Dream And Poetry Tasting 2017 Sihh Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Watch

In 2017, Van Cleef & Arpels added a new member to the Extraordinary Dials ™ watch series at the highly anticipated Geneva watch fair in the watch industry, the new Charms The Extraordinaire watch combines two of the family’s most iconic classic inspiration sources: nature and fairy. The charming fairy eyes linger and linger in the romantic garden of Van Cleef & Arpels, full of poetry and dream.

   With white gold and diamonds, it depicts the fairy tale of beautiful flowers carved from mother-of-pearl. The miniature paintings of midnight blue set off the relief-like texture carefully, making the dial full of richness and presenting a praise to the soft image of nature and women.

   The diamond stardust in the night sky shines wonderfully, and the gradual hues of the sapphire and diamond on the bezel are staggered, extending the dazzling beauty. The floral charm echoes the exquisite workmanship of the dial, revealing a graceful elegance when swinging with the wrist.

   The back of the table is adorned with rose buds and fairy reliefs, which is also elegant and moving.

   The poetic dial makes people appreciate the passage of time, echoing the lucky charm lingering on the case. Every detail of the watch demonstrates the family’s diligent pursuit of superb craftsmanship, and finally it is quenched into this masterpiece.
   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention.

   2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:

Panerai Professional Depth Gauge Watch

Luminor 1950 Su bmersible Depth Gauge Limited Edition
Luminor 1950 Su bmersible Depth Gauge Limited Edition
Panerai (Panerai) deep into the Chinese Gobi Desert Luminor 1950 Su bmersible Depth Gauge professional diving depth gauge watch limited edition
South African-American explorer Mike Horn is the first Arktos expedition to circle the 20,000 kilometers in the Arctic Circle, and completed a ‘Latitude Zero’ expedition to travel around the world in 17 months without any mechanical assistance. Today, he launched the ‘Pangaea’ global adventure environmental protection activity, leading a group of 15 to 20-year-old young explorers from all over the world to travel around the world in four years to investigate the global natural environment. From August 22 to September 7 this year, he led 12 young explorers to explore and inspect the Gobi Desert in China.
On the journey, he will never leave is Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge, which accompanied him to refresh human history in 2006, and for the first time in the Arctic winter pole without using sled dogs or powered vehicles. Reached the North Pole at night; and in 2007 climbed two Nepalese peaks over 8,000 meters without the aid of additional oxygen.
Key Point: Panerai, known as the official supplier of precision equipment for the Italian Navy in the 1930s, this time launching the Luminor 1950 Submersible submersible depth measurement watch is an automatic on the water suitable for underwater use. Chain watch with astronomical certificate issued by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC.). The watch is equipped with a depth gauge, whose measurement accuracy has been individually tested and certified by the official accreditation body METAS (National Surveying Authority in Bern, Switzerland). Water-resistant to 120 meters, and can record the maximum depth during diving. Made of highly resistant and lightweight non-allergenic metal titanium, limited to 600 pieces.

Longines Admiral 24-hour Chronograph Introduction

Admiral Longines 24-hour (second time zone) chronograph
42 mm stainless steel case, automatic winding movement L686 (ETA Valjoux 7754)
Features: Big red 24-hour arrow-shaped GMT hand with 24-hour scale on the inner edge of the bezel
Adjustment method: crown adjust GMT pointer
The function of the watch is nothing more than that. Manufacturers launch new products every year, while discontinuing outdated products, all kinds of patterns can be seen on the face. The length of the book was exhausted, but I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t the cup of tea I belonged to.
In fact, as long as it is clear which features are most needed, the watch is not so difficult to choose. I do n’t see him. In today’s waiting halls, there are a lot of people buried in iPads. Everyone is enjoying it, and no one feels that there is anything wrong with the same thing. It is not difficult to draw the three necessary conditions for the so-called killer application, namely convenience, practicality and popularity. It is based on these three points that watch consumers will be divided into: some people only wear automatic watches, some people love the simple version of the junior calendar, some people go out and do not leave their perpetual calendar. However, from the perspective of compatibility, GMT watches are recognized as a killer application.
感觉 GMT watches want this feeling. Ordinary mechanical watches, under normal operating conditions, we cannot adjust them, at most they are wound, otherwise it will affect the normal running time of the watch. GMT watches do not have this concern. Users can play according to their own wishes without changing the time in the main time zone. The entry-level GMT model, the adjustment of the off-site time and the main time zone are all realized through the 3-point crown. For more high-end models, the adjustment of the off-site is independent of the crown. This adjustment has profound meaning. Earlier human beings realized the independence of hands and feet. They started with grasping tools and finally grasped the fate of human beings.

