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Baselworldbasel 2013-hermès Dressage Chronograph

Since 2012, all Dressage models are equipped with Hermès ‘self-developed movements, demonstrating the enthusiasm of the brand for the development of high-end watch technology, and reflecting Hermès’ adherence to the pursuit of perfection since its establishment in 1837, and more than 100 brands Over the years, we continue to strive for excellence and persist in technological innovation.
The new Dressage chronograph is elegant, with two models: a silver-white dial with a matte cigar alligator strap and a black dial with a matte black alligator strap. The simple dial design actually hides subtle details: the central part is decorated with straight lines, and the three-dimensional hour markers reflect the glorious glory, and the inner bezel design makes the dial more layered.

These two new works are equipped with their own H1925 movement in honor of the brand’s first chronograph launched in 1925. Like other Hermes-made movements, H1925’s modification process is very delicate. The pearl pattern and spiral pattern of the splint are polished by hand, and the rotor is decorated with the brand’s ‘H’ pattern.
The barrel-shaped case has simple and neat lines, but there are no shortage of features. The lugs are subtly integrated into the curvature of the case. The space between the lugs and the case is shaped like a stable, inspired by Hermes’ equestrian world.
The strap is made by Hermes Watch & Leather Workshop located in Biel, Switzerland. It is carefully selected from the finest leathers. With enthusiasm, it is sewn with the Hermes saddle stitch method, inheriting the essence of the brand’s craftsmanship.
Vaucher H1925 automatic movement, Swiss
Diameter 26 mm (11 1⁄2 ‘Fine)
Thickness 3.7 mm
Dubois-Dépraz timing module
45 hours power reserve
Gems 28 + 18 rubies
Swing frequency 28,800 times per hour / 4Hz
Polished base with pearl and spiral patterns
 Oscillating satin finish
 Carved Hermes exclusive H logo
Function Small seconds at 3 o’clock
 Date Centered Chronograph Seconds
 12 o’clock at 6 o’clock
 9 o’clock for 30 minutes timer
Shape / size Cask shape (40.5 x 38.4 mm)
Material Stainless steel
Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and case back
Water resistant to 50 meters
Dial silver, black
21 mm pitch
Buckle 17mm stainless steel safety folding buckle
Strap Silver Dial Matte cigar alligator leather strap
 Black Dial Matte Black Alligator Leather Strap

Classic Luxury Tasting Piaget Altiplano Series Slim Chronograph Watch

Piaget PIAGET, a manufacturer of high-end watches and jewellery originated in Switzerland in 1847, passed the noble and authentic essence of clocks and jewellery with superb craftsmanship to create more high-end watches. Piaget has been adhering to the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’ for more than a century, presenting a masterpiece of legendary watches and jewelry. Today, the Watch House brings you a Piaget watch with a classic shape and a luxurious chronograph watch, the official model: G0A40030.

   This watch has excellent functions, with a chronograph function on the dial and a second time zone function. Functional arrangement is reasonable.

Piaget G0A40030

   This watch is a chronograph equipped with this slim mechanical movement. The round case is 41 mm in diameter and 8.24 mm thick. It is made of elegant and noble rose gold with a dark brown alligator strap . The watch has a classic and elegant shape, precise timing and excellent functions.


   A round crown is mounted on the side of the dial. The side of the crown is decorated with tooth patterns for easy grasping. The top is engraved with the Piaget letter ‘P’; there are two square timing buttons on the upper and lower sides of the crown, which can time the watch. To regulate.


   The strap is linked to a dark brown alligator leather strap with reasonable cutting and fine workmanship. The edges of the strap are stitched with brown stitching, and the fine stitches are very beautiful; the soft and tough strap is comfortable to wear, safe and secure.


   The round case is carefully polished, the surface of the case is smooth, exudes charming red and gold luster; the bezel design is more three-dimensional, making the watch more mature.


   The white dial is clean and simple, using slim and concise hands and hour markers, a chronograph minute dial at 3 o’clock, a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, and a second time zone indicator dial at 9 o’clock, which is simple and clear when reading; Arranged in a classic shape on the dial, elegant and beautiful.


   The elegant and elegant round watch case uses exquisite and small upright lugs. The lugs and case are cast in one piece, short and angular, very cute.


   A finely crafted pin buckle is mounted on the strap. The buckle is finely polished and has a smooth surface with the brand name engraved on it. The pin buckle is simple to open and close, easy to wear, and can be adjusted in length according to needs. And make the watch fall off.

Table bottom

   The bottom of the watch is transparent, the outer edge of the case is a ring made of rose gold, and the middle part is a transparent sapphire mirror. The bottom of the watch is fixed to the case with screws, which is engraved with the brand and the watch. Information; the movement inside the case can be seen through the bottom of the case. This movement is a Piaget-made 883P ultra-thin (only 4.65 mm thick) manual winding movement.

Summary: This watch is a very beautiful men’s chronograph watch. The internal movement was the thinnest movement at the time when the watch was released, and Piaget has always been the representative of the thin movement. The movement produced is accurate in movement and stable in performance. This watch has a classic shape, elegant and mature temperament, which is very suitable for mature and stable men.

