Cartier Launches Two New Crash London Boutique Special Edition Watches

The history of Cartier and London can be traced back to 1902. Recently, the brand boutiques on New Bond Street in London reopened. To commemorate this event, Cartier launched two new Crash London boutique special edition watches.

 The Crash series was born in 1967 and is said to be inspired by watches damaged in car accidents (most likely the result of the brand’s ideas and craftsmanship), with limited production. The replica watch (WGCH0006) is based on the original watch and uses the same size and material (gold).

 It is worth noting that Cartier’s secret signature is missing from the replica watch’s ‘VII’ (Roman numeral 7) position, which is now standard on Cartier watches, but not on the original. The only obvious difference between the replica watch and the original watch is that the dial of the original watch is decorated with the words ‘London’, while the replica watch dial is decorated with the words ‘Swissmade’.

 The replica watch is equipped with the 8971MC movement, which is a compact oval movement, modified from Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.846. This watch with brown leather strap and deformed folding buckle is limited to one piece per month, priced at 27,000 euros, equivalent to about 210,000 yuan.

 The second is a jewellery watch (WJCH0007). This watch has an 18K white gold case with diamonds and is equipped with the same 8971MC movement. The watch is limited to 15 pieces and is priced at 65,000 Euros, equivalent to approximately RMB 510,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)