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‘See at a glance’ is the best portrayal of Nomos watches. The Nomos watches from the former East Germany are located in Saxony Glashütte, which has a century-old watch manufacturing history. The craftsmanship of the craftsmanship produces a high-quality, uniquely designed manual mechanical watch, and Nomos’s clear design consciousness is ‘expressive’ in the performance and readability of each watch.
Nomos: German craftsmanship, the continuation of the Glashütte watch legend
    Where the Nomos factory is Glashütte, a century-old watchmaking town with a legend that dates back to Ferdinand Adolph Lange (1815-1875) and his son, the founder of Saxony watchmaking. In 1845 Lange established a factory for the manufacture of watches in Glashütte. He taught himself to his employees based on his unique ideas for quality, and helped many people set up their own studios. In just a few years, the mechanical devices and precision timepieces manufactured by Lange have become ‘highly accurate’ consent words and have even been appreciated by Swiss watch entrepreneurs. More ….
Nomos Tangente
    In the nineteenth century, Glashütte was known for making the most tasteful ornate watches. At that time, people said, ‘Glashütte’s Lange watches were not made for mass production.’ In fact, Lange’s pocket watches are really luxurious and rich, like An intricate piece of fine art can only be bought by the rich.
Nomos’ Revival and Watchmaking Beliefs
    With the reunification of Germany and the rebirth of the traditional watchmaking industry, Glashütte’s unique style and influence as a center of excellence in watchmaking has also been reborn. As the first watchmaker in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos has inherited Glashütte’s century-old history in the manufacture of watches and clocks. Watch as a national treasure.

Nomos Orion
    Noland President Roland Schwertner believes that ‘design does not end with the appearance of the product, but continues in the design relationship between us and the people who wear Nomos watches.’ Therefore Schwertner insists that every owner of a Nomos watch gets an ownership right. Proof (with the watch with the serial number purchased), the purpose of such a thoughtful design is to ensure that when this watch needs repair, it can be handled as quickly as possible. Schwertner believes that this service is integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches. Due to Schwertner’s insistence, the watches produced by Nomos today have reached a perfect state. Even in the most difficult environments, Nomos can still not change its To create an amazing watch.

Tangente Expo 2000
Nomos Product Family
    Glashütte, Saxony continues the tradition of making high-end watches, and in the nineteenth century was known for making the highest-quality ornate watches. However, in post-war Germany, Glashütte was gradually forgotten by the world. The reunification of Germany has promoted the rebirth of these watchmaking traditions. As the first leader in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos manufactures extremely high-quality mechanical watches, once again enjoying Glashütte’s reputation as the birthplace of excellence .
    Nomos watches are handmade mechanical watches with exceptional quality and unique design. Only very good materials will be used in the structure of Nomos, and watchmakers use the most excellent craftsmanship to give the most careful care and attention in every part and every step of the production process. Nomos’ design is particularly focused on the performance and readability of each watch.

Nomos Orion black face plate
Focus on the perfect full range of watches: Ludwig, Orion, Tangente and Tangente
    There are four types of Nomos watches: Ludwig (round watch), Orion (round watch), Tetra (square watch), Tangente (round watch): Nomos mechanical watch movement is Peseux Calibre 7001, This is an ultra-thin mechanical watch with a diameter of 10 1/2 lignes and a thickness of 2.5 mm. The floating wire of Nivarox-1A controls the vibration frequency at 21,600vph per hour, and Triovis’s accurate proofreading Keeping the time difference of the watch no more than one minute in a week, and using Nomos anti-break springs, the watch can maintain 45 hours of power.

Nomos Tetra
    The ratchet and crown wheel of the Nomos watch are decorated with the traditional Glashütte ribs, while the pallet cock and the bottom surface are treated with delicate ring textures. The screws on the front of Nomos have a beveled angle at the edges, and are extremely fine-grained on the plane with tin until completely smooth and perfect. When heated to 300 ° C, the white screws will turn to cobalt blue, even the small holes inside. This attention to nuance is exactly the quality required by traditional Glashütte. The screws and ratchet wheels on the ratchet wheel have also been polished to the extreme brightness before they are considered complete.

Nomos’s movements are finished to Galshutte’s exacting standards
    The case is made of pure, hand-polished stainless steel 361L, completely free of nickel, or 18K gold. Another special design of the Nomos watch is the extremely fine glass groove. The Nomos watch is water-resistant to 30 feet, and the strap buckle is also very strong. From the case to the strap buckle, it is made by hand in one piece. The strap is also securely secured with screws. The sapphire crystal glass is extremely hard, and it is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Only diamonds are better than it. The crystal glass used as a moth-proof is cut from a whole crystal and engraved with the name Nomos.

Nomos recessed centered seconds dial
    The dial has a decentered second hand dial placed in a circular depression below the surface. First carefully sandblasted, and then silvered in a very delicate way. Both sides of the strap buckle are made of polished stainless steel, after the blue or black oxidation process or gold-clad. The strap is made of hand-stitched high-grade horse leather, which is an expensive and hard-to-wear belt, especially preferred by wearers of handmade shoes. This horse leather is very soft, flexible, supple, and extremely durable and waterproof. The buckle, like the case, is made of stainless steel or 18-karat gold and is engraved with the name Nomos.

Nomos Tetra Expo 2000
World Expo Expo. 2000 commemorative table: Tetra Expo 2000 and Tangente Expo 2000
    Launched worldwide in May 2000, Tetra Expo. 2000 is developed on the existing Tetra series, with a surface diameter increased by 2 mm. In addition to the original sapphire crystal mirror, the design of the sapphire crystal mirror on the back also allows Users get a glimpse of the mysteries in the watch. Nomos also released a limited edition of Tangente Expo 2000 for Expo 2000, but it is believed to have been sold out.

   Nomos is basically a newer brand. Compared with today’s familiar high-end German brand watches such as A. Lange & Sohne and Glashutte Original, Nomos is not comparable in innovative watchmaking technology, but the Bauhaus minimalist style and Noble German watch style Elegant and rustic, plus the affordable price, it is really worthy of appreciation and possession of watch fans