc reads ‘minutes’, and the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ discs are decorated with white luminous coating for easy reading time. The black dial with the H logo and Sang Bleu hourglass records the elapsed seconds.

Maxime Büchi and Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watches, founders of London tattoo studio Sang Bleu

   The Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch is limited to 200 pieces in the world and is equipped with a redesigned Hublot-made UNICO movement. The movement without the timekeeping function displays the time through the operation of three octagonal discs. The outline of the movement’s pendulum is taken from the triangular Sang Bleu logo. The octagonal pattern of the dial also extends to the 45mm diameter titanium case, which has been carved with deep rhyme geometric beauty. The black calfskin selected by the strap is heat-printed to give a gray gradient effect, and is lined with natural rubber. The back of the strap is also engraved with the Sang Bleu logo to pay tribute to this cooperation.

Ricardo Guadalupe, global CEO of Hublot and Maxime Büchi, founder of London-based tattoo studio Sang Bleu
   The avant-garde design and concept of the Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch protects the wearer from being imprisoned by tattoo marks, and at the same time allows the unique ‘tattoo’ to show its grace in the hands. .
BIG BANG SANG BLEU Tattoo Watch Technical Parameters
Serial number: 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16 — limited edition of 200 pieces
Diameter: 45mm
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure (approximately 100 meters underwater)
Case: Brushed satin-finished and polished titanium, engraved with geometric figures by Maxim Butch
Bezel: Hexagon bezel, satin-finished and polished titanium, 6 ‘H’ screws
Lugs: Black composite resin
Mirror: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Crown: black natural rubber and satin-finished titanium
Case back: brushed satin-finished titanium, engraved ‘Limited Collection 200’, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Dial: Black dial with motif designed by Maxim Butch
Hands: Octagonal skeleton hands, rhodium-plated
Movement: HUB1213 Hublot self-winding movement produced by UNICO
Number of parts: 255 (28 rubies)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Table Hammer: Geometry by Maxim Butch
Strap: grey-black discolored natural rubber calfskin strap, decorated with geometric shapes designed by Maxim Butch, titanium folding buckle

Excellent Timepieces Not Afraid Of Adventure Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Dive Watch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore was born in 1993. This year, Audemars Piguet made a bold breakthrough and launched a larger offshore watch than the Royal Oak series. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Royal Oak Offshore Collection. To this end, Audemars Piguet has launched a new offshore collection at the Haute Horlogerie and Jewelry Salon in Geneva, including beautifully divers’ watches. The Royal Oak Offshore Diving Watch adds a series of contemporary new colors. The four colors of tropical green, beautiful purple, desert yellow, and beautiful military green are very bold, which has opened a beautiful color feast. Next, let’s enjoy the wild desert yellow Royal Oak offshore diving watch. (Watch model: 15710ST.OO.A085CA.01)

Great timepieces without risk

   The Royal Oak Offshore Dive Watch is one of the very few dive watches that has been adopted and recognized by amphibious forces and deep-sea exploration professionals. This watch uses an internal rotation chronograph to protect the internal rotation effectively. The octagonal screw-in rubber crown is located at 10 o’clock, and it feels good and not slippery during operation, which is very easy to operate. The watch movement is equipped with an anti-magnetic inner case to protect the watch from collisions or temperature differences. The case is fixed with bottom case screws, locking nuts and Audemars Piguet’s unique hexagonal screws. This design protects the watch from the underwater environment like a submarine door. The beige rotating inner bezel with blue 0 to 15 minutes zone is very eye-catching, and the time display scale of the inner bezel has been specially designed to read the time at a glance even in the deep sea, adding a watch’s safety features. These designs make this diving watch not afraid of adventure.

   The 42 mm diameter watch case is made of stainless steel, the front is brushed and polished, and the beveled edges are polished to create two levels of visual perception.

   The watch uses an octagonal screw-in bezel, which complements the octagonal bezel, highlighting the harmonious beauty of the watch.

   The dial of the watch is low-key beige, decorated with ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized check pattern, with platinum fluorescent three-dimensional hour markers and Royal Oak hands, can read the time clearly even in the deep sea. A date display window at 3 o’clock adds a useful feature to the watch. The watch uses a beige rotating inner bezel, and the dial outer ring from 0 to 15 minutes is designed with a blue bottom. The impact of color makes the rotating inner ring very eye-catching, and also adds the layered sense of the dial.

   The integrated lugs are connected to the strap by two small metal links. The metal chain link is fixed at the lug with screws, and the metal link is connected in series between the link and the strap. The watch’s lugs are curved, which fits the watch better when worn.

   The new Royal Oak Offshore Diving Watch with a beige rubber strap of the same color is very sporty. With stainless steel pin buckle, it is convenient and safe to wear.

   The watch is equipped with a 3210 self-winding movement, consisting of 280 parts, which can provide a power reserve of 60 hours. The back of the case is designed with a see-through, which allows you to see the movement of the movement. The gold-plated oscillating weight is engraved with Audemars Piguet’s unique exquisite patterns and brand logo, which is very beautiful. The outstanding waterproof design makes the watch water-resistant to 300 meters.

