Halda Space Discovery Airborne Madrid-news Halda

Swedish watchmaker and inventor of the unique watch docking system, Halda Watch Co, has now landed in Spain. The company has reached an exclusive agency agreement with El Corte Inglés, Europe’s largest department store chain.
With its clever Halda Space Discovery concept, Halda Watch Co. opens up new dimensions in high-end watchmaking. This watch can stand the test even in extremely harsh environments. It’s no surprise that this masterpiece of watch that combines the best of Swedish engineering and Swiss watchmaking is sought after in Spain. Halda Watch Co. sets new standards in time measurement applications with Halda Space Discovery.

The electronic module and the specially-designed case with NASA-certified materials are built to address the intricate needs encountered by space survivors. In terms of precision and characteristics, they truly understand how to successfully manage it in space Astronaut as the benchmark. For mechanical movement experts, this watch has a long history of the Swiss ASSA movement of the 1970s, which is an amazing high-tempo masterpiece. Halka Watch Co. CEO Mikael Sandström has reason to be confident about the future:
 ‘Halda Space Discovery has set the direction for our future development. Our patented docking system can transform the watch to meet the highest requirements in all possible cases, and goes beyond the general meaning of the watch.’
Once again, the Swedish watchmaker was successfully loyal to its philosophy, insisting on quality, style, and functionality, and never compromised.