Reaffirmed Sponsorship And Support For Charity Longines Visits The Headquarters Of Tomorrow Children’s Fund

Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, has a long tradition of sponsoring charity. The core values ​​have driven the brand to always support charitable activities. This is still one of the focus of Longines.

   Therefore Longines actively supports Children for Tomorrowfoundation. This is a non-profit charity run by Stefanie Graf, the brand’s elegant ambassador, to assist children and their families who have suffered war trauma, persecution and organized violence.
   In order to make more people aware of the sensitivity of the refugee problem and the importance of their mental health, tomorrow’s children and Longines will hold a media event at the headquarters of the Medical School of the University of Hamburg-Pupdorf. International media were invited to learn about the work of the foundation for Steffi Graff and to consult a team of experts on psychological trauma treatment options.

   On this occasion, in order to further support the charity work of the brand’s elegant image ambassador, especially the ArtTherapy project, Swiss watch brand Longines donated 100,000 euros to tomorrow’s children’s fund.
   ‘It is a great honour to welcome our partner Longines to the headquarters of the Foundation and show them the face-to-face treatment programs for the patients,’ said Steffi Graff. ‘Since 2008, Longines has promoted the foundation’s purpose, Raising the public’s awareness of the needs of children, children and foundations has always been our effective partner. I am really pleased to work with brands that share enthusiasm for charity and are committed to helping children in need. ‘

   Juan-Carlos Capelli, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Longines, said: ‘According to the values ​​of excellence and elegance, Longines firmly supports Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund. Steffi Graff’s charity reminds us that we should invest our love and time to pay attention to the unfortunate people around us. Crowd. Her courage, determination and generosity are the perfect interpretation of Longines’ ‘elegant attitude, true personality’ philosophy. ‘
   Steffi Graff has been the elegant ambassador for Longines since 2008.

Richemont Richemont Acquires Peter Millar Llc

This acquisition by Richemont will determine the development and growth direction of Peter Millar in the next phase. ‘We are very fortunate to be working with Winona Capital. Together we have developed and built the Peter Millar brand, expanded our product range, and continuously enhanced our sales and distribution capabilities,’ said Scott Mahoney, Peter Millar CEO. ‘Now, the cooperation with Richemont is an excellent opportunity for us. Peter Millar will continue to build a global brand journey under Richemont. We look forward to working with Richemont , And look forward to cooperating with the well-known brands of the group. ‘
Winona Capital Managing Director Luke Reese commented: ‘It has been an honor for Winona Capital to work with Scott Mahoney, Chris Knott, and other members of the Peter Millar team to build such a great company over the past few years. We are very happy Peter Millar was acquired by Richemont, one of the world’s largest luxury goods groups. ‘
The transaction is expected to be completed in October 2012, and the Richemont Richemont Group’s consolidated net assets or annual operating results as of March 31, 2013 will not be materially affected. The ‘A’ shares issued by Richemont are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (the first listing of Richemont) and are also listed as the leader of the Swiss Market Index (‘SMI’) share. Richemont South African Depository Receipts is listed and traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (the second listing place of Richemont Group).
Robert W. Baird & Co. acted as advisor to Peter Millar in this connected transaction.
Source: Richemont

Beijing Time: Lily Of The Valley Belle Qingli Bloom

In the hit drama ‘My First Half of Life’, Yuan Quan, who has always been a low-key literary and artistic goddess, used her superb acting skills to vividly portray a female Tang Jing in the workplace and won praise. Speaking of Yuan Quan, most people may think of her as literature and art, which is low-key but full of unique charm. And Yuan Quan is just like his name, just like a clear spring.