Summary: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Dive Watch is bold and innovative in color, interpreting the new definition of diving with a glamorous desert yellow, with a rotating inner bezel that can calculate the diving time and other heart-beating experiences, achievements This is a calm diving watch. If you like this stylish diving watch, you can pay more attention.

Witness The Masterpiece, The Editor Invites You To Enjoy The Italian Style Watch

When it comes to Italy, this is really an all-encompassing city. There are too many attractive places. From the city of Rome, you can go north to Florence, Pisa, Siena, which is still in the Renaissance, the disappearing water city of Venice, the city of fashion and football, and between the mountains and the sea. Cinque Terre on foot; to the south are the chaotic and sexy Naples, Pompeii and Vesuvius, and you can go to Sicily. After seeing its territory, many men must be completely dismissive, because their eyes are all focused on the Serie A and Italy’s famous sports cars. Italy has a Ferrari that releases passion and speed, a Lamborghini with exclusive respect, a uniquely shaped Maserati, and There are Broadcom, Alfa Romeo and so on.
  Since men like mechanical sense so much, they must also have a special liking for watches. Italian watches are as outstanding as their other features. They stand out in the watch industry and are also the proud capital of Italians. Below, please forget about those famous football and gourmet food and wine, follow the editor into Italy’s watch, you will also feel wonderful.

  Italy is located in southern Europe. It is mainly composed of the boots-shaped Apennine peninsula and two large islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia. It has a tough connotation like a military boot, as does the Italian watch. Unlike the colorful Swiss watches and the discreet German watches, the Italian watch has a clear personality and looks very distanced. In fact, it is very decent and temperament on the wrist. The Italian watch uses a different design to show people different. Legend.
 Tough Italian style

  Panerai was founded in 1860 and is known for its precision machinery and superior quality. The earliest production of precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as high-end watches in sports and leisure. Each watch has a distinctive brand style, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, and it has become a boutique that people of tastes compete for collection.

  Panerai has always been the pride of the Italians. During the First World War, the luminous sights, timing devices, depth gauges, compasses, underwater timers, etc. of the gun sights used by the Italian Navy were produced by Panerai. The factory of the sea. In 1938, Panerai produced a Radiomir watch for the Italian Navy that could withstand extreme environments. After World War II, this watch factory with a strong professional and Italian local color began to be known to outsiders. In 1993, Panerai watches changed from military to civilian, and its huge case and rough style immediately swept the world. Especially after joining the Richemont Group in 1997, Panerai really had international influence. Many were originally classified as ‘classic Rolex classic watches’ and began to be hailed as Panerai classics.

  The Panerai Luminor 19503 Days series watch is equipped with a classic 47 mm diameter polished stainless steel case, but has the iconic round pillow-shaped lines that Radiomir still has today. The structure of the dial also reflects Panerai’s focus on technological research and development and the continuation of fine craftsmanship: it adopts a sandwich sandwich structure, a large amount of luminous material is sandwiched between two layers of dials, and its light is reflected by the hollowed out numbers and hours of the upper dial. The markings are transparent so they are legible under all conditions. The hour and minute hands are also covered with the same hazel luminous material, which allows you to get the accurate time clearly at night.

  The movement is the soul of a watch. The watch is equipped with the P.3000 movement. This manually wound mechanical movement is completely designed and developed by Panerai Watch Factory in Neuchâtel. The P.3000 movement has a diameter of 16½ centimeters. It has a typical bridge plate structure. The two barrels can provide a 3-day power reserve. The 13.2 mm balance wheel can be adjusted quickly and easily by screws located outside its edges. School watch speed. Global production is 3,000. This model is paired with a vintage treated leather strap with a classic frosted stainless steel buckle that complements the vintage model of the year.

  This Panerai PAM00386 is the representative of the modern series. The titanium metal case is a strong brown color, and the dark brown belt is set against it. The overall color tone is very harmonious and comfortable. PAM00386 adopts the classic outer and inner circle shape. The time display function is completed by the central hour hand, central minute hand and small seconds dial. The Arabic numerals at nine o’clock, the small seconds and the date at three o’clock, three o’clock in line, the simple and clear design creates a harmonious and symmetrical beauty. It also has the iconic crown shoulder guard on the right, which is the representative of Panerai style watches, and it has indeed become a classic of the modern series. The caliber of the watch is Cal.p.9000, which is a self-made automatic movement produced by Panerai. The movement has a diameter of 31.8 mm and a thickness of 7.9 mm. It is equipped with a dual barrel design, enabling it to provide a power reserve of up to 72 hours and a water resistance of 300 meters.

