Month: June 2019

A Tribute To The Chinese Aerospace Legend

At the Baselworld in 2018, the special edition of the Fiyta series “Xingyu strolling” watch attracted the attention of major media at home and abroad. The watch is conveying the brand’s professional watchmaking spirit. At the same time, it also highlights the theme elements of the performance of spaceflight, and the historical origins of Fiyta and China’s manned spaceflight are also mentioned again. Take a look.

   Under the masterful and skillful hands of the masterpiece of the Fiyta Art series ‘Xingyu Walk’, the chisels and miniature sculptors are polished with diamonds, and the points and lines are carved to create smooth and delicate lines. Bending, stretching, splicing, compounding, molding, and polishing on precious metals is an extremely complicated process, making the work overflow with soul. The scene of the astronaut leaving the cabin on the watch face is carved a little bit, beautiful and unique. The cabin has clear edges and corners, and a bright and dark contrast. The details are portrayed with inlay technology to highlight the exquisite texture. The astronauts waved their gestures in an exquisite manner. The safety tether on their body was connected to the mother cabin and stood up in the air. Its artistic expression is rare in the world.

Watch real shot effect

   The watch case is made of 18K rose gold, and the color is smooth. The surface of the watch is made of sandstone as the main color, showing the deep and unknown characteristics of space. Demonstrate the value of a distinguished art collection. Professional watchmaking technology is also reflected in other rich details: pumpkin-shaped crown set with natural sapphire, double-spherical single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass mirror, 18K rose gold sun buckle, etc., all highlight Fiyta’s details Persistent pursuit. The use of a blue goatskin strap not only provides the wearer with a comfortable experience, the texture is soft, but also integrates with the case, reflecting the theme of aerospace.

    The FIYTAY Collection watch “Starwalk” is equipped with a restructured Swiss automatic mechanical movement, with accurate travel time. In terms of time reading, the previous pointer design on the dial was cancelled. Instead, a scale track was set on the outer edge of the watch dial, and the ruby ​​turning on the track would roll like an hour hand to read the hour. The form is novel, and at the same time the theme concept of aerospace can be fully expressed on the disk.

Watch with blue sheep leather strap

 The bottom of the watch is transparent, equipped with a Swiss automatic mechanical movement, you can see the movement of the movement

   Summary: As a witness to the take-off of China’s space industry, Fiyta deeply respects the pioneering space spirit. ‘Xingyu Walk’ concretely shows the world the glorious moment when astronauts get out of the cabin. This seemingly simple action embodies the courage and wisdom of mankind to explore the unknown, which means that China’s space industry has entered a new historical stage. Fiyta relied on the traditional craftsmanship to create this timepiece and pay tribute to the human spaceflight spirit. This watch is limited to 10 pieces, each of which has a high commemorative and collection price.

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: