Month: March 2019

Radar True Series Platinum Gold Matte Chronometer

Radar True Series Chronometers show extreme charm. The whole body is covered with high-tech ceramics, with a rounded shape and outstanding temperament. A masterpiece of art that perfectly combines minimalism with excellent performance, accurate timing, and affectionate feeling!

Radar True Platinum Matte Chronograph
The material scientist of the radar watch breakthroughly combines platinum material with high-tech ceramics, and the surface of the specially treated material blooms a unique matte effect. Innovative materials can absorb the surrounding light, highlighting the watch’s restrained character, creating a warm and gentle fresh temperament, showing the essence of design. Under the domed sapphire crystal, the dial with superb metal plating exudes pure tranquility. The carefully designed three timing rings and the date window at the four o’clock position are perfectly recognizable, clear and precise. The three chronograph rings are carefully carved, with beautiful proportions, which perfectly echo the round dial, creating an excellent sense of visual balance. Each chronograph ring is equipped with direct-drive hands, two of which are chronograph seconds and chronograph minutes. The round timing button reflects a unified design style. This chronograph is also available in polished versions.
Simple design, sensuality, extreme modernity.

Beauty Queen Naples Shell Embossed Female Watch

Admittedly, the term ‘born mechanical madness’ is just like born to men, so men love to be foolish. It is true that ordinary ladies do not have a natural excitement for those complicated machines, but mechanical watches must be men’s jewelry, men’s accessories, men’s toys? In fact, women also know how to appreciate the exquisiteness of the mechanical linkage of complex watches. Anyone who admires the ingenious production of mechanical design will admire it, but the ladies are more thinking about which dress should be matched with this watch? Those mechanical movements hidden under the splendid surface of women’s watches are huge heroes that make women both internal and external. And when you say good-looking women’s watches, you are also amazed in your heart, they are also mechanical watches! Movement: automatic winding movement 537/1
This world-renowned shell embossed dial is a true shell micro-carved artwork. The sculptor from Italy chose natural sea shells for Breguet. After being polished to remove the rough and hard surface, it was then cut according to design requirements to form Breguet’s unique shell pieces, which were then carved by hand by experienced sculptors , The process is quite complicated, once there is no chance of correction.