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Bryce’s New R.S.18 Chronograph Helps 2018 Formula One Heineken China Grand Prix

April 18, 2018, Shanghai, China-To celebrate the 2018 Formula One Heineken China Grand Prix, RenaultSportFormulaOneTeam ™ was raced on April 12, 2018 at Shanghai International Motorsport Host VIP events.

From left to right: Carlos Sainz of Renault; Yawen Wu, Marketing Communications Manager of Bell & Ross; Nico Hülkenberg of Renault

   Bell & Ross, Renault’s official timing partner, unveiled its 2018 new timepiece R.S.18 chronograph. Ms. Wu Yawen, Belles Marketing Communications Manager specially attended the event and presented it to Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz as the exclusive BR-X1R.S.18 chronograph watch with the name and serial number. The team achieved good results in subsequent races. Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of Bell & Ross North Asia also sent her blessing: ‘Bell & Ross has always been committed to creating the highest quality timepieces for professionals, and continues to challenge itself with the highest enthusiasm, bringing you an extraordinary watch wearing experience .I believe that the new RS18 series of high-performance chronographs will fully support two outstanding drivers to win an outstanding record for the team in the race! ‘

   There is no doubt that the F1 China Grand Prix is ​​one of the most influential events in the Asian racing world. It is the 14th year since the first F1 race was successfully held at the Shanghai International Circuit in 2004. As the competition’s reputation and influence continue to expand, the business cooperation and development it brings gradually begins to penetrate into various international brands.

   The world-renowned luxury watch brand Bell & Ross has been committed to manufacturing professional flying timepieces since its establishment, and it has never broken the limit. At the same time, Bell & Ross is relentlessly exploring other professional fields and seeking highly challenging strategic brand cooperation. In 2016, Bell & Ross entered the cutting-edge Formula 1 field for the first time and became the official watch partner of the Renault Formula One team. In 2018, Bell & Ross joined hands with Renault again. This is the third consecutive year of Bell & Ross and Renault. Bell & Ross will show the partnership with both parties based on the same passion for mechanical engineering, speed, performance and motion design. The connection between Formula One cars.

   Mr. Carlos-A.Rosillo, CEO of Bell & Ross, said that the cooperation with Renault Formula 1 team has been a constant source of inspiration for the development and design of Bell & Ross’watch products:’ This limited series of watches showcases the team and Bell & Ross. The same philosophy as the pursuit of mechanical engineering, precision performance and extreme speed. The long-term cooperation with Renault team is also the inspiration for Bell & Ross watch design. We integrate the best elements in motorsport and strive for excellence for the team. Provide strong timing support. ‘

   Because of this, on the occasion of the third intimate cooperation between the two parties, Bell & Ross carefully designed and grandly launched the new R.S.18 series to pay tribute to Renault’s racing spirit that challenges the speed limit.

King of menus in the racing world

   The new R.S.18 series includes three high-tech chronographs: BR03-94R.S.18; BR-X1 chronograph R.S.18 and BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph R.S.18. The watch is avant-garde in style, with a sporty temperament and exquisite design, which fully showcases mechanical engineering, craftsmanship and innovative watchmaking technology. The three R.S.18 chronographs are inspired by the racing chassis, with a design focus on proven materials to ensure high levels of performance. The case is made of porous micro-sprayed titanium, giving the watch a low-key and decisive modern matte look. Micro-sprayed titanium is known for its lightness and sturdiness. The timing function is activated by a joystick button, which is very similar to the shift paddles on the Formula1® steering wheel. The anti-glare crystal glass is extremely abrasion-resistant and ensures optimum legibility in all situations, such as racing or daily driving. At the same time, the newly developed strap is made of black perforated rubber, with unique ergonomic design and high level of breathability, achieving unparalleled wearing comfort.

