A New Idea For Pocket Watches

In the eyes of many timepiece art enthusiasts, this way of wearing with more than 500 years of history undoubtedly represents a time that has gone. However, with careful taste, pocket watches provide another option for today’s immutable watch world, allowing those watch enthusiasts who want to break the routine to rediscover a way to make themselves different. Invisible secrets
钟 For watch enthusiasts, seeing the bracelet hanging on the buttonhole is usually a kind of mental torture. In the eyes of those who are eager to find out what other experts have, this precious bracelet exudes a mysterious and seductive atmosphere. Therefore, they must wait until the owner of the pocket watch pulls out the treasure hidden in the bag with a ritual-like action before they can glimpse its fleeting beauty. Recognizing the potential of pocket watches, Cartier decided to regain a long-standing tradition that originated from the beginning of the brand and was endowed with outstanding expressiveness during the period of Art Deco.
Sophisticated complicated function hollow pocket watch has both the timeless style of Cartier clock classics, and has the unique charm that surpasses the times.
Exquisite and clear, revealing
Everything is perfectly balanced, this pocket watch showcases its powerful charm with its oversized 59.2 mm diameter. Taking this texture-filled masterpiece in your palm, it perfectly reproduces Cartier’s exquisite timepieces for the valued customers at the end of the nineteenth century.
However, the unusually large size is still not comparable to the exquisite movement inside, and the white gold Roman numerals carved into the dial are dazzling. It is worth noting that in order to carve these twelve Roman numerals on solid K gold, the process called tour de force requires at least 100 hours of extremely precise work to perfectly polish and decorate each Digital time stamps. As you can imagine, the 300 chamfers are all polished by hand, which is definitely a severe test of patience and accuracy.
Through both sides of this pebble-shaped pocket watch, you can admire its 9364MC workshop-refined manual winding mechanical movement, and the carefully polished curved sapphire crystal surface makes the carved main plate and watch The bridges and gears are at a glance, showing to the maximum the sophisticated mechanical structure of this movement.
Fully showcase the artist’s genius 诣
People often say that watchmakers and craftsmen who make timepieces are nobles among traditional craftsmen. In order to reflect the transparent characteristics of this timepiece, they did their best to reveal some of the secrets of this manually wound mechanical movement. It is driven by a sophisticated tourbillon device and is equipped with two complex functions that are popular with watch enthusiasts today. Strikingly, in addition to the classic tourbillon with Cartier ‘C’ shaped bridge to ensure accurate pocket watch timing, this extraordinary timepiece also has a one-button chronograph function. Just press the winding crown set with a convex round sapphire to complete the chronograph start, stop and reset operations.
怀 The movement of this pocket watch also has perpetual calendar complication. This precision system can accurately display all practical calendar information up to 2100 on the dial. The blue-steel hands on the dial indicate the date at 12 o’clock, the day at 3 o’clock, and the month at 9 o’clock. This highly accurate complex mechanism will be added with an extra day at the end of February every 4 years and displayed at a window at 10 o’clock. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the calendar as long as possible, this advanced complication movement also provides a power reserve of up to 8 days. This masterpiece of the movement contains a total of 457 parts, all polished by hand. Carols of time and space
镂 Hollowing and sanding on small and delicate parts requires more than 200 man-hours. The chamfering work must be performed by a professional decoration master. To complete the most complex parts, each one requires up to 10 hours of work. The assembly and adjustment of the movement also required more than 200 man-hours.
Cartier is honored to place this masterpiece on a base of crystal and obsidian for everyone to appreciate. The contrasting materials and colors, subtle combination and interaction with the transparent light, make the work show unparalleled elegance and charm, bringing infinite pleasure to everyone.
As a brilliant manifestation of human wisdom, this masterpiece of mechanical timepieces can be regarded as the pinnacle of Cartier’s fine watchmaking. The white gold model is numbered and limited to 10 pieces, and the white gold model with trapezoidal and round brilliant cut diamonds is numbered and limited to 5 pieces. This pocket watch with advanced complications is the perfect expression of Cartier’s watchmaking spirit.