  There are many classic styles of Panerai watches with the most distinctive Pei-style elements, such as sandwich dials, cool bridges, and masculine large cases. Among them are Panerai’s perfect fusion Italian design style and Swiss expertise make each watch with excellent quality and distinctive style, as unique as the history of Panerai.
 Exquisite Italian style

  Since the end of the 19th century, BVLGARI has always represented the most exquisite Italian style, while following Swiss high-end watchmaking techniques. At present, BVLGARI jewelry, high-end watches, all kinds of leather goods, silverware and perfumes are widely welcomed by consumers in more than 150 countries pursuing a sophisticated life. Each BVLGARI Bvlgari works infiltrate the spirit of excellence, attention to detail and the pursuit of extreme quality, to satisfy people’s desire for exquisite watches.

  The snake is a symbol of the strong vitality of the biological world. The Serpenti Serpenti series watches have inherited the classic style of Bulgari for decades. The serpentine theme has always been one of the most distinctive symbols of the brand. It reflects women’s fashion in modern style. And personality. It uses this serpentine and serpentine figure to highlight the feminine and slender wrist. It perfectly blends the complete color matching of handmade jewelry with glazing, gold plating and watchmaking technology, thus giving the snake-shaped watch an unparalleled vitality. At the same time, all the unremitting craftsmanship studies perfectly reproduce this timeless charm. They are carefully set with diamonds of top purity and color, which reflects the perfect combination of watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship. If you are a fashionable and modern woman, such a watch can reflect the femininity’s distinctive and powerful aura.

  The origin of this series of design goes back to the 1960s. Bulgari first introduced a realistic-style serpentine watch, while maintaining its graceful style, it incorporated the BVLGARI Bulgari “Tubogas” (wrist band surrounded by gold mesh) The unique geometric structure of the collection showcases a unique and timeless detached aesthetic style. Unlike the design of other watches, this series of models usually have a square or rectangular case and dial at one end, hidden under the case, and a metal buckle cover at the upper and middle parts. Watch the watch dial.

  The Bvlgari SotirioBulgari series men’s watch adopts the junior hand to display the time. The multi-layered dial design creates subtle optical effects, and the emissive lines attract the viewer’s attention. The white dial is elegant and atmospheric, and the clever use of embossed effects and arc geometry perfectly reflects the iconic pure aesthetics of the BVLGARI brand. There is a retrograde calendar display at the six o’clock position of the dial, allowing the wearer to observe the change of the date at a close distance. The 18K rose gold with brown crocodile leather strap is exquisite and luxurious. BVLGARI watchmaking masters hand-set, perfect interpretation of complex and exquisite craftsmanship, careful attention to every detail brings precious beauty.

  This BvlgariBvlgariBvlgariTourbillon watch surpasses time, advances with the times, and finally the classic elegant style of Bulgari. The black lacquered dial is thick and deep, with a tough temperament for a man, and it is very textured when worn on the hand. Sword-shaped hands with rose gold luster, elegant timing, even more noble and gorgeous against the black background. The twelve o’clock scale uses oversized Arabic numerals, which is individual and aesthetically pleasing. Through sapphire crystal glass, the precise structure can be seen at six o’clock. The tourbillon is protected by an 18K rose gold case. For those who love complex watchmaking, the tourbillon can be said to be a watershed in technology. The sides of the case are smooth and smooth with smooth curves, and the case is also engraved with the Bulgari logo. The exquisite lugs are naturally connected with the black belt, and the combination of the belt and the metal makes the watch more understated in luxury.

Summary: A good watch not only represents time, but also symbolizes a person’s taste and identity, represents a beautiful or moving memory, and is also an eternal witness, which records us Every minute in life and career. Italian brand watches have both rugged men’s style and individual female fashion. You can choose the simple and tough Panerai style, Gucci, which is famous for creativity and fashion, or high-end watches. Bulgari with watchmaking and perfect jewelry technology … Every choice is a taste, every appreciation is a style improvement, even if you do not own the fines, as a work of art It’s worth the taste. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)

Bell & Ross Launches Tornado 30th Anniversary Limited Chronometer

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Italian Air Force Tornado fighter service, Bell & Ross special production Instrument BR 03-94 Tornado limited series to commemorate.

Aviation instrument design inspiration
 Aviation instruments are a model of excellent function, reliable performance and clear display. Bell & Ross watch timepieces draw a lot of inspiration from the cockpit dashboard of the aircraft to ensure that the timepieces have clear reading, excellent functions, precise guidelines and waterproof functions. Great technical features.
 Bell & Ross watches calmly navigate the most demanding environments, occupying a place in the country of fine watchmaking and becoming the timepiece of choice for professionals.
 Bell & Ross has produced watches for mine handling experts, Rafale fighter pilots, and professional divers. The addition of Tornado fighter pilots to the list now proves that Bell & Ross is a reliable professional who works in harsh environments. Timepiece.

Tribute to the modern air force
 The sleek, powerful fighter is definitely the king of sky flying. The 1980s was a golden period for the development of European fighter jets, and there was endless cooperation between countries. Panavia Tornado was the best example.
 The United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy co-developed the MRCA 75 (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft 1975) multi-role fighter during the 1970s, which later acquired the alias of Tornado and has been in service since 1982.
 The legendary Tornado supersonic fighter is the result of research and development of cutting-edge aviation technology. The top speed is Mach 2.34 (2,417 kilometers per hour) and the flight distance is 1,400 kilometers.

