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A New Idea For Pocket Watches

In the eyes of many timepiece art enthusiasts, this way of wearing with more than 500 years of history undoubtedly represents a time that has gone. However, with careful taste, pocket watches provide another option for today’s immutable watch world, allowing those watch enthusiasts who want to break the routine to rediscover a way to make themselves different. Invisible secrets
钟 For watch enthusiasts, seeing the bracelet hanging on the buttonhole is usually a kind of mental torture. In the eyes of those who are eager to find out what other experts have, this precious bracelet exudes a mysterious and seductive atmosphere. Therefore, they must wait until the owner of the pocket watch pulls out the treasure hidden in the bag with a ritual-like action before they can glimpse its fleeting beauty. Recognizing the potential of pocket watches, Cartier decided to regain a long-standing tradition that originated from the beginning of the brand and was endowed with outstanding expressiveness during the period of Art Deco.
Sophisticated complicated function hollow pocket watch has both the timeless style of Cartier clock classics, and has the unique charm that surpasses the times.
Exquisite and clear, revealing
Everything is perfectly balanced, this pocket watch showcases its powerful charm with its oversized 59.2 mm diameter. Taking this texture-filled masterpiece in your palm, it perfectly reproduces Cartier’s exquisite timepieces for the valued customers at the end of the nineteenth century.
However, the unusually large size is still not comparable to the exquisite movement inside, and the white gold Roman numerals carved into the dial are dazzling. It is worth noting that in order to carve these twelve Roman numerals on solid K gold, the process called tour de force requires at least 100 hours of extremely precise work to perfectly polish and decorate each Digital time stamps. As you can imagine, the 300 chamfers are all polished by hand, which is definitely a severe test of patience and accuracy.
Through both sides of this pebble-shaped pocket watch, you can admire its 9364MC workshop-refined manual winding mechanical movement, and the carefully polished curved sapphire crystal surface makes the carved main plate and watch The bridges and gears are at a glance, showing to the maximum the sophisticated mechanical structure of this movement.
Fully showcase the artist’s genius 诣
People often say that watchmakers and craftsmen who make timepieces are nobles among traditional craftsmen. In order to reflect the transparent characteristics of this timepiece, they did their best to reveal some of the secrets of this manually wound mechanical movement. It is driven by a sophisticated tourbillon device and is equipped with two complex functions that are popular with watch enthusiasts today. Strikingly, in addition to the classic tourbillon with Cartier ‘C’ shaped bridge to ensure accurate pocket watch timing, this extraordinary timepiece also has a one-button chronograph function. Just press the winding crown set with a convex round sapphire to complete the chronograph start, stop and reset operations.
怀 The movement of this pocket watch also has perpetual calendar complication. This precision system can accurately display all practical calendar information up to 2100 on the dial. The blue-steel hands on the dial indicate the date at 12 o’clock, the day at 3 o’clock, and the month at 9 o’clock. This highly accurate complex mechanism will be added with an extra day at the end of February every 4 years and displayed at a window at 10 o’clock. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the calendar as long as possible, this advanced complication movement also provides a power reserve of up to 8 days. This masterpiece of the movement contains a total of 457 parts, all polished by hand. Carols of time and space
镂 Hollowing and sanding on small and delicate parts requires more than 200 man-hours. The chamfering work must be performed by a professional decoration master. To complete the most complex parts, each one requires up to 10 hours of work. The assembly and adjustment of the movement also required more than 200 man-hours.
Cartier is honored to place this masterpiece on a base of crystal and obsidian for everyone to appreciate. The contrasting materials and colors, subtle combination and interaction with the transparent light, make the work show unparalleled elegance and charm, bringing infinite pleasure to everyone.
As a brilliant manifestation of human wisdom, this masterpiece of mechanical timepieces can be regarded as the pinnacle of Cartier’s fine watchmaking. The white gold model is numbered and limited to 10 pieces, and the white gold model with trapezoidal and round brilliant cut diamonds is numbered and limited to 5 pieces. This pocket watch with advanced complications is the perfect expression of Cartier’s watchmaking spirit.

