Bell & Ross Launches Tornado 30th Anniversary Limited Chronometer

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Italian Air Force Tornado fighter service, Bell & Ross special production Instrument BR 03-94 Tornado limited series to commemorate.

Aviation instrument design inspiration
 Aviation instruments are a model of excellent function, reliable performance and clear display. Bell & Ross watch timepieces draw a lot of inspiration from the cockpit dashboard of the aircraft to ensure that the timepieces have clear reading, excellent functions, precise guidelines and waterproof functions. Great technical features.
 Bell & Ross watches calmly navigate the most demanding environments, occupying a place in the country of fine watchmaking and becoming the timepiece of choice for professionals.
 Bell & Ross has produced watches for mine handling experts, Rafale fighter pilots, and professional divers. The addition of Tornado fighter pilots to the list now proves that Bell & Ross is a reliable professional who works in harsh environments. Timepiece.

Tribute to the modern air force
 The sleek, powerful fighter is definitely the king of sky flying. The 1980s was a golden period for the development of European fighter jets, and there was endless cooperation between countries. Panavia Tornado was the best example.
 The United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy co-developed the MRCA 75 (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft 1975) multi-role fighter during the 1970s, which later acquired the alias of Tornado and has been in service since 1982.
 The legendary Tornado supersonic fighter is the result of research and development of cutting-edge aviation technology. The top speed is Mach 2.34 (2,417 kilometers per hour) and the flight distance is 1,400 kilometers.

 Tornado fighters belong to the 6th and 50th Squadrons of the Italian Air Force Command and are based on Ghedi and Piacenza bases for reconnaissance, defense and attack tasks.
 Bell & Ross witnesses the outstanding contribution of Tornado fighter with new limited edition watches.
BR 03-94 chronograph: showing strong personality
 Bell & Ross focuses on designing timepieces for professionals. It has always adhered to the principle of function first and design supplement: for example, the most representative Instrument BR series is inspired by the cockpit dashboard of an aircraft. It has excellent functions, precision and reliability. Clear and readable features are undoubtedly the first choice for active people.

 Bell & Ross specially produced Instrument BR 03-94 TORNADO limited series to commemorate the 30th anniversary of TORNADO fighter service, only 50 pieces were released worldwide
 The BR 03-94 TORNADO limited chronograph is 42 mm in diameter, with precise functions. It is the perfect wristwatch for professionals who must fight against the clock every second. Matte black dial, anti-glare crystal glass, large luminous hands, etc. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, equipped with a high-quality Swiss mechanical movement, equipped with two timers, and has a power reserve of about 40 hours. The watch is simple and simple in design, with a black rubber band or reinforced artificial fiber strap, durable and comfortable to wear.

 The BR 03-94 TORNADO series dial is decorated with the logo and color of Squadra Aerea Tornado squadron specially designed for the 30th anniversary. It subtly and elegantly praises the brilliant achievements of the TORNADO fighter