Appreciation Of Hong Kong Christie’s ‘famous Watches’ Autumn Auction Collection

Christie’s will be holding the ‘Fine Watches’ Autumn Auction at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. This auction will present collectors with 540 pieces of various watches, with an estimated value of 130 million Hong Kong dollars / 17 million US dollars, including a number of models debuted at the auction. Patek Philippe’s work continues to be a highlight of this season’s auction. A series of three-question, timekeeping and two-second perpetual calendar styles make the auction lineup even more prosperous. Model shows Patek Philippe 18K Gold Hunting Shell Pocket Watch
     Christie’s Hong Kong’s ‘Fine Watches’ Autumn Auction Selection Video Watch Fine Watches, Woods Auction Hall, November 28, 2012, 11 am and 3 pm
     The collection of Star Caliber 2000 pocket watches, model 3939 and model 5016, ‘Blue Dragon Gold’, is the highlight of this season’s auction. Other selected works include a set of four undocumented Model 5004, a ‘Foresight’ series consisting of 25 top-level watches, and a ‘Precious Jewellery Watch’ featuring a variety of diamond, emerald and ruby ​​inlaid watches. series. This boutique also includes about 150 lots without a reserve price, with valuations ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2 million. It will provide different types of options for entry or senior collectors.
Patek Philippe’s intricate collection
     Founded in 1851, Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most reputable and highly sought after watchmakers. Dating back to the World Exposition first held at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851, the Patek Philippe brand has exhibited superb watchmaking skills by exhibiting the first batch of keyless wind-up timepieces and has begun to attract the attention of European elites. Thanks to this Swiss watchmaker’s commitment to superb technology, craftsmanship and innovation, as well as the pursuit of perfect business philosophy, the appeal of this brand’s watchmaking has never wavered for years.
Patek Philippe Star Caliber 2000
     Among the Patek Philippe works presented this season, the most eye-catching is the ‘Qinglong Jinkui’ series, which debuted at the auction. The three treasures presented are all Patek Philippe’s top contemporary masterpieces rare in the auction market. Star Caliber 2000 (Lot 2952, Estimate: HK $ 18,000,000-32,000,000 / US $ 2,300,000-4,000,000) is the best example of contemporary innovative watchmaking technology. The Star Calibre, with 21 complex functions, was developed by the brand for 7 years, in preparation for the millennium.
Patek Philippe 3939, dating from 2011
     Another focus of the ‘Dragon Dragon’ series is a watch likely to be unique with a mother-of-pearl dial, model 3939, circa 2011 (Lot 2687, Estimate: HK $ 2,800,000-4,400,000 / USD 350,000-550,000); there is also an extremely rare and important 18K yellow gold perpetual tourbillon minute repeater, model 5016, circa 2010 (Lot No. 2908, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-4,800,000 / US $ 400,000-550,000) . The uniqueness of these lots is not only because they are equipped with multiple complex functions, but also because they are rich in aesthetic value. They have successfully transformed practical timepieces into superb artistic creations. With today’s increasing awareness of watchmaking technology and rapidly growing demand, such as the two examples above, it is almost impossible to dig out.
Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004 Patek Philippe Model 5004
     Four undocumented Patek Philippe 5004 watches commissioned by private collectors are also one of the highlights of the season (Lot 2840, 2866, 2903, 2930). The Model 5004 was introduced in 1995 and has been discontinued. It is now replaced by the Model 5204. These four lots are each equipped with a unique dial, which interacts with their respective case metal materials, demonstrating a combination of complex machinery, dial design and uniqueness. Another unique element of the watch is the speedometer scale on the dial, which is supported by the ‘Certificate of Origin’ provided by Patek Philippe.
Patek Philippe Black Dial Model 5016 with Minute Repeater, Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar Function
     The ‘Foresight’ series is also a selection not to be missed this season, with a total of 25 rare and highly sought after timepieces. The collections in this series are all praised by the most trusted and oldest Swiss watch manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Girard Perregaux and Blancpain, which contain thousands of years of watchmaking technology and technological innovation. . Highlights of this series include three Patek Philippe pieces with black dials, such as model 3979 with a repeater function, platinum case, and black enamel Breguet dial (Lot No. 2951, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000- 4,800,000 / US $ 400,000-600,000) , Black Dial Model 5016 with Minute Repeater, Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar Function (Lot No. 2747, see figure to the right, Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-5,200,000 / USD 420,000-650,000), and limited edition models equipped with Minute Repeater and Black Dial 5029 (Lot No. 3039, Estimate: HK $ 3,300,000-5,200,000 / US $ 420,000-650,000).
Patek Philippe 18K Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch, circa 1992
     These boutiques to be presented this season will be characterized by their impressive artistry and their exceptional detail. An example of its outstanding craftsmanship is a work by Patek Philippe. This 18K gold hunting shell pocket watch is unique, with a micro-painted enamel from the hand of the enamel master Suzanne Rohr and the French painter F. Boucher, circa 1992 ( (Lot number 2743, estimate: HK $ 880,000-1,500,000 / US $ 110,000-200,000). Pocket watches were commissioned by an important private collector and have never been auctioned publicly before. Artist Suzanne Rohr has exclusively painted enamel works for Patek Philippe since 1967. It is known as the world’s best master of micro-painting. His works often incorporate watchmaking techniques into painting art, such as the eighteenth-century neoclassical, thirteen to Works by 17th-century classical masters, as well as Impressionist paintings. In the same type of work, there are a limited number of styles containing Rohr enamel decoration, because the master only makes two or three pocket watches each year, making his signature enamel decoration.
Ladies’ Watch, 18K White Gold Diamond Hexagon Case with Brown Diamond Inlaid Concealed Dial, 1998
Fine Jewellery Watches-Eight Brilliant Masterpieces
     The ‘High Jewellery Collection’, consisting of eight timepieces set with magnificent diamonds, emeralds and rubies, includes elegant classic models from Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Kunlun and Mingshi. The highlights of the entire collection include the Piaget Aura model 18K gold women’s diamond and emerald bracelet watch (lot 3028, estimated: HK $ 1,000,000-1,800,000 / US $ 125,000-225,000) made in 1989; and another The unique Piaget women’s watch with an 18K white gold diamond-studded hexagonal case with a brown diamond inlaid concealed dial, made in 1998 (Lot No. 2735, see left, estimated: HKD 1,000,000-1,800,000 / USD 125,000-225,000). The watch is set with 94 diamonds and weighs 15.81 carats. One of the brown diamonds weighs about 8.34 carats, which is one of the most classic works of the brand in the market. This exquisite collection may be specially customized at the request of customers, and its uniqueness is evident.
Reverso Blue Enamel prototype
Jaeger-LeCoultre and Christie’s work together to support the Nursery Fund
     Christie’s is proud to be commissioned by Jaeger-LeCoultre to conduct a charity auction of the Reverso Blue Enamel prototype watch (Lot No. 3064, this table is not provided with a valuation; the suggested retail price is HK $ 357,000) in support of the Charity Foundation. Christie’s will donate the buyer’s commission for this lot in full. The Humiao Foundation is a charity recognized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to protect people under 18 from sexual assault. The foundation was founded by Ms. Xiao Fangfang, an internationally renowned actor and a master in psychotherapy.