The Lange Saxony Platinum Chronograph Is On Sale Now More Surprises Are Waiting For You At The Skp Lange Store In Beijing

Recently, the author visited a Lange store in Beijing’s SKP. After admiring the new Lange Richard Lange 180.032 complex watch delivered to the store, the fun and interesting ‘owl’ self-sounding watch. I also found an outstanding design, that is, the Lange Saxony platinum chronograph that will be introduced to everyone. Pt950 platinum material also shows the delicate and high-cool charm after careful treatment by the brand. Against the backdrop of a black dial, this watch presents excellent watch-viewing characteristics, which is mutually contrasting with platinum. Let’s take a look together:

Watch front display

   The most famous and magnificent bridge in Saxony, Germany is named ‘Blue Wonder’ and is known for its sophisticated aesthetic design and perfect light blue hue. The launch of this watch is also a tribute to the ‘Blue Miracle’ bridge and designers. The outstanding technical innovation, the well-balanced dial design and the traditional tone of Saxony combine to show the exclusive beauty of this timepiece.

   Excellent detail polishing makes the Pt950 platinum present a good sensory enjoyment. The middle of the case is brushed and polished, and the upper and lower sides are polished, showing the two textures of precious metal platinum, which are very beautiful. The watch inherits the dial design of the classic model of the brand. The chronograph minute dial at the 4 o’clock position, the small seconds dial at the 8 o’clock position and the large calendar window at the 12 o’clock position reflect each other, showing the geometric beauty of an equilateral triangle. The full black dial forms a sharp contrast, making the entire watch layout beautiful and clear, easy to read.

   For many years DATOGRAPH has been regarded as a model for Lange chronographs. Just like this watch, it is equipped with a large calendar display, a high-speed flyback switching timing device, and a patented precision jumping minute dial. The 6-hour position is DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN to show the power reserve of the mainspring. Every outstanding feature contains the brand’s ingenious watchmaking ideas.

Black alligator strap

L951.6 self-produced movement

   Equipped with L951.6 Lange’s self-produced movement, it supports practical functions such as hour and minute display, small seconds dial, precision jumping minute dial and flyback timing, large calendar display, UP / DOWN power reserve indicator, stop-second device and so on. Has 60 display power reserve. In contrast, the design of the back cover is also more beautiful. The attractive gold sleeve and the Glashütte diamond pattern on the splint show the exclusive style of the German watch movement.

Summary: The trip to Beijing’s SKP Lange store has been very fruitful. It has both the Lange Richard’s large and complex watch that showcases the brand’s peak watchmaking style, as well as the interesting and unique ‘owl’ self-singing watch. There is this full-length Saxony platinum chronograph. In addition, there are many Lange watches in the store worthy of fun and appreciation. My cousin, come to the store to make an appointment!
More details:
   This quotation was collected on June 29, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.

[Dealer Name]: Lange Store (Beijing SKP)
[Dealer Address]: No. 87, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Shop D1002, Level 1, Beijing SKP
[Contact]: 010-85888968

Wonderful Advanced Crafts How To Appreciate The ‘palm Tree’ Of Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden Series

The Piaget Mediterranean Garden series draws inspiration from the rich history of the brand, and connects the charming and elegant Riviera-like charming life and fashion with a modern way. Come together. This collection of Mediterranean Garden high jewelry is an extraordinary piece suitable for contemporary mature women, showing the distinctive elegance of the Mediterranean in the 1960s.

   However, linking the fascinating life and trendy style of the Riviera with the Piaget high jewelry style, the official Piaget Piaget will combine excellent gem setting skills with exquisite gold forging skills.
   Let’s take a closer look at how this palm tree-shaped Mediterranean Garden high-end jewelry necklace was made by a master craftsman.

   First of all, jewelry design will first draw the design draft of high-level jewelry, and then the master craftsman selects the appropriate gem and gold long chain to compare with the gouache originals, and measures the size and color.

   Also compare and confirm the gems and parts of the other parts of the jewelry with the original gouache.

   In this step, the jewelry craftsman assembles the metal parts of the jewelry one by one.

   Place a gem setting on a palm-shaped metal frame.

   Then set the palm tree frame with diamonds and gems.

   The master craftsman put the emerald main stones of the jewelry into the corresponding gem setting and fixed them.

