Bulgari Bulgari Strongly Supports The Growth Of Poor Children In The World

Last month, delegates from Bulgari Bulgari from Spain, Italy and Germany came to Cerrik and Tirana Tirana to visit the Albania project that Bulgari assisted here. Bulgari’s € 245,000 donation to Albania has funded four important education and protection projects aimed at reducing violence against children and supporting children at risk through social education centres.
Since 2011, other field trips organized by Bulgari sales staff have visited Save the Children, Indonesia, Uganda, Japan, and the United States family projects, and plan to visit India and China projects in 2012. The inspection process impressed Bulgari’s staff and confirmed the extraordinary vision of the initiative, which played an important role in both the growing sense of belonging and fundraising for Save the Children. .

Bulgari special edition silver ceramic ring designed to help children in need

This project, funded by Bulgari, supports formal and informal education at the Socio–Educative Center for Integration (FBSH), public schools and communities to ensure equal access to services for Roma and Egyptian children society. During the visit, Bulgari guests witnessed the extreme poverty of Roma and Egyptian communities and the lives of children, as well as the danger of abuse, violence and exploitation. They saw the Social Education Integration Center assist these children by providing formal and informal education, working with parents, material support, family psychosocial support, referrals, and recreational activities focusing on young mothers. By assisting children from these vulnerable groups, Save the Children aims to minimise and protect all forms of violence and abuse.
Bulgari has donated more than 12 million euros to Save the Children due to the very successful sale of its specially designed silver ceramic rings. This specially designed ring was launched in October 2010 and is available worldwide in Bulgari Gree stores, designated department stores, and Bulgari e-commerce sites (US and Japan only) are available for sale at a price of 390 Euros ($ 420) each, of which 70 Euros ($ 90) will be donated to Save the Children Save the Children.
To date, Bulgari has directly donated 350.000 children and trained more than 14,000 teachers in more than 1,000 schools in 20 countries. With Bulgari’s support, 2,947 children have been rescued in Albania and 735 teachers have been trained.
Source: Bulgari