Technical Information

BR03-94R.S.18 limited edition of 999 pieces, RMB49,900
   The BR03-94R.S.18 chronograph with a porous micro-sprayed titanium case matches all the features of a sports watch, including a carbon fiber dial. Carbon fiber materials have also attracted much attention in the high-end racing world. The titanium-carbon combination design ensures that the parts are lightweight, sturdy, abrasion-resistant, and performant. Through the auxiliary chronograph dial of the timing function, you can see the transmission gear train of the movement. In addition, BR03-94R.S.18 is equipped with a self-winding Swiss mechanical movement, and the flange is equipped with a speedometer scale, which can immediately calculate the speed of the vehicle within a given distance. The chronograph function button of the BR03 watch is inspired by the shift paddles of the Formula 1® racing car and features a joystick design for the first time. Bell & Ross BR03-94R.S.18 watch is made of red anodized aluminum, once again cleverly pays tribute to the iconic color of the racing field.

BR-X1TOURBILLONR.S.18 limited edition of 20 pieces, RMB1,490,000
   BR-X1R.S.18 draws on the essence of the racer’s watch and highlights the style of top-level high-tech hollow watches, which can be called an indispensable instrument for measuring short-term events. The self-winding Swiss mechanical movement is hollowed out, giving the watch a unique and absolutely high-tech style, while also possessing truly advanced complications. Its joystick button with yellow rubber insert further emphasizes this feature. In addition, its 30-minute counter is also eye-catching red design-the iconic color of the racing world. The racing style numbers and the flanged yellow speedometer scale (calculating the speed of the vehicle at a given distance) are also integrated into the racing concept. The special font design allows us to immediately immerse ourselves in the track world. At 9 o’clock, the case is embedded with a yellow rubber thumb grip to ensure the best ergonomic results when using the precision astronomical watch function. Finally, the slender hands and applique hour markers are coated with luminous material to ensure the best legibility.

BR-X1TOURBILLONR.S.18 limited edition of 20 pieces, RMB1,490,000
   The BR-X1 Tourbillon Chronograph R.S.18 is equipped with a highly complex movement, which combines the flying tourbillon watchmaking technology with the one-button chronograph movement design. It is a masterpiece of the watch series. The tourbillon reduces the impact of the earth’s gravity on the mechanical movement, ensuring extremely high speed accuracy. The BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph is equipped with a ‘flying’ tourbillon, which means that the outer frame is fixed on the shaft, giving a sense of suspension. This flying tourbillon complication watch combines superb craftsmanship with an aesthetically pleasing design, which is a hallmark of high performance. The timing ribbon is designed in yellow and red to ensure rapid time recognition. The hands and hour markers are coated with luminous material to ensure that time can be read at night, improving readability. The BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph R.S.18 is equipped with a skeleton dial, showing the future-oriented drive train of a high-tech movement. The case is fitted with a yellow rubber thumb grip at the position corresponding to 9 o’clock, ensuring the best ergonomic effect when using the function.

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Baselworld 2013-tissot Celebrates The 160th Anniversary Of The Brand With New Products

Adhering to the brand concept of ‘Innovation, Originating from Tradition’, Tissot has been a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology since its establishment in 1853.

   In 2013, at the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, what kind of timepieces will Tissot continue to write the legendary time history and appeared at the Baselworld 2013, three timepieces that pay tribute to traditional classics and modern technology will be announced in advance. .

A tribute to the long tradition of watchmaking-160th Anniversary of the Voyager Collection

   To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand’s birth, Tissot reinvented the classic timepieces, and presented a commemorative version of the Voyager Watch from the century of birth in 1953. This watch has an official Swiss Observatory-certified movement; with its time zone feature, you can accurately control the time no matter where you are in the world, and you can plan important global conference calls Taking into account the time difference. Once the watch is set in the corresponding country, the time zone function will be displayed by the number on the bezel. To query the time in any other 23 countries, just check the time indicated by the minute scale on the dial in front of the country’s capital; this This watch is the perfect interpretation of the traditional essence and innovative spirit of Tissot brand, which pays tribute to the long tradition of watchmaking.

