Month: May 2019

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Xxl Small Second Watch Introduction

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL small seconds watch perfectly combines the aesthetic value of classic timepieces with modern innovative watchmaking technology. The ‘XXL’ in the name of the watch highlights the oversized size of this watch, which has a case diameter of 49.2 mm. Available in 18K orange gold and extremely durable stainless steel. Both models have a striking teak grey dial, and the vertical texture on the dial is one of the reasons why Aqua Terra is so popular. The dials are sanded by sun rays.
的 Omega seahorse Aqua Terra XXL small seconds hand arched 18K gold hands frosted and polished. The hour, minute and 18K gold arched hour markers are coated with a white luminous coating, which allows the watch to clearly indicate the time in any light condition. Small seconds and small dial at 6 o’clock. Both models are equipped with a black alligator leather strap with a red thread inside the strap.

提供 Omega’s AquaTerra XXL small seconds watch is the omega 2211 movement, which is a movement certified by the official Swiss Observatory. Through the transparent screw-in sapphire case back, the delicate and perfect movement of this high-quality movement is clearly visible. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL small seconds watch is water-resistant to 150 meters.
Both models are carried in special gift boxes.

Lidewij Edelkoort, An Internationally Renowned Trend Predictor, Released A Trend Report.

Lidewij Edelkoort, a well-known international trend forecaster, chose Rado Plasma high-tech ceramics as an excellent example of modern alchemy and re-emerged earlier this year. This is highlighted in the trend report released by the pound.

 As a keen thinker, publisher, and trend predictor, Lindway Edcott is one of the most visionary and insightful observers in today’s changing world. She wrote in the chapter ‘Modern Alchemy-The Charm of Plasma Technology’ in the latest trend report: ‘Material transformation has undoubtedly become an important driving force for the modern creative industry. The global design industry is witnessing together a science, Chemistry, alchemy technology is a material revolution. ‘In the research process of this report, Linde Edkot noticed the Rado plasma radar high-tech ceramic watch, and soon will be plasma high-tech ceramics and its manufacturing process Selected as a great example of Modern Alchemy.

 In fact, through RADO’s persistent pursuit of material and design innovation, people can easily capture the imprint of its modern alchemy. Alchemy as an ancient way is leading the creative changes in different areas of the world today: interior designers continue to create synthetic materials; textile designers use different elements to layer and mix and present distinctive features; food designers create traditional foods with a new diet Experience. The award-winning RADO Rado, which has won many international design awards, starts with ceramics, a material that has been with humans for thousands of years. In the hands of Swiss watchmakers, we ‘witnessed the process of the transformation of high-tech ceramics into another unique and mysterious substance. It is eye-catching without glare, has no radiance and shines from the inside. New material never seen before, never seen before. ‘(Lindeway Edcott)
RADO plasma radar high-tech ceramics: unique, versatile and attractive
 The plasma high-tech ceramic used by RADO is a futuristic material. Under the high temperature of the plasma special furnace, the molecular structure of the white high-tech ceramic surface has changed, showing a unique warm gray metallic luster. The new material obtained looks like metal, but no metal is used. Watches made of plasma high-tech ceramics not only have a charming metallic appearance, but also retain all the advantages of high-tech ceramics.

 Lindway Edkot was deeply intoxicated by the modern alchemy of RADO and took a personal look at it. He photographed a set of the new HyperChrome series of plasma high-tech ceramic watches with a magical mood. picture of. Compared with metallic materials including stainless steel, plasma high-tech ceramics have a warmer luster and can be matched with any skin tone and clothing color. As this design trend expert puts it: ‘The color of the plasma high-tech ceramic material is between gray and taupe, as if walking in the day and night, easily driving any occasion. The unique warm gray metallic luster will lead you in time and space Free shuttle between Swiss and Chinese. ”Swiss Rado’s new HyperChrome diamond series automatic mechanical watch uses plasma high-tech ceramic material, which can be described as the“ small black dress ”in the watch, which meets various occasions and dresses, becoming the best accessory for contemporary women Choice.

About Lindway Edcott and Trend Union

 Lindway Edcott is one of the most famous trend predictors in the world. Her Paris-based company, the Trending Association, will write and publish a trending manual two years in advance or even earlier, as an important reference for international brand strategy decision makers and designers. The company currently has offices in New York and Tokyo. More than a decade ago, Time magazine ranked her as one of the 25 most influential fashion experts in the world. From 1999 to 2008, she served as chairman of the renowned Dutch Eindhoven School of Design. In 2012, he was awarded the most prestigious cultural award in the Netherlands-the Prins Bernhard Cultuurprijs. Lindway Edcott was recently named dean of the New School and New York School of Design and the Parsons Design Institute in Paris, and will take office in the fall of 2015.

Junghans Rong Han Baoxing Launched The 1972 Series Memorial Watch

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London enters the 100-day countdown, we bring you news about this Olympic commemorative watch series. The brand name of this series of watches may be slightly different from yours. Expected. German watch brand Junghans has become one of the official timepieces of the 30th Summer Olympic Games held in London again after World War II (the other is Longines).

The Junghans 1972 Chronoscope

At the 1972 Munich Olympics, Junghans was the official timer for 100 meters, archery, rowing and other events. The company introduced two timing innovations at the Olympic Games: Multicounter, which for the first time tracks all rowing boats in a race separately; the world’s first color photo proves its accuracy to the nearest hundredth of a second.

The Junghans 1972 Mega Solar

This year, in order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Junghans’s designation as the official chronograph of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, the brand specially launched the ‘1972’ series of watches, including 3 quartz chronographs and 3 solar quartz chronographs. All models in the collection have distinctive 1970s design features, a flatter case, unique edges, and the typical colors of blue, red and orange of that period.
To learn more about Rong Han Baoxing, please browse our article about Junghans Rong Han Baoxing’s 150th anniversary.

Citizen Super Sky Eagle Salutes The Winner

Life needs taste, nature needs taste, and the world needs taste … Everything has beauty and excitement because of taste. By the same token, watches also need taste. The Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0054-57A watch is tailor-made for high-end business people. It is elegant between square inches and pays tribute to the winners with precise time.

Citizen Super Sky Eagle BY0054-57A watch

From the annual business meeting in New York to the study tour in Europe, from the golf course of Mission Hills to the signing scene in Tokyo, the Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0054-57A watch can always cope with the time difference. It has the function of receiving global radio waves. As long as the time zone of the city is selected, the watch can automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proof the time and date. Technological innovation makes business travel more convenient, and the design injects soul into the Citizen BY0054-57A watch. The rose gold case and the white dial between titanium alloys reflect each other, representing your wisdom and elegance.
The rose gold three-eye design under the sapphire glass shows the beauty of balance just like you have full control of the overall situation; the titanium alloy strap treated with DURATECT technology can effectively prevent scratches and always keep it as clean as new, just like your original dream Sparkling in my heart.
When you write your life in the constant time and space shuttle, Citizen Super Sky Eagle series BY0054-57A watch also realizes its value on your wrist, and accompany you to the next success!

Citizen Eco-Drive Air Eagle Series BY0054-57A
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