Month: December 2019

Seiko’s New Brightz Listed Ultra Anti-glare Coating

The SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch specially designed for business people of Universe announced today (6/16) a new model in 2011, and also announced a new generation of ‘Super Clear Coating’ technology. ‘Super Clear Coating’ technology is a non-reflective transparent coating on the inside and outside of the sapphire crystal, which can suppress up to 99% of the light reflection. There is no glare phenomenon, and it provides natural and clear visual effects in a near-glass-free state, achieving excellent recognition, more convenient for reading, and refreshing feelings for gamers. The newly-launched SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch dial features a dark black background with generous gingham patterns, showing a mature gentlemanly charm and elegant elegance, taking into account the extraordinary style of business and fashion. In addition, the SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch is equipped with ‘Japan, US, and Central China’s four stations radio timekeeping’ and ‘automatic hand position correction’ functions, allowing business people to accurately grasp the time pulse; smart solar movement and power saving functions, Achieve the green environmental protection task that the earth people should do. In addition to the 24 important cities around the world printed on the bezel, the dial is also equipped with a 24-hour indicator and a time face of the two places, clearly showing the world time and the time of the two places SEIKO BRIGHTZ has become the best partner for business elites to show their sense of technology and fashion.
Product model: SAGA089J
Super Clear Coating
     The new SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch adopts the advanced ‘Super Clear Coating’ technology, which is added to the inside and outside of the sapphire crystal mirror. There will be annoying glare, allowing the wearer to read the time more clearly. If there are no sapphire crystals on both sides, multiple hard coatings and anti-fouling water-repellent film treatments are added to make the watch less prone to wear and stain, and easier to maintain and store. The dark black background of the dial with the diamond design makes the appearance of the wash chain elegant and classic. It also highlights the elegant and elegant taste. It can be worn in the workplace or in private. Professional and fashion style.
  Green energy movement is intelligent and precise
     The new SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch is equipped with an 8B54 environmentally-friendly solar radio wave movement, which can receive radio waves from Japan, the United States, and China. It can automatically perform three time corrections every day at 2 am, 3 am, and 4 o’clock. Provider Lujing British people have a precise radio time error of only one second every 100,000 years. SEIKO’s unique ‘Automatic Hand Position Correction’ function can prevent the time indication error caused by magnetic interference or impact on the watch. Green energy environmentally-friendly solar movement can convert light sources such as sunlight or fluorescent lights into kinetic energy for up to 9 months. Unique power-saving features can also automatically convert to power-saving mode when the light source is unacceptable for a long time. Avoid unnecessary power consumption, meet the wearer’s need for precise time, and at the same time make a contribution to caring for the earth, showing SEIKO’s brand spirit of attaching importance to corporate social responsibility and caring for the earth.
Time-lapse business travel with time companions across the world
    The SEIKO BRIGHTZ watch with both external and practical functions. The dial is equipped with a retrograde week display, 24-hour indication and two time hands. The latter allows business travellers to accurately grasp the time across the two places; bezel The moments on the map are marked with 24 important cities in the world including three districts and four bureaus of radio wave transmission, allowing wearers to easily divide time zones and accurately calculate the world time. For business travel elites who often travel to and from around the world, It is an indispensable best companion. The lockable faucet and screw-in back cover enhance the waterproof performance of the watch itself; the waterproofing of 10 pressure in daily life makes the watch not only for work, but also more convenient to wear when traveling. The clean design and unique grinding method of the wheel show the perfect luster of stainless steel and a low-key humane atmosphere. The successful combination of appearance and function creates a new benchmark for top business watches.
Material Stainless steel case strap / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating)
Specifications 8B54 environmentally-friendly solar movement / Japan, the United States, Central China, the four stations radio correction function / automatic reception /
Forced reception / Display of reception results / Automatic correction of hand position / Lockable faucet /
Screw-in back cover / automatic calendar function / 24 city world time / two places time / week retrograde /
Daily waterproof 10 bar / magnetic resistance / prevention from overcharge / power saving function