Tissot Voyager Series 160th Anniversary

A tribute to breakthrough watchmaking technology – Tissot Automatic

   Tissot has gradually evolved watchmaking technology into a science, requiring extreme precision in every watch. The real beauty of the Tissot Haoji automatic watch is its movement. It uses Tissot’s revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement (POWERMATIC 80) with superb craftsmanship. This movement improves the traditional clockwork structure, thereby increasing the energy reserve of the movement to an amazing 80. Hour power reserve; this movement allows you to temporarily forget the constraints of time. After enjoying more than three days of vacation, the watch still beats your life with the powerful movement. It is worth mentioning that for the first time, this watch uses a divergent water ripple decoration on the automatic hammer of the movement, which has a unique and exquisite grain pattern and unique design sense. What matches the precision and high-performance movement is the watch’s extraordinary and classic The appearance is irresistible. However, trying to refuse is pointless. You already know that you deserve it, and you are willing to fall into this luxurious temptation.

Tissot Haoji automatic mechanical watch

Tribute to smart watchmaking technology-Tissot racing touchscreen series

   In 1999, the birth of the Tissot Tengzhi series, hailed as the smartest Swiss watch, opened a whole new chapter in the history of watchmaking in the world. While meeting the wearer’s precise timing needs, the unique high-tech touch screen technology gives the watch more functions and experience. Today, the watchmakers of Tissot have once again combined the crystallization of wisdom with passionate movement to create this stunning watch-Tissot Racing series high-tech touchscreen watch. This series of watches continues the stylish and sporty look of the Tissot Racing series. The passion of motorsports gives this watch a passion and makes the timepiece more dynamic. The use of high-tech touch-screen technology allows the wearer to easily experience 11 outstanding functions with a swipe of his fingertips, including the countdown timer (segmented cumulative time / simultaneous split time) of the watch ), Logging, dual time zone display, and more. The smart watchmaking technology is accompanied by the wearer’s control of time at any time, but also given youthful vigor and passion.

Tissot Racing Touchscreen Series

Tissot – ‘Time, You Control’

   For Tissot, “time, you control” is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the world’s number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand. Over the past 159 years, Tissot has grown from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled ability to innovate. It spares no effort in the pursuit of the use of special materials, the development of advanced functions and the design of details. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price-performance ratio is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to “entry luxury”. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It also serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, Superbike, FIBA, Australian Football League AFL, and World Bicycle, Fencing and Hockey Officially designated timing for tournaments. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’.

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The Top 500 Asian Brands Announced, Rossini Listed For Eight Consecutive Years

On September 21, 2015, the 2015 ‘Asian Top 500 Brands’ list compiled and published by the World Brand Lab and the World Managers Group was announced in Hong Kong, and Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Limited The company was once again on the list. This is the eighth consecutive year that Rossini has been ranked among the top 500 Asian brands.

    Since being included in the list for the first time in 2008, Rossini has continuously refreshed the rankings, jumping from the initial 488th to the present 396th. Behind the list is Rossini’s continuous implementation of innovative brand building models, achieving rapid growth in corporate size and brand. With the increasing influence of Rossini brand, the business is also expanding rapidly. In August this year, Rossini’s second-stage plant reconstruction project started. It will plan to build a national-level enterprise technology center, smart watch research and development center and production base, and e-commerce center to further enhance Rossini’s international competitiveness and innovative research and development capabilities.
It is understood that relying on the advantages of the Group’s watch industry cluster, Rossini has carried out all-round exchanges and cooperation with international brands in product design, movement manufacturing, technology and other aspects, and gradually established an internationalized R & D, sales and after-sales service system. On August 31 this year, Rossini officially opened an office in Mumbai, India, to strengthen the brand’s influence in the Indian market. Rossini has been committed to the development of international markets, and has now opened sales outlets in Italy, Australia, Iran, etc., paving the way for enterprises to further expand their overseas markets. Rossini also actively appeared at the Hong Kong International Watch & Clock Fair, researching and developing overseas markets, expanding international business, and casting international brands in all aspects.