Breitling’s New Diving Watch, People See People Love

As we all know, Breitling has been supplying watches for pilots since a long time. Breitling’s position in the aviation field can be said to be very important. But aside from the aviation field that it is good at, Breitling can not only ‘go to heaven’, but also ‘enter the sea.’ Did Breitling’s new diving watch watch this year? Review it first.

48 mm watch

46 mm

44 mm

42 mm watch

36 mm model

  Breitling’s dive watch is ‘thoughtful’, with a size ranging from 36mm to 48mm, which means that the new watch this time takes into consideration not only male watch friends but also female watch enthusiasts. Now sports watches This model is more and more loved by women, so the ‘scattering net’ range of Breitling diving watches is basically unisex, which is undoubtedly a smart approach.
  Breitling’s Super Ocean series appeared in the 1950s. At that time, Willy Breitling launched this classic series on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Breitling, which was also the era of high waterproof watches. The waterproof case of this super ocean diving watch has a pressure of 20 atmospheres, which means that the theoretical water resistance can reach 200 meters.

  The main changes of Breitling’s diving watches this year are new surface and new surface treatment, and the 46 mm case was only available in the Super Ocean Culture series. This year, this size has been added to the Super Ocean Series. Another size option is available.

48 mm watch

  The case of the 48mm oversized watch is made of another material, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated titanium, and the bezel is made of common titanium, but it is clear from the side. A protruding feeling? At the same time, there is a locking device on the left side of the case, which can fix the rotating bezel.

  The other 46 mm model is quite special. The case is made of black steel (diamond-like coated steel). Black steel may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone. It is not simply a new material composed of carbon in the steel material (the steel itself has a carbon content of 2 to 21%. If the steel contains only carbon elements, we It is called carbon steel, but steel with too high carbon content is not suitable for the watch case. Black steel is a black film with a carbon structure on the surface of the steel. With this black film, the case’s corrosion resistance is stronger, and the surface looks more textured. The other three models (44, 42, 36 mm in diameter) are made of stainless steel.

  Before the Breitling Super Ocean Watch models had more complicated functions such as world time and timekeeping, but this time returned to the simple third hand. Moreover, the previous model’s time scales were Roman numerals or rectangular time scales. This time, the Roman numerals were retained at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, and the others were changed to trapezoidal time scales.

  It is also worth noting that the logo of the Breitling Super Ocean Series watch retains the previous logo with wings. Last year Breitling changed the LOGO to a simple ‘B’ logo. Many watch friends said that the original LOGO was good-looking. However, in addition to the super ocean series and other sports-oriented models, most of the new watches such as aviation timekeeping 1, aviation timekeeping 8, super ocean culture and other models are still designed with simple LOGO last year.

42 mm model

  In terms of color matching, there are several color matching models in the 42mm watch, orange with black bezel, and white with blue bezel. This color match and the summer that is coming are inexplicable. Say I prefer this eye-catching color.

36 mm model

  The 36mm model is more in line with the aesthetics of girls, so the color scheme is lighter, like white and light blue, which looks more gentle.

  The 17 movement is widely used on Breitling models, the basic movement is 2824. I went for a search and found that many watch friends were puzzled. Since the basic movement is ETA2824, it does not match the price. However, because Breitling’s 17-type movement has been certified by the Swiss official observatory, and the movement of the balance spring and balance wheel has been changed, it is different from ordinary movements. The movement time and resistance to temperature differences are more powerful. But don’t just stare at Breitling’s movement, its culture and history are also places to start.

  Regarding the waterproof depth, I sorted it out for your convenience (the waterproof depth is arranged from deep to shallow)
46 mm model: 2000 meters
44 mm model: 1000 meters
42 mm model: 500 meters
48 mm model: 300 meters
36 mm model: 200 meters

  As for the price point, I think Breitling’s price / performance ratio is quite satisfactory in diving watches. The current price of the 48mm model has not yet been announced. The other 4 sizes are between 2W5 and 3W5. This price is more affordable for many watch friends, so I want to start diving watches this year. Cousin, you can consider a new Breitling watch.