 Tornado fighters belong to the 6th and 50th Squadrons of the Italian Air Force Command and are based on Ghedi and Piacenza bases for reconnaissance, defense and attack tasks.
 Bell & Ross witnesses the outstanding contribution of Tornado fighter with new limited edition watches.
BR 03-94 chronograph: showing strong personality
 Bell & Ross focuses on designing timepieces for professionals. It has always adhered to the principle of function first and design supplement: for example, the most representative Instrument BR series is inspired by the cockpit dashboard of an aircraft. It has excellent functions, precision and reliability. Clear and readable features are undoubtedly the first choice for active people.

 Bell & Ross specially produced Instrument BR 03-94 TORNADO limited series to commemorate the 30th anniversary of TORNADO fighter service, only 50 pieces were released worldwide
 The BR 03-94 TORNADO limited chronograph is 42 mm in diameter, with precise functions. It is the perfect wristwatch for professionals who must fight against the clock every second. Matte black dial, anti-glare crystal glass, large luminous hands, etc. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, equipped with a high-quality Swiss mechanical movement, equipped with two timers, and has a power reserve of about 40 hours. The watch is simple and simple in design, with a black rubber band or reinforced artificial fiber strap, durable and comfortable to wear.

 The BR 03-94 TORNADO series dial is decorated with the logo and color of Squadra Aerea Tornado squadron specially designed for the 30th anniversary. It subtly and elegantly praises the brilliant achievements of the TORNADO fighter

Sweet And Romantic Season Longines Watch Heart Heart India And India

In 2010, Longines added another new model to the Heart and Moon series. Longines created the Heart and Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch, which combines the radiance of stainless steel and the warm light of rose gold. The metal exudes a subtle beauty that makes one kind of splendor and the other kind of soft light shine. Harmonious and elegant, the Longines Xinyue stainless steel rose gold models are available in 23 mm, 26.5 mm, with built-in quartz or automatic winding mechanical movement. Silver enamel dial, mother-of-pearl dial or white dial with blue stainless steel hands or with warm-tone hands corresponding to the rose gold case. With stainless steel rose gold chain strap or black crocodile strap. In these models, the smooth curves of the case or the exquisite dial with a string of diamonds are even more beautiful. Extremely elegant and modern, Longines’s Heart and Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch will undoubtedly impress the mature and elegant women and become their best friends in life. When the moon is well spent, express your love to her beloved. The gorgeous and beautiful Heart Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch is the best choice.

Longines Heart Moon Series PrimaLuna stainless steel rose gold watch (left) Ref. No: L8. Price: 33,100
    Stainless steel and rose gold round case, 26.5mm in diameter, decorated with 10 rose gold waterdrop moments and two Arabic numerals of 6, 12 on a white surface, with rose gold hands, and 44 top quality inlays on the outer ring of the case Selton VVS high quality diamonds (0. 299 carats), elegant and luxurious. The L963 quartz movement is built into the case, with hour, minute, second and date indications. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety clasp, which is waterproof to 30 meters.
Longines Heart and Moon Series PrimaLuna Stainless Steel Rose Gold Watch (right) Ref. No: L8. Price: 22,200
    Stainless steel and rose gold round case, diameter 26.5mm, white mother-of-pearl pearl surface decorated with 11 high-quality sparkling diamonds, elegant and luxurious. The L963 quartz movement is built into the case, with hour, minute, second and date indications. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety clasp, which is waterproof to 30 meters.
Longines Heart Moon Series PrimaLuna Stainless Steel Rose Gold Watch Ref. No: L8. Price: RMB 20,200
    The delicate and elegant round case, with a diameter of 26.5mm, is a wonderful interpretation of the moon’s fascinating charm of the full Sina Qinmo series PrimaLuna watch. The round case of stainless steel and rose gold has a gentle and beautiful style. The silver surface of the halo pattern is lined with 11 blue Roman numerals and blue stainless steel hands, which is elegant and beautiful. The case has a built-in quartz movement with hours, minutes, seconds and date. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety buckle, which is waterproof to 30 meters.
Longines Jialan Diamond Pair Watches Heart to Heart
People who love each other can find Longines pairings that are perfect for themselves. The elegant and elegant design of Longines is a symbol of long-lasting timelessness. Among them, the noble and classic Longines Jialan pairings are the most loved by lovers. The Longines Jialan series diamond watch follows the classic round frame and is set with brilliant diamonds, continuing the original harmony and perfection. The ultra-thin L209 and L140 quartz movements are used. The thinnest thickness is only 1.40 mm. Their slimness and lightness make the watch body fit the wrist more. When the small hands move between the minimal black line hour scales on the white dial, time reveals a timeless elegance. The bracelet is composed of fine steel clasps and a triple folding clasp, which is both rigid and flexible. It is comfortable for both men and women. Show the most subtle classic tradition, extraordinary style.
Longines Jialan Series Men’s Diamond Watch No .: L4.741.0.12.6 (right) Price: RMB30,200
The Longines Jialan series men’s watches are designed with ultra-thin and streamlined design, fully interpreting the elegant and subtle style of Longines watches, and the men are equipped with L420 quartz movement with 13 gem axis. The bezel is set with 64 high-quality Weselton VVS diamonds with a total of 0.64 carats. The diameter of the dial is 33mm, and the pure white surface is available. The stainless steel chain strap is equipped with a triple folding buckle, which is both rigid and flexible. Its waterproof function is 30 meters (100 feet).
Longines Jialan Series Women’s Diamond Watch No .: L4.241.0.126 (left) Price: RMB25,400
The Longines Jialan series women’s watches are designed with ultra-thin and streamlined design, fully interpreting the elegant and subtle style of Longines watches, and the women are equipped with 6 gemstones with L209 quartz. The bezel is set with 48 high-quality Weselton VVS diamonds totaling 0.48 carats. The diameter of the dial is 24mm, and the pure white surface is available. The stainless steel chain strap is equipped with a triple folding clasp, which is both rigid and flexible. Its waterproof function is 30 meters (100 feet).

