At This Moment, The Tissot Watch Forever Records The True Self, Zhen Zhi, Liu Yifei’s Birthday

She is an actor who interprets the characters in all directions. She is the protagonist on the fashion poster. She is an icon representing a new era of independent women. She is the global image spokesperson for the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot. — Liu Yifei. At the end of the summer on August 25, in this comfortable and pleasant season, accompanied by Tissot watches, Yi Fei ushered in her birthday. In the past year, Tissot watches are grateful to Yifei’s company, and in the years to come, Tissot watches hope to go with Yifei through storms and winds, and to offer her sincere blessings every year: willing to be independent, confident, humble and beautiful Yifei, happy birthday!

Tissot watches hand-painted album, Zhen Zhi presents Liu Yifei’s birthday
At this moment
   Today, Tissot watches ushered in the birthday of global image ambassador Liu Yifei. As a wind and rain partner, a confidant who has spent time together, Tissot is grateful for the company that has been with us for thousands of days and nights, and hopes that it will not miss every birthday in the years to come. Therefore, on this occasion, Tissot watches selected the Flamingo watch as a birthday gift for Yifei. I hope that the watch can linger around the wrist, like Tissot, often accompanied by it.
   The mother-of-pearl dial of the Tissot Flamenco watch and the diamond-set hour markers complement each other, interpreting the feminine and romantic features on the dial, and the smooth round case is asymmetrical like a flamingo perched on one leg. The lugs, the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm, jumped on the paper. Bracelet-shaped ring straps create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. At the same time, the hollow strap design is more like Yi Fei, which is memorable and full of imagination. The Tissot watch is engraved with the words ‘Permanently in the Feifei’ on the watch. The beautiful meaning contained in it is unique and irreplaceable as people expect from the Yifei.

Tissot Flamenco
Seeing Fang Fei at this moment
   Time flies, in the past three years of mutual companionship, Tissot watches have witnessed Yifei’s growth and transformation. In the war movie ‘Feng Fei Fang Fei’, Liu Yi Fei does not use pink daisies, plays a strong woman who bears her livelihood alone and is stubborn and brave. She shows the tolerance and repression of the role just right; in ‘The second generation of fairies, fortunate in life’, she will be violent and cute The demon fox demonstrating vividly, surprise the audience again. In the near future, Yi Fei will appear in the public’s field of vision with the image of shameless eyebrows, showing the magnanimity of the Mulan Girl. On the road of performing arts, Yi Fei has not forgotten her original intention and dared to break through herself. She has repeatedly overturned her inherent impressions, broken doubts, and interpreted life with increasingly sophisticated acting skills. At the same time, the characteristics of challenging themselves and being innovative are the essence of the expectations and pursuit of modern glamour women, and they are also in perfect harmony with the image of women praised by Tissot.
   Yi Fei at work, humble and friendly, is still approachable under heavy pressure, and often supports each other when others need her; in life, she is as low-key as ever, despite her attention, and she is not publicity; It also paints an image of independent modern women for countless girls. It is a strong and determined way to make its own way, and casts unparalleled beauty with self-confidence from the bottom of her heart.
   In the eyes of Tissot watches, Yifei is independent, confident, humble, and beautiful. It is a unique and precious beauty in this world. Therefore, in the form of hand-painted postcards, I commemorate the unforgettable moments we share with each other. I hope I can continue this time and engrav this beauty in time. .

At 13:00 on February 26, 2017, Tissot’s annual print advertising film shooting

At 13:00 on April 28, 2017, Tissot’s annual video advertising shooting

At 16:00 on November 3, 2017, Tissot double eleven event photo shooting

At 17:00 on April 21, 2018, Tissot watch new product launch conference

At 17:00 on April 21, 2018, Tissot watch new product launch conference

12:30, April 22, 2018, Tissot’s annual print advertising shooting
Technical Parameters:

Tissot Flamenco Series RMB3,300
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with battery low power display (EOL)
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-316L stainless steel strap with jewellery clasp
-12 natural Wesselton diamonds
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-All gold or rose gold plating is PVD
-Size 26mm * 26mm