Chronoswiss Three-handed Tourbillon Hollow Watch

Since 1988, CHRONOSWISS’s innovative three-needle, one-line Regulateur surface layout has become a classic mark of the brand. Early three-needle, one-line manual winding watches were very popular. CHRONOSWISS launches the three-hand and one-line tourbillon watch Regulateur a Tourbillon, paying tribute to this superb mechanical altar that has surpassed two centuries of mechanical aesthetics. CHRONOSWISS has launched a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship for the first time: the three-needle and one-line tourbillon skeleton watch Regulateur Tourbillon Squelette. The subtlety lies in the craftsmanship of hand-carved and carved decoration into the design of the three-handed and one-line tourbillon watch, which reveals the beauty of the operation of horological machinery. Hand-carved, hand-carved movements, gear components showing the power and double barrels all make this wonderful piece even more unique.

Hollowing out of the cradle of Swiss watchmaking: Vallee de Joux. Marc Aurele Rochat inherited the watch craft workshop established by his grandfather and famous in the local area. He was exclusively responsible for the creation and design of the CHRONOSWISS 3-pin and 1-line tourbillon skeleton watch Regulateur Tourbillon Squelette. The hand-carved parts of the bridge are handled by Rochat’s uncle Herve Nelson. 60-year-old Nelson has more than 20 years of rich experience in hand-carving. In the final step, Nelson will engraved each movement with an independent number, and engraved the model on the movement and the dial. Nelson takes about 15 hours to complete the manual engraving and retouching of a movement. The dial is made of sterling silver.

To make such a complex C.361 S movement, coupled with hand-carved decoration, it is absolutely necessary to have a very high level of watchmaking skills in order to meet the highest standards of watchmaking technology. Each flying tourbillon is suspended, each panel and bridge components are hollowed out and hand carved (grave a la main): the edges are beveled and polished, the blue screws are plated and the 3 screws are inlaid with gold setting. The highest level of tradition is revealed. The movement has a diameter of 30mm, a thickness of 5.4mm, and 23 stones. The dual barrel of the movement provides about 72 hours of power. Even without adjustment on the weekend, the watch still operates accurately on Monday morning. This skeleton tourbillon is presented in a three-pin, one-line dial layout, and it is definitely a pioneering work, because the movement of a tourbillon watch has never been designed with skeletons and hand-carved. Watch model.
Model: CH 3121 S W, 18K white gold,
Case: 38 mm in diameter; composed of 19 solid parts, anti-glare sapphire crystal;
Screw-in polished full-threaded sapphire crystal case back; onion-shaped crown (same material as case);
Blue-steel hands; water-resistant to 30 meters; dial made of sterling silver.
Movement: A mechanical winding mechanism developed by CHRONOSWISS C.361 S double-winding drum with manual winding, cantilevered ball bearing tourbillon, eccentric hour hand and center-mounted minute hand, 23 stones, panel and bridge components are hollowed out and manually Carved (grave a la main), exquisite movement carving skills and Marc-Aurele Rochat personally completed for CHRONOSWISS, each movement is engraved with an independent number. Limited edition of 50 pieces

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