Mysterious Infinite Geometric Interpretation, Explore The Symbolic Art Dimension Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch Tattoo Art Reinterprets The Iconic Design Of Big Bang

[April 20, 2016, New York] Harmonious and balanced artworks emerged at the historic moment. The top Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT cooperates with London tattoo studio Sang Bleu to officially release the interesting and eye-catching Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch. Harmonious patterns and balanced proportions blend together, telling the infinite mystery of geometric shapes in the dimension of time. At the same time, the design of this watch also reflects the profound accomplishment of Sang Bleu tattoo studio in the creation of geometric patterns. Sang Bleu founder Maxime Büchi draws inspiration from the famous painting ‘Vitruvian Man’ by Da Vinci, and gives a harmonious and balanced pattern design to a watch that records time . Since ancient times, human beings have created many amazing architectural works of art by mastering the symmetry of graphics. Maxim Butch deeply understands the mysteries of geometric figures and creates a unique artistic style. These qualities also reflect Butch’s relentless pursuit of perfection and the worship of symbol art.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch presented in a unique case

   Back in London Fashion Week in February 2016, Hublot collaborated with Sang Bleu Studios to present art sculptures combining glass and metal elements. This artistic work constructs visually stunning sensory images in the form of whimsy, and thus extends the design concept of the cooperative watch-a unique pattern composed of subtle flips and superpositions of circular rings and squares, The concept of ‘orthogonal circles’ boldly records time in a unique way. Hublot’s iconic Big Bang design also ushers in a fusion with geometric aesthetics.

Maxime Büchi, founder of tattoo studio Sang Bleu in London, and Jean Francois Sberro, general manager of Hublot Americas

Manuscript of geometric symbols by Maxime Büchi, founder of tattoo studio Sang Bleu in London

   This new Big Bang watch has never been seen before. The edges of the watch are chamfered to produce a geometric effect. The classic round bezel is polished into a hexagon, giving the watch a wonderful three-dimensional effect. The matte black dial is brushed with a circular satin finish and its Arabic numerals are specially designed by Maxim Butch. The seconds scale is engraved on the metal dial, and the curve is harmonious with the watch as a whole. The ‘handless’ design of the dial not only gives the watch a more unique mysterious atmosphere, but also leads a new dimension of time. Three rhodium-plated octagonal discs overlap to show time. The largest octagonal disc stands for ‘hour’, the smaller octagonal disc reads ‘minutes’, and the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ discs are decorated with white luminous coating for easy reading time. The black dial with the H logo and Sang Bleu hourglass records the elapsed seconds.

Maxime Büchi and Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watches, founders of London tattoo studio Sang Bleu

   The Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch is limited to 200 pieces in the world and is equipped with a redesigned Hublot-made UNICO movement. The movement without the timekeeping function displays the time through the operation of three octagonal discs. The outline of the movement’s pendulum is taken from the triangular Sang Bleu logo. The octagonal pattern of the dial also extends to the 45mm diameter titanium case, which has been carved with deep rhyme geometric beauty. The black calfskin selected by the strap is heat-printed to give a gray gradient effect, and is lined with natural rubber. The back of the strap is also engraved with the Sang Bleu logo to pay tribute to this cooperation.

Ricardo Guadalupe, global CEO of Hublot and Maxime Büchi, founder of London-based tattoo studio Sang Bleu
   The avant-garde design and concept of the Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch protects the wearer from being imprisoned by tattoo marks, and at the same time allows the unique ‘tattoo’ to show its grace in the hands. .
BIG BANG SANG BLEU Tattoo Watch Technical Parameters
Serial number: 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16 — limited edition of 200 pieces
Diameter: 45mm
Water resistance: 10 standard atmospheric pressure (approximately 100 meters underwater)
Case: Brushed satin-finished and polished titanium, engraved with geometric figures by Maxim Butch
Bezel: Hexagon bezel, satin-finished and polished titanium, 6 ‘H’ screws
Lugs: Black composite resin
Mirror: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Crown: black natural rubber and satin-finished titanium
Case back: brushed satin-finished titanium, engraved ‘Limited Collection 200’, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Dial: Black dial with motif designed by Maxim Butch
Hands: Octagonal skeleton hands, rhodium-plated
Movement: HUB1213 Hublot self-winding movement produced by UNICO
Number of parts: 255 (28 rubies)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Table Hammer: Geometry by Maxim Butch
Strap: grey-black discolored natural rubber calfskin strap, decorated with geometric shapes designed by Maxim Butch, titanium folding buckle