The Painter Wu Ma Appeared At The Rolex Field Race.

On October 19, 2013, the 2013 Rolex Cup International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League will start the first peak match of this station: the 140-145CM World Cup qualifier. Many outstanding riders from home and abroad ride their favorite horses to appear in the Beijing Chaoyang Park Sand Volleyball Main Arena, competing for tickets to the World Cup finals next year in Lyon, France.

              Painter Wu Ma appears at Rolex Field Race

 Before the official competition began, the famous Chinese horse artist Wu Ma appeared at the competition site, painted a horse on the scene, and presented it to the world’s number one famous British rider Ben Maher. Wu Ma is a member of Xu Beihong’s Art Committee and a promoter of horse culture. He has repeatedly ruled Chinese equestrian events as a referee, and has continued to sponsor and support the International Horse Federation (FEI) China and the American Quarter Horse Association China events in the form of art. The Horse Association promotes and disseminates Chinese horse culture. Ma Xiongjian in his writing is vigorous, fierce, yet chic, elegant, and leisurely.

 Taking care of things and expressing freehand brushwork, Wu Ma’s paintings given to British riders not only expressed his personal love for the equestrian cause, but also carried the desire and expectations of the event organizers to learn from each other and make progress together. 2013 is a significant year in the history of Chinese equestrian history. Many domestic equestrian events including the National Games attracted the participation of many top riders at home and abroad, and also made the equestrian sport more popular with more and more people. attention. The holding of the FIFA World Cup China League has also become a good communication link between Chinese equestrian and the world equestrian. He not only brings the excellent Chinese riders to the international equestrian arena, but also allows the Chinese equestrian sport to accompany this event. Great progress has been made throughout the country. With China joining the FIFA Venue Obstacle World Cup in 2011, the global landscape of the event has added a crucial piece.

Wuma Introduction:

 Member of Xu Beihong Art Committee. Horse culture promotion and disseminator, equestrian referee. At the age of 10, he started painting horses and studied Chinese painting and oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Study the horse anatomy and movement rules systematically, and have researched and created on the prairie horse farm many times. His works are collected in art institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Plan a series of corporate cultural activities such as ‘BMW and Chinese horse culture’, and use exhibitions and lectures to spread horse culture in equestrian clubs, enterprises and institutions. Plan and be invited to participate in horse culture projects such as China Horse Fair and Beijing Horse Culture Festival. He has repeatedly ruled Chinese equestrian events as a referee, and has continued to sponsor and support the China International Federation of FEI (FEI) and the American Quarter Horse Association China events in the form of art. Promote and disseminate Chinese horse culture. Currently planning and organizing the first exhibition and promotion of Chinese horse culture in the United States.

Wuma work content and painting characteristics

 Wuma has been committed to the dissemination and promotion of horse culture and horse art in a broader field in the form of art exhibitions, art exchanges, and art lectures in many summit forums, exhibitions, companies, galleries, equestrian clubs and other cooperation. Let more people know, understand, and love horses.

Wuma painting horses, focusing on promotion and development, is a horse culture.

 The horse of the martial arts is strong, vigorous, fierce, yet chic, elegant, leisurely, quiet or moving, or running or resting, all lively, diligent in seeking for new things, using the material to support the situation, splashing ink freehand, blending Chinese and Western, iron ink is dripping, simple and concise, modeling, anatomy, dynamic and accurate and slightly deformed, beauty is the most important.

 The skill of Ezekiel’s sketches, borrowing the tools of ink and wash, danced on rice paper, and indulged in affection. Looking back on the Tang and Song dynasties, facing the contemporary, deeply realizing life, on the divergent paper, tortuously searching for his own artistic language in countless times of artistic practice, looking for a context that reflects his inner world.