Yuan Quan stills (picture from the Internet)

   She can be Liu Yingying, who says ‘Like to be arrogant, but love is restrained’ in ‘The Endless Life’, or Ye Zhiqiu, who is full of classic temperament in ‘Great Shanghai’, looking back. As early as 2013, Yuan Quan swept through the three major Chinese drama awards: ‘Plum Blossom Award, Academy Award, and Golden Lion Award’ with ‘Jane Eyre’. . It is also the youngest on the list with Lao She, Cao Yu and other older artists. In a complex world, she insists on a simple and devoted herself to her beloved drama career. Her acting skills, high sense, and artistic atmosphere can not be ignored.

Yuan Quan wears Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley handmade Su Xiu wrist

   Whether it is the full bloom of the interpretation of the cause, or the fashion street shooting in life, Yuan Quan, like the gentle power of water, marries. Simple blue-and-white striped shirt and slim jeans, wearing the Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley hand-made embroidered watch, the lightness of the pace reveals a gentle and casual feeling, people yearn for. In front of the camera, Yuan Quan delicately interprets each character, and his precise acting skills spread all over his hands. Outside of the camera, the beautiful love between her and Xia Yu is practical but not sturdy. After experiencing wind and rain, she knows how to move forward hand in hand, leaving only love to each other. Just like the flower of the lily of the valley, happiness returns.

Ink lily of the valley

   Su embroidery, an ancient handicraft, a most feminine symbol, has an oriental charm, giving a woman a mysterious and noble feline temperament; complicated craftsmanship, like elegance, requires patience, requires years of precipitation, and more Need to be calm and indifferent to the passage of time. Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley hand-made embroidered watch, with 18 different shades of ‘ink color’, combined with thin flat needle and false solid needle two techniques, as if an elegant and feminine woman, with tenderness, but not Lost woman’s shy posture, beautiful and elegant.

The beauty of Soviet embroidery

Beijing watch silk language series ink lily of the valley handmade embroidered watch

Beijing watch silk language series Tanabata special Xinglin Shuangyan watch
   Lily of the valley flowers bloom with the breeze. It is said that as long as the lily of the valley is received, it will be favored by the god of luck, representing pure happiness. Swallows have been regarded as a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness since ancient times. The beautiful state of love is an evenly matched wing, which is a lifetime, a double. The Beijing watch silk language series uses ink lily of the valley and Xinglin Shuangyan watches to give women elegance, love and independence. At the same time, there are infinite good wishes. I hope that every woman, no matter at what stage of her life, can be independent, confident, dedicated, and brave, to live up to every Beijing time on her wrist.
   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, and focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics. It perfectly integrates high-end watchmaking skills with cultural connotations. Beijing Watches respects and cultivates true watchmaking masters, and has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced flying tourbillon, dual flying tourbillon, dual-axis stereo tourbillon, dual-axis stereo dual tourbillon, tourbillon Q. Seven high-complex movements, such as the long escapement of the double escapement, and the ultra-thin tourbillon. There are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches in high-end watchmaking techniques such as, hollowing out, and finishing.
   With Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.

Watches And Wrists Lingering Long Strap Female Watch Fall In Love With The Annual Meeting

Louis Vuitton (LV)

 A uniquely designed watch with no less decorative effects than a bracelet. The ‘circling’ watch with an extra long strap is the best of both worlds. The lingering contact between the watch and the wrist is also an expression of style.

 Long straps can also be divided into several materials, such as cowhide, crocodile leather, lambskin, platinum, stainless steel, silk belt, rubber, etc. According to personal temperament and clothing mix to choose, there is always one suitable. The following big-name long strap watches may provide a reference.





 folli follie


Montblanc Timewalker Automatic Winding Diamond Chronograph

Montblanc TimeWalker Automatic Winding Diamond Chronograph
In the past, precious stones were only used to design fancy and gorgeous jewellery watches, but diamonds can also be found in casual watch styles for daily wear. Montblanc TimeWalker automatic winding chronographs use diamonds to achieve the icing on the cake.
The case of this pair of watches is cast in 18K rose gold, and the crown is set with the mother-of-pearl Montblanc star logo, which is tasteful at a glance. The white women’s Montblanc TimeWalker series self-winding diamond chronograph is 43 mm in diameter, but the details are in place step by step, it seems to be smart and light. The rose gold bezel is set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds (approximately 1.16 carats), echoing the sparkling diamond shine of the white dial. The dial’s timer, small seconds, and calendar window are subtle and elegant, regardless of the men’s and women’s models.