   18K white gold necklace set with 224 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 44.82 carats), 45 horse-eye cut diamonds (approximately 14.78 carats), 3 pillow-cut emeralds (approximately 7.66 carats), 3 pillow-cut green tourmalines (Approximately 6.85 carats) and 2 horse-eye cut emeralds (approximately 1.86 carats). Product number G37M3100.
   In this way, a piece of high-end jewelry that combines rich creativity and beauty has been transformed from a watercolor draft into a wonderful work. Of course, each step in this is the result of years of honing by a jewelry craftsman. The premise of the beauty of the details of the work. This experience can only be experienced by the lucky ones who own fine jewelry.

   18K white gold earrings set with 84 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 8.20 carats), 26 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 5.55 carats), 2 marquise-cut emeralds (approximately 1.45 carats), 2 cushion-cut green Tourmaline (approximately 2.83 carats), 2 cushion-cut emeralds (approximately 2.62 carats), 1 circular green tourmaline (approximately 0.26 carats) and 1 circular emerald (approximately 0.22 carats). No. G38M1600.
   This pair of chic earrings is also the image of a palm tree, which is the same work of this high jewelry necklace. Do you think beauty is beautiful?

Swiss Chronoswiss Sirius Standard Pointer Rises And Jumps New Style

In 2016, Chronoswiss released a new Sirius standard hand ascending and jumping watch, bringing new surprises to the bezel. The Ascension model can be said to be a wonderful transformation. With the release of the three-pin and first-line of the Ruibao watch, the assortment model is also innovative. The dial design is bold and innovative. The various carved patterns add a three-dimensional effect to the dial. The dial scale ring leaps from the chassis with the beam frame, and the flying Pavilion Liu Dan is amazing. Let this three-pin jumper watch enter a new era.

In 2017, Ruibao presented another new color series of Ruibao Ascension and Jumping Watches-electroplated gray. Gray has a soft, elegant image, and neutral colors make it suitable for both men and women. Gray is also a timeless classic color. Coupled with engraved plaid pattern to highlight the level of beauty. The unique engraved flower pattern developed by the Chronograph Time Gallery. As a result, the dial of each watch is engraved with the words ‘Atelier Lucerne’.
The difference between the three-pin and one-line jumper is that it replaces the traditional three-pin jumper. The hour display of the hour jumper is displayed through a small window, which at first glance is often misread as a calendar. This ingenious design is derived from the patented Delphi watch with a famous reputation.
In 2013, to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, Ruibao launched the time-jumping model again. Since then, this watch has always played a pivotal role in Ruibao’s formal watches. In 2016, the three-needle and one-line jumper watch of Ruibao also jumped up, helping Ruibao to complete a historic ascension.

Technical Parameters
Style: Sirius Flying Regulator Jumping Hour
Serial number: CH-8323-GRGR stainless steel, gray plated dial
Hands: Digital time jump window at 12 o’clock, offset minute hand circle, 60 seconds totalizer at 6 o’clock.
Case: The case of 28 components is made of solid 18-karat rose gold or stainless steel, and is finely polished and polished. The bezel on the sides is finely polished with anti-glare sapphire convex lenses. Screw-in case with bottom-through treatment, also with sapphire lens, onion crown, water-resistant to 3 bar. The strap and lugs are connected by a patented anti-spin lock.
Dimensions: Dial diameter 40 mm, thickness 12 mm
Movement: Ruibao movement C.283, fully automatic
Diameter: 30 mm / 29.4 mm (13 ´´´)
Thickness: 5.35 mm
Function drill: 27
Balance: Glucydur three-arm balance
Gossamer: Nivarox I
Fine-tuning: Fine-tuning via external cam
Shockproof: Incabloc shockproof protection
Swing frequency: 4 Hz, which means 28.800 vibrations per hour
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Decoration: balance wheel hollow processing and engraving Geneva pattern, rhodium-plated, ball bearing; plate bridge, groove polished mica pattern; splint embellished mica pattern; polished escapement fork, escape wheel and screw
Dial: The dial is decorated with the engraved pattern exclusively designed by Ruibao, the suspension suspension time scale circle, the hour window frame, and the label are made of Seiko mosaic technology. The dial is gray matte plating