Wuma painting horses creates pictures, but manages the soul. It is the so-called foreign teacher’s fortune, gaining heart, persisting, and finally realizing

Audemars Piguet Launches Millenary Millennium Series Morita Limited Watch

When elegant champagne bubbles meet the modern millennial series, a gorgeous and romantic brand new watch is created. This limited edition of MORITA, designed by Yasumichi Morita, a well-known Japanese architectural designer, is limited to 200 pieces worldwide. The design is inspired by the rising beautiful champagne bubbles and comes with an exclusive limited edition watch box.

Audemars Piguet launches Millenary Millennium Collection MORITA
The exterior uses the Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium collection, with 18K rose gold to create a distinctive horizontal oval case. Some surfaces, such as the middle layer of the case, are polished with a matte finish; other surfaces, such as the bezel and the front of the lugs, are polished with a bright finish to make its layering stand out. The design of the case is subtle and intricately decorated with crisscross matte polishing. Through the sapphire crystal transparent bottom, you can fully enjoy the beautiful operation of Audemars Piguet’s exclusive Cal.3120 automatic winding movement. The Millennium MORITA watch is equipped with a black pearl fish skin strap with an AP word folding buckle.

Audemars Piguet launches Millenary Millennium Collection MORITA
The Millennium MORITA limited edition watch inherits the eccentric dial unique to the Millennium series, which is also a sign that connoisseurs can recognize the famous door at a glance. The outer edge of the dial outlines a slender bezel. The bright black surface sets off the small 18K rose gold Roman numerals, and the other side is studded with diamonds and rose gold dots, as slowly rising champagne bubbles. Elegant poetry. The watch box that belongs to the limited edition of the Millennium MORITA is also designed by Gongtong Morita. The transparent acrylic box is inlaid with many rose gold-colored balls, echoing the champagne bubbles on the surface, which is extremely gorgeous.