Richard Miller Enters The Polo World And Expands New Cooperation

The Richard Mille brand has entered the polo world with its Richard Mille Polo Team, a team by Brunei Prince Bahar, Pablo Mac Donough, the Argentine who ranked first on the World Polo Tournament in 2010, Alejandro Muzzio and British-born Max Routeldge. The team’s first appearance was at Cowdray Park Polo Club. It is now preparing for the fierce season, when players will see some of the most prestigious high-level international competitions. In the United Kingdom, the Richard Mille Team will compete for The Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup at the Guards Polo Club Polo Club from May 17 to June 12, and the next June 21 to July 17 at Cowdray Park. The club is competing for the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup. In the late summer from July 27th to August 29th, the team will also compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Cup in the Santa Maria Polo Club. Polo is a sport that tests performance, endurance and concentration. Players check their physical limits in every match. This new project gives Richard Mille more opportunities to challenge technology boundaries and experiment with new solutions.
Just like Felipe Massa Massa, Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson, every player on the Richard Mille Polo Team polo team will compete on the court wearing RM watches. A watch specifically designed for them: The limited edition RM010 has a unique ‘all black’ DLC-treated case and red dial, and a black rubber strap with a DLC-treated buckle pays tribute to the team’s uniform color . .

Corum Golden Bridge 360 ​​degree Perspective Tourbillon Watch

The soul of the new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is the CO100 movement, which is made in-house by COrum. The main board and bridge of the movement are made of sapphire crystal and carry a floating or flying tourbillon, as if suspended in the center of the case without weight, and can watch its beautiful operation at 360 degrees.

The design concept of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is derived from the snowflakes in the winter season. The skilled watchmakers of Kunlun Watch use perfect snowflakes as the blueprint to make gears and gear trains. This beautiful view is reproduced in the watch on. Like Corum’s own long hollow skeleton movement floating in a barrel-shaped case, it is equipped with a flying tourbillon, showing a magnificent picture of lightness and weightlessness. Take a closer look. The self-winding CO100 movement, the main board and the bridge are all polished by hand with sapphire crystal. It can see through the structure of the movement 360 degrees, as if covered by snow and snow.
Kunlun watch’s long mechanical movement has become the symbol of the brand and its watch series ‘Corum Bridges’, as well as an immortal masterpiece in the watch industry. The CO100 movement with tourbillon mechanism vibrates 21,600 (3 Hz) per hour and has a power reserve of 90 hours. The tourbillon was invented in 1801 to solve the time error caused by the gravity of the watch in different directions, and it is one of the most complicated watchmaking processes in the watch industry. The tourbillon device mounted on the heart of the watch allows the hairspring to be placed in a frame together with the lever and lever wheel, and rotates around its axis.

The tourbillon device on the new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is placed on the main board made of sapphire crystal. It is a flying tourbillon without an upper fixed point and decorated with a Corum key pattern. This beautiful design gives a light and balanced visual effect.
The light and exquisite CO100 movement is one of the smallest time setting systems available. The gear wheel train of the movement is equipped with traditional exquisite ratchet teeth, and each component is fixed by screws on the hand-polished sapphire crystal motherboard and bridge plate, and is mounted on the unique wine of the Kunlun Bridge watch series Inside the barrel case.

The new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and comes in three limited-edition options: a total of 10 18K red gold case models; a total of 5 18K red gold cases with baguette diamond models; There are 5 round diamond styles. All models are equipped with two hand-stitched alligator leather straps (one each in black and brown), and 18K red gold triple folding buckle engraved with the Kunlun logo.