Exquisite And Elegant Real Shot Omega Flying Feather Classic Women’s Steel Watch

For hundreds of years, Omega has been committed to creating exquisite and elegant timepieces for women, and has achieved outstanding achievements in the field of women’s watches. Each of the ladies’ watches in the brand is impressive with its unique timepiece aesthetics and superb precision performance, making it a masterpiece for women watch lovers. In 2018, Omega once again injected fresh blood into the famous Disci Classics series, and stunningly launched the new Disci Classics ladies watches. Its exquisite and elegant design will definitely become the finishing touch of the young generation’s fashionable style. Take the steel model as an example, let’s preview it together:

   The new disco-famous classic ladies’ watches incorporate many modern and fashionable aesthetic elements in the classic design, such as a slender chic diamond case, a red liquid ceramic flower pattern crown, elegant, generous colors, and bright The lacquered dial is printed with classic Roman hour markers and so on, all of which add elegance and elegance to this timepiece.

   The flower pattern on the crown is composed of 5 Omega brand logos overlapping, made of red liquid ceramic, and the flower core is set with a bright diamond, exquisite and unique.

   The sparkling diamonds extend all the way to the lugs. The charming curves blend with the soft radians, which is very beautiful.

   The watch’s mirror case is decorated with ‘Her Time’ floral pattern, which can be described as originality. The Omega 4061 movement provides precise timekeeping for the watch.

   The blue fabric strap expresses the classic style.

   This series of watches draws creative inspiration from previous models, advocating avant-garde concepts in design, allowing the wearer to exude confidence and style.

   In addition, the brand’s new women’s watch has a total of 9 different styles to choose from. The watch case is made of stainless steel or Sedna® 18K gold with a fabric or leather strap. Dials come in a variety of styles, including black, taupe, white, blue, light silver dials, and mother-of-pearl dials. Like cousin, may wish to pay more attention.

    For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

The Volcano Bursts, The Magma Shines, The Carbon Fiber Skeleton Watch Makes Its Debut

Lerocco, May 27, 2019-Burst on the wrist. In 2019, Ulysse Nardin chose to launch a new masterpiece made of breakthrough carbon fiber material in spring 2019-Hollow X Magma Watch. In the late spring and early summer, the waves are burning, this timepiece is another vivid interpretation of the brand’s superb skills.

Witness the bursting out of the Hollow X Magma Watch. The 43mm diameter is an amazing piece for warriors who dare to dominate the fate.

   Born out of the violent collision of ultra-light carbon fiber and red marbled epoxy resin, the ghostly texture makes each hollow X magma watch unique. With a streamlined appearance and ultra-lightweight features, the watch is streamlined to just the core components of high-end racing cars. Exquisite technical details are displayed in front of you, without imagination, what you see is what you get.

   After a year of busy investment, hard work, and day and night trips, you will be greeted by a long and warm summer time. Wear a hollow X magma watch on your wrist and park your boat there. Waiting for your arrival. The horizon is soaked with golden halo, taking off your shoes, burying your tired feet in the warm fine sand, holding up a glass of fine wine, and enjoying the moment of achievement. This dynamic watch is your business card. The Roman numerals are fixed at the two ends of the frame, and the four-angled time scales extend inward. The X shape is located in a rectangular frame. Red and black are intertwined with enthusiasm, and the black leather strap and the same color stitching add vitality.

   The skeleton X magma watch has a diameter of 43mm. The irregular red magma pattern highlights the masculine atmosphere. The manual-winding movement is equipped with a 4-day power reserve to protect your wanton adventure.

   The price of the watch is very competitive, equipped with the brand’s own UN-371 movement, a 3 Hz silicon balance and a silicon anchor escapement. The red Roman numerals mark the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions, and the hands are specially coated with gray Superluminova, which ensures the readability of the dial at night.

   The Athens Skeleton X Magma watch is very stylish, with elegance and vitality going forward. Volcanic magma shows the power of nature.

Model 3713-260 / MAGMA
Movement UN-371
Function brand homemade skeleton movement
   3 Hz silicon ultra-wide balance with nickel balance
Power reserve 96 hours
Manual winding mechanism
Case? Magma Carbon Fiber
43 mm diameter
Water resistant to 50 meters
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Strap black leather strap with black stitching

Classic Pocket Watch Charm Reproduction

We’ve all heard of ‘wearable technology’ and might think it’s a modern invention. In fact, this idea goes back hundreds of years.

   In the 19th century, the watchmaking industry was in the ascendant, and pocket watches became a daily timekeeping tool and a must-have for fashion and taste. With a pocket watch, the train captain can run the train on time, and scientists and astronomers can make the experimental results more accurate. Of course, the gentle gentleman can also show punctuality and fashion style.

Double-ended Albert bracelet

   By 1894, high-quality pocket watches were admired by tasters. It is at this stage that OMEGA has begun the prosperity of the brand!

   As shown by Eddie Redmeny’s 19-order ‘Omega’ calibre produced in 1894, it is a landmark in the watchmaking industry in the design and production process of the movement. ⁠. This year, this famous pocket watch movement celebrates its 125th anniversary. Eddie tells us the historical story of the brand and recalls the glorious legends of the past. Omega will re-print 19 classic 19-ring ‘OMEGA’ movements, using the combination of original movement parts and modern parts. It’s quite exciting!