Appreciation Of Hong Kong Christie’s ‘famous Watches’ Autumn Auction Collection

Christie’s will be holding the ‘Fine Watches’ Autumn Auction at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. This auction will present collectors with 540 pieces of various watches, with an estimated value of 130 million Hong Kong dollars / 17 million US dollars, including a number of models debuted at the auction. Patek Philippe’s work continues to be a highlight of this season’s auction. A series of three-question, timekeeping and two-second perpetual calendar styles make the auction lineup even more prosperous. Model shows Patek Philippe 18K Gold Hunting Shell Pocket Watch
     Christie’s Hong Kong’s ‘Fine Watches’ Autumn Auction Selection Video Watch Fine Watches, Woods Auction Hall, November 28, 2012, 11 am and 3 pm
     The collection of Star Caliber 2000 pocket watches, model 3939 and model 5016, ‘Blue Dragon Gold’, is the highlight of this season’s auction. Other selected works include a set of four undocumented Model 5004, a ‘Foresight’ series consisting of 25 top-level watches, and a ‘Precious Jewellery Watch’ featuring a variety of diamond, emerald and ruby ​​inlaid watches. series. This boutique also includes about 150 lots without a reserve price, with valuations ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2 million. It will provide different types of options for entry or senior collectors.
Patek Philippe’s intricate collection
     Founded in 1851, Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most reputable and highly sought after watchmakers. Dating back to the World Exposition first held at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851, the Patek Philippe brand has exhibited superb watchmaking skills by exhibiting the first batch of keyless wind-up timepieces and has begun to attract the attention of European elites. Thanks to this Swiss watchmaker’s commitment to superb technology, craftsmanship and innovation, as well as the pursuit of perfect business philosophy, the appeal of this brand’s watchmaking has never wavered for years.
Patek Philippe Star Caliber 2000
     Among the Patek Philippe works presented this season, the most eye-catching is the ‘Qinglong Jinkui’ series, which debuted at the auction. The three treasures presented are all Patek Philippe’s top contemporary masterpieces rare in the auction market. Star Caliber 2000 (Lot 2952, Estimate: HK $ 18,000,000-32,000,000 / US $ 2,300,000-4,000,000) is the best example of contemporary innovative watchmaking technology. The Star Calibre, with 21 complex functions, was developed by the brand for 7 years, in preparation for the millennium.
Patek Philippe 3939, dating from 2011
     Another focus of the ‘Dragon Dragon’ series is a watch likely to be unique with a mother-of-pearl dial, model 3939, circa 2011 (Lot 2687, Estimate: HK $ 2,800,000-4,400,000 / USD 350,000-550,000); there is also an extremely rare and important 18K yellow gold perpetual tourbillon minute repeater, model 5016, circa 2010 (Lot No. 2908, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-4,800,000 / US $ 400,000-550,000) . The uniqueness of these lots is not only because they are equipped with multiple complex functions, but also because they are rich in aesthetic value. They have successfully transformed practical timepieces into superb artistic creations. With today’s increasing awareness of watchmaking technology and rapidly growing demand, such as the two examples above, it is almost impossible to dig out.
Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004
     Four undocumented Patek Philippe 5004 watches commissioned by private collectors are also one of the highlights of the season (Lot 2840, 2866, 2903, 2930). The Model 5004 was introduced in 1995 and has been discontinued. It is now replaced by the Model 5204. These four lots are each equipped with a unique dial, which interacts with their respective case metal materials, demonstrating a combination of complex machinery, dial design and uniqueness. Another unique element of the watch is the speedometer scale on the dial, which is supported by the ‘Certificate of Origin’ provided by Patek Philippe.
Patek Philippe Black Dial Model 5016 with Minute Repeater, Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar Function
     The ‘Foresight’ series is also a selection not to be missed this season, with a total of 25 rare and highly sought after timepieces. The collections in this series are all praised by the most trusted and oldest Swiss watch manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Girard Perregaux and Blancpain, which contain thousands of years of watchmaking technology and technological innovation. . Highlights of this series include three Patek Philippe pieces with black dials, such as model 3979 with a repeater function, platinum case, and black enamel Breguet dial (Lot No. 2951, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000- 4,800,000 / US $ 400,000-600,000) , Black Dial Model 5016 with Minute Repeater, Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar Function (Lot No. 2747, see figure to the right, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-5,200,000 / USD 420,000-650,000), and limited edition models equipped with Minute Repeater and Black Dial 5029 (Lot No. 3039, Estimate: HK $ 3,300,000-5,200,000 / US $ 420,000-650,000).
Patek Philippe 18K Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch, circa 1992
     These boutiques to be presented this season will be characterized by their impressive artistry and their exceptional detail. An example of its outstanding craftsmanship is a work by Patek Philippe. This 18K gold hunting shell pocket watch is unique, with a micro-painted enamel from the hand of the enamel master Suzanne Rohr and the French painter F. Boucher, circa 1992 ( (Lot number 2743, estimate: HK $ 880,000-1,500,000 / US $ 110,000-200,000). Pocket watches were commissioned by an important private collector and have never been auctioned publicly before. Artist Suzanne Rohr has exclusively painted enamel works for Patek Philippe since 1967. It is known as the world’s best master of micro-painting. His works often incorporate watchmaking techniques into painting art, such as the eighteenth-century neoclassical, thirteen to Works by 17th-century classical masters, as well as Impressionist paintings. In the same type of work, there are a limited number of styles containing Rohr enamel decoration, because the master only makes two or three pocket watches each year, making his signature enamel decoration.
Ladies’ Watch, 18K White Gold Diamond Hexagon Case with Brown Diamond Inlaid Concealed Dial, 1998
Fine Jewellery Watches-Eight Brilliant Masterpieces
     The ‘High Jewellery Collection’, consisting of eight timepieces set with magnificent diamonds, emeralds and rubies, includes elegant classic models from Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Kunlun and Mingshi. The highlights of the entire collection include the Piaget Aura model 18K gold women’s diamond and emerald bracelet watch (lot 3028, estimated: HK $ 1,000,000-1,800,000 / US $ 125,000-225,000) made in 1989; and another The unique Piaget women’s watch with an 18K white gold diamond-studded hexagonal case with a brown diamond inlaid concealed dial, made in 1998 (Lot No. 2735, see left, estimated: HKD 1,000,000-1,800,000 / USD 125,000-225,000). The watch is set with 94 diamonds and weighs 15.81 carats. One of the brown diamonds weighs about 8.34 carats, which is one of the most classic works of the brand in the market. This exquisite collection may be specially customized at the request of customers, and its uniqueness is evident.
Reverso Blue Enamel prototype
Jaeger-LeCoultre and Christie’s work together to support the Nursery Fund
     Christie’s is proud to be commissioned by Jaeger-LeCoultre to conduct a charity auction of the Reverso Blue Enamel prototype watch (Lot No. 3064, this table is not provided with a valuation; the suggested retail price is HK $ 357,000) in support of the Charity Foundation. Christie’s will donate the buyer’s commission for this lot in full. The Humiao Foundation is a charity recognized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to protect people under 18 from sexual assault. The foundation was founded by Ms. Xiao Fangfang, an internationally renowned actor and a master in psychotherapy.

Sexy On The Beach! Essential Tool For Sexy Beach

In the hot summer, how can you not go to the beach, enjoy the breath of the ocean, and feel the softness of the gravel surrounding your feet. Put on your sexiest swimwear, wear a stylish and waterproof watch, and you will be the most sexy on the beach.

 In this hot season, people can’t help but want to go to the beach to play in the water. Facing the blue cloudless sky and the ocean that cannot be seen, the exhaustion of my heart disappeared. For stress-filled urban beauties, coming to the beach to take a vacation for themselves, soothe the mood and stress, in addition to enjoying the scenery and diving activities, naturally also have to be sexy on the beach.

 Blancpain’s new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe watch inherits many elements of the earlier style. The overall outline of the timepiece continues the clear and clear style of the previous style. The hands also adopt the traditional style of the old timepiece. The date information is displayed in a dedicated window hole. The bezel also retains the design features of the original Bathyscaphe style, and the glittering fluorescent punctuation ensures that the diving timing information is readable in any environment. At the same time, adhering to the tradition of all excellent diving watches, every 50 噚 Bathyscaphe diving watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, which activates the chronograph function by accumulating one minute counterclockwise rotation. During the dive, the second hand is clearly visible, and the eye-catching clear dial and gold flashing hour hand ensure that the timing information is easy to see. The new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe dive watch is water resistant to 30 bar, which is equivalent to a depth of about 300 meters.