Broppon Blancpain Top Chef Robuchon

Joël Robuchon is the top chef with the most Michelin stars in the world. In order to search for local ingredients, he often travels to the countryside. However, this time he visited a different kind of ‘farmhouse’ in Le Brassus, Switzerland, for another reason: to meet Blancpain, a fine watch maker. Watches and cuisine are two very different fields, of course, but Blancpain and Joël Robuchon resonate.

Three generations of chefs at the Hôtel de Ville restaurant in Crissier, Switzerland: Frédy Girardet (second from left), top chef Joël Robuchon (third from right) and young chef Benoît Violier (third from left)

Long before the endless passion for food, Blancpain established a close relationship with chef Frédy Girardet of the Hôtel de Ville restaurant in Crissier, Switzerland. The meeting between Joël Robuchon and Blancpain made both sides realize deeply that there is a connection between fine cuisine and traditional watchmaking. Watchmakers and chefs are passionate about craftsmanship and precision, in the spirit of sincerity and the relentless pursuit of perfection, continue to make fine adjustments, and strive to achieve a smart balance between tradition and innovation.
Frédy Girardet, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon were nominated by the French authoritative restaurant guide Gault et Millau as ‘Master of the Century’ in 1989. At that time, Blancpain presented them with a special hand-engraved watch as a tribute. Blancpain, located in Le Brassus, has a long history of cooperation with the Bogus World Culinary Competition and its Swiss trials. It has always maintained a deep friendship with Frédy Girardet and his successors Philippe Rochat and Benoît Violier, and can now strengthen with Joël Robuchon Cooperation is very proud.

Top Chef Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon started as an apprentice and gradually grew into a good formal chef, taking over the Concord Lafayette restaurant at the age of 29. He was selected as the restaurant’s ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ in 1976. In 1981, his restaurant ‘Le Jamin’ also won a three Michelin star rating within three years of opening. After receiving the title of ‘Chef of the Year’ in 1987, he was elected ‘Master of the Century’ the following year. In 1994, the restaurant named after him was nominated as ‘the best restaurant in the world’. After that, in order to let more people appreciate the charm of cooking, he participated in multiple TV shows. At the same time, he also took inspiration from his travels and proposed a new concept of ‘Joël Robuchon Food Square’. The concept promotes cooking in high quality ingredients in a harmonious atmosphere. The Paris and Tokyo Food Courts, which opened in the same period in 2003, have both achieved great success, which not only led traditional high-end cuisine to a new direction, but also prompted Joël Robuchon to further develop the concept. Due to his unique talents in selecting and training chefs, he has become the most Michelin star chef in the world today. He has at least 28 Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide.
Perfection, professional skills, precision, passion and rigorous craftsmanship, friendliness and knowledge transfer-this pursuit is the values ​​and principles embodied in the French chef’s cuisine, and he naturally discovered these qualities from Blancpain. Blancpain and Joël Robuchon are very happy that they share the same philosophy, and they will work together to promote their own artistic development and spread common values.

Blancpain Farm House by Le Brassus

This meeting is the result of Blancpain’s long-term support for fine cuisine. What better than Blancpain’s friendship with the three generations of chefs at Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, Switzerland, to illustrate Blancpain’s loyal support for fine cuisine? The meeting with Joël Robuchon also gave us the opportunity to taste Benoît Violier’s craftsmanship. Joël Robuchon introduced the young talent to Frédy Girardet in 1996, and Benoît Violier quickly became an indispensable and competent player in Frédy Girardet. A year later, Giradet handed over the restaurant to Philippe Rochat, and of course he returned to France himself. Fifteen years later, in 2012, Benoît Violier took over the Hôtel de Ville restaurant.
Blancpain maintains a very deep friendship with the world’s top chefs, including Joël Robuchon, Frédy Girardet, Philippe Rochat, Benoît Violier, Michel Troisgros, Marc Haeberlin, Daniel Humm and Claude Bosi, who received Michelin stars There are more than 100 scores. In addition, Blancpain’s Letters From Le Brassus magazine publishes various articles about food, wine and local specialties, which are loved by tens of thousands of readers. With these two points in mind, Blancpain has always fulfilled its commitment and is more convinced than ever that the fine watchmaking and fine cuisine share three qualities: passion, sincerity, and emotion.

