Continuing Craftsmanship Athens Watches Master Painted Watches

25 years ago, Athens Watch took the lead in introducing enamel technology and micro-painting technology into watch production, bringing the series of painted watches to an important position.
   Since then, tradition has been in harmony with innovation. The unique homemade dial combines a century-old rare enamel craftsmanship and classic style. The colorful and delicate details highlight the splendor of the picture, coupled with the blooming colors on the dial and the eye-catching workmanship, make the painting more realistic.
   Painted watches are a collection of craftsmanship, all completed by hand. Today, only a few craft masters can make painted watches, which is even more precious.
Overview of the 2015 Classico 鎏 Gold watch series

   The Athenian watch pays tribute to the legendary history of maritime history, launching the limited edition of the ‘Crossensden’ filigree enamel watch, limited to 30 pieces.
Immortal Changchun picture ——cherry
   This work of art uses acrylic paint micro-painting technology to paint complex and colorful birds and cherry trees, limited to 8 pieces.

鎏 Golden Year of the sheep
   Athenaeum launched the “Year of the Golden Lamb Watch”, in order to show the life of the sheep, it was produced by the champlevé method of intricate and detailed enamel filling, limited to 88 pieces.
   Inspired by the paintings of the Qing Dynasty painter Lang Shining, the delicate micro-painted dial has two golden pheasants on the dial, with bright colors, set off the surrounding lake stones and flowers, implying the icing on the cake, limited edition of 8 pieces.