 Like a blue and white porcelain printed swimsuit, the unique design coupled with the blue and white combination is like the white clouds floating in the blue sky. The blue rippled handbag also played a similar role from the accessories. Of course, sunblock is also an indispensable bag for sexy beauties on the beach.

Recommended weapon
Sunscreen: HR Helena Gel Yan Qin White Sunscreen Lotion

Wrist weapon

 Chanel J12 Marine watch with its black high-tech precision ceramic case, highlights its noble and elegant unique temperament appearance. Equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, it has a powerful power reserve of 42 hours. Stainless steel rotating bezel in one direction. The bezel groove of the bezel is set with a black high-tech precision ceramic ring marked with a 60-minute scale. The sapphire crystal has a blue double-sided anti-reflective coating, and the hands, hour markers and numerals are decorated with embossed fluorescent logos. Polished and frosted stainless steel pin buckle with CHANEL logo engraved. Water-resistant to 300 meters.

 Black off-the-shoulder strapless swimwear is extremely sexy, and metal decoration adds a modern touch. Heels and black shoulder bags with black knots are sexy. Such a fascinating outfit and makeup must be eye-catching. You must always have a waterproof mascara in your bag. No matter you are on the beach or diving, you do n’t have to worry about losing your charming eyes when you encounter water.

Recommended weapon
Footwear: DSQUARED
Waterproof Mascara: HR Helena Golden Age Mascara

Wrist weapon

 This Longines Longquest Conquest watch is made of stainless steel and 18K rose gold. It is equipped with the L595 self-winding mechanical movement, which provides a power reserve of up to 40 hours. It features pink hands. It shines brightly with the rose gold of the strap case. What’s more worth mentioning is that this sports watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters while having an elegant appearance.

Animal skin has always been used as a trend element on clothing, with leopard print being the most common. Not only are leopard prints of different shapes, but the wild sexyness of the leopard print is irresistible. Today, from ready-to-wear to swimwear, it’s not hard to see designers’ love for leopard print. A leopard-print swimsuit with a strap and this Longines Conquest series watch are not only wild, but also elegant in detail.

Recommended weapon
Shoes: GINA
Sunscreen: HR Helena Gel Yan Qin White Porcelain Conditioning Emulsion

Wrist weapon

 The pink Tissot T-RACE sports watch, although it is waterproof to a depth of only 100 meters, but for beach diving, such a waterproof depth is also far away. Extremely sporty design, with playful colors, suitable for those who are still lovely in their hearts to wear on the beach.

The tube top swimsuit is naturally sexy, but the pink print has highlighted the playful and lovely woman’s heart. Then, please wear this Tissot T-RACE pink sports watch, cut out pink high heels, and carry this milk and shoulder bag made of cotton and suede to be a sexy and cute beach girl.

Recommended weapon
Swimsuit: MISSONI
Footwear: CASADEI
Shoulder bag: OLYMPIA LE-TAN
After Sun Repair: HR Helena Laser Photo Porcelain Essence

Wrist weapon

 Breguet’s MARINE ROYALE 18K white gold watch is a heavyweight watch. It not only uses an 18K white gold case, but also has a power reserve of up to 45 hours and a water resistance of 300 meters. It is also equipped with a 519R movement, which is automatically wound and equipped with an alarm mechanism.

Such a heavyweight high-end watch, of course, the swimsuit can not be arbitrary. The silver-gray swimsuit with a pleated wrap design is more like a high-end garment, and the detachable black belt outlines the swaying waistline of women. Silver sequined high-heeled sandals are not only elegant, they make the feet shine with the pace.

Recommended weapon
Sunglasses: RICK OWENS
Sunscreen: HR Helena Gel Yan Qin White Sunscreen Lotion

Wrist weapon

 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Calendar watch with rotating outer ring and 60-minute progressive scale. The Oyster case is water-resistant to 300 (1,000 feet), providing the best protection for a highly accurate movement from water, dust, pressure and impact. The unique middle case is cast from 904L stainless steel or 18ct gold with strong corrosion resistance, and is equipped with an integrated crown shoulder. The Chromalight display on the surface ensures that the wearer can clearly read in the dark. Under the same brightness environment, blue light can continue to illuminate for 8 hours, which is twice as much time as ordinary fluorescent materials.

If you want some fresh beach outfits and abandon traditional bathing suit designs, then try the printed sarong. A simple black bandeau swimsuit with a printed sarong exudes a sexy, exotic style. Coupled with the beautiful Paisley pattern tote bag and the powerful Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner calendar watch, the beach must be a classic landscape.

Recommended weapon
Bandeau Swimsuit: MELISSA ODABASH
Printed sarong: EMILIO PUCCI
Bags: ETRO
Sunglasses: SPEKTRE
After Sun Repair: HR Helena Yuesheng Newborn Muscle Repair Serum