Athens Launches ‘big Unit’ Chronograph Watch

Baseball pitcher legend Randy Johnson-The 6-foot-10 inch World Series champion, nicknamed ‘Big Unit’, he has always been a watch collector and an Athenian watchmaker. Super fans. Johnson has been an official friend of the brand since early July, and when he announced a strategic partnership with Patrik Hoffman, CEO of Athenian Watch, he announced the development of a new watch for the athlete, the Bit Unit. The number ’51’ on the bezel-Johnson’s number-this position normally belongs to ’50’. The small dial at 6 o’clock has the words ‘Big Unit’ and ‘Limited Edition’. The main color of the watch is black, with rose gold, red and blue elements appearing on the dial and bezel. The case is a stainless steel case with a black rubber coating, 45.8mm in diameter, and is water-resistant to 200 meters. Screw-down crown, sapphire glass and case back, non-reflective.
     The Caliber UN-35 automatic movement is visible on the case back, with a 30-second chronograph, small seconds, date display and 42-hour power reserve. The watch comes with a black rubber strap and a folding buckle.
     The Athens Big Unit Chronograph will be accompanied by a beautiful baseball-themed box and Johnson’s autograph. Pricing is $ 15,500 and will be available for retail in late 2012 or early 2013.
Technical parameters: Movement: Caliber UN-35, automatic; 42-hour power reserve function: hours, minutes, small seconds display; timekeeping function; date function case and strap: stainless steel case with a diameter of 45.8mm, black rubber Coating; non-reflective sapphire glass mirror and case back; screw-in crown; waterproof 200 meters; rubber strap, folding clasp dial and hands: black dial; small seconds at 3 o’clock; 30 at 9 o’clock Minute timer; custom red tip chronograph hands with baseball logo balance. Limited to 100 pieces

Richemont Richemont Group Announced That It Will Adjust Its Executives In April 2013

Richemont announced that Pilar Boxford will officially retire from April 1, 2013, at which time she will also retire from the Group Management Committee. Taking into account the membership adjustments of the Group Management Committee just announced in November 2012, Ms Pilar Boxford will not be replaced on the committee.
Ms. Pilar Boxford joined Cartier Paris as a product manager in 1979, responsible for the promotion of Cartier perfume products, and then gradually took charge of Cartier’s global public relations strategy. Five years later, she moved to Cartier London as the director of communications.
In 2004, Ms Pilar Boxford was appointed Director of Group Public Relations and joined the Group Management Committee. After she retires, she will continue to serve as a group consultant to support the company’s handling of major public relations events.
Johann Rupert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Richemont, said:
‘After 33 years, Ms. Pilar’s knowledge and her contribution to Cartier and other important positions in the company have been proven in her global reputation.’
Source: Richemont

Wrist Watching Moonlight Starlight Glitter Tissot Art Plastic Moon Phase Watch

The ancient moon phase is the most romantic and symbolic time expression of astrological observers. Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the new moon, eyebrow, first quarter moon, convex moon, full moon, inter-month, second quarter moon, and waning moon. The change in the profit and loss of the moon phase brings mysterious and charming power. And in the exquisite craftsmanship of the moon phase dials, iterate and repeat, to taste the beauty of the dome between the wrists, this is even more the taste of men, an indispensable pleasure in life. A glimpse of the stars and moons on your wrist can accompany you through every moment of happiness and romance.
Exquisite workmanship, taste details
    The art plastic series specially captures the golden years of the watchmaking crafts of the 20s and 30s. It is the most popular and time-honored gentleman’s watch. It is based on the ‘Art Deco decorativeism’ style, and combines the mechanical aesthetics arising from industrial culture. It is expressed by more mechanical, geometric and purely decorative lines, giving the Art Plastic series more new elements that will never fade, whether it is the detailed pattern decoration on the dial, the simple and stylish stick-shaped hands, or It is the placement of the energy display, all revealing a simple and powerful design style, retro classic and blending with modern aesthetics.
    The overall outline of the Tissot Art Plastic Series is three-dimensional and flexible. The moon phase watch in this series is a perfect fusion of superb watch craftsmanship and artistic taste. The moon phase function is placed in an elegant 18K pink gold case, with manual winding mechanical movement ETA6498 and a leather strap with delicate lines. Highlights. This is Tissot’s endless taste enjoyment for the wearer. It is also a manifestation of Tissot’s proud watchmaking technology and innovative spirit.
Taste life
    The Art Plastic case, decorated with 18K pink gold and silver dial, implicitly reveals the nobility. On weekdays, you may not be able to see the moon orbiting the earth with your own eyes, but the Tissot art plastic moon phase watch can clearly show the moon’s trajectory. The watch has a small seconds at 6 o’clock and a perfect moon phase window. Under the perfect shape and polishing technology, the moon phase is displayed by a golden full moon, accompanied by two stars appearing peacefully on the white clouds. In addition to the moon phase function, the watch also has a power reserve display. The 40-hour energy display is located between 9 and 11 o’clock and clearly indicates the remaining energy. Its case is made of rose gold with a brown leather belt, which inadvertently reveals the gentleness of the wearer.
    Technical parameters: Manual winding mechanical movement ETA6498, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres, 18K pink or white gold case, silver dial, Arabic numerals, leather strap, with butterfly buckle. Suggested retail price: RMB 52,650

Very Dynamic Tasting Breguet Marine Series 5827 Watch

Breguet has always been the most important part of Swiss timepieces and has made an indelible contribution to the development of the entire watch industry. The Breguet brand dates back to 1775. Its founder Abraham Louis Judge Breguet can be said to be a leader in the entire watch industry. He has created countless great inventions in his lifetime and has still had such a profound impact on the watch industry. Today’s watch home is to bring you a tasting of Breguet marine series watches, the official model of the watch is: 5827BR / 12 / 5ZU.

Complex function illustration

   The Breguet Marine series watches convey Breguet’s ideal watchmaking concept with a sturdy, casual watch design to meet the requirements of modern consumers for comfort, practicality and fashion. And this series of watches fully meet the various standards of military precision timepieces. Today, this Breguet marine series watch is the new watch launched by Breguet at the Baselworld 2015.

Breguet’s nautical watch history goes back to 1815

   Breguet’s nautical watch history dates back to 1815. Abraham-Louis Breguet was appointed by King Louis XVIII as the watchmaker of the Royal French Navy. At the time, marine timing devices were critical to the fleet, as they could determine the ship’s position at sea. Such chronographs must be accurate and able to withstand the effects of continuous ship movement. After accepting this task, Mr. Bao Di designed many outstanding marine chronographs.

This Breguet Nautical series watch has a 42 mm diameter design

   This Breguet Nautical series watch is designed with a 42 mm diameter and an 18K rose gold case. The side of the watch features a screw-locked crown design. The button above the crown is a timekeeping start pause button. Zero button.

This Breguet Nautical collection watch has many iconic designs of the Breguet brand

   This Breguet marine series watch has many iconic designs of the Breguet brand. The bezel is designed with classic coin decoration. The lugs are designed with welded lugs. They are classic everywhere. The thickness of the watch is 14.1 mm. As a sports watch is quite suitable, but the wearer is still more robust and can hold it.

What makes the watch special is that the chronograph minutes are also in the center.

   The dial design of the watch has the consistent design style of Breguet. The special feature of the watch is that the chronograph minute is also located in the center. The bezel and a date display window design, the small seconds dial of the normal timepiece at 9 o’clock.

The watch is equipped with Breguet’s own Cal. 583Q / 1 self-winding movement.

   The watch is designed with a transparent bottom, and the precise movement of the watch’s internal movement is clearly visible. Built inside is Breguet’s self-made Cal. 583Q / 1 self-winding movement, which has 311 precision parts and an 18K rose gold oscillating weight design. The watch is full of chains to provide a 48-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Breguet Marine Marine series is a memory of that precious history and also meets the needs of today’s customers. They have a sturdy and dynamic appearance, which is the crystallization of modern design, while retaining Breguet’s characteristic style. (Picture / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)