Month: February 2019

A Long History Tasting Breguet Marine Series 3700 World Time Watch

Breguet’s long history dates back to 1775 and has been the most important synonym for Swiss watches. Breguet hands (openwork eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ hands), Breguet digital scales, hand-engraved dials and concealed signatures are many classic and easy to identify. It always gives people a classic and gentleman’s feeling. Feeling and movement can’t be touched. In fact, Breguet also has sports watches. Today, the Watch House brings you a Breguet marine series watch, the official model: 3700BA / 12 / 9V6.

   Looking back at the history of Breguet’s clocks, it has also made nautical clocks in history. The French Navy relied on the outstanding performance of Breguet’s nautical clocks for a moment in the sea. And Breguet’s nautical series can be regarded as the only watch with sports color in the brand.

37.4 mm case

   This watch features a gold 37.4 mm case, a gold-plated dial that clearly shows the hours and minutes, and the GMT time zone world time display on the periphery. Equipped with Breguet Cal.563 self-winding movement, dense bottom design, sturdy and durable, while retaining Breguet’s characteristic style.

Large ring with crown engraved with brand name

   The large ring engraved with the brand name crown, and the spiral carved pattern on the top of the crown, shows a connection with navigation. The name of the ring-engraved brand is a hidden crown. This crown is used to adjust the time zone. Turn it up until the city is at 12 o’clock. At this time, the number directly above the 12 o’clock on the 24-hour bezel is the local time. If you travel to another location, first adjust the time according to the local time, and then continue the steps above to adjust the time zone.

Brown alligator strap

   This watch is equipped with a brown crocodile leather strap. The strap is made of fine leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to wear, fine pins and natural crocodile leather texture with a beautifully adjustable folding buckle, polished buckle Delicate, the buckle is engraved with the Breguet brand name ‘BREGUET’.

Coin pattern decoration

   The slender side of the case is decorated with Breguet’s consistent and classic coin pattern, which fully shows the brand’s style and grasp of watch details. The arc-shaped bezel is polished and polished, exuding a golden luster, noble and elegant.

Welded rounded lugs

   Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded lugs are small and exquisite, comfortable to wear, and the strap is fixed with screws, adding retro color.

GMT time zone display on dial outer ring

   The design of the silver-plated dial is relatively simple. The outer circle of the dial is displayed in the GMT time zone, the middle circle is a 24-hour display circle, and the innermost circle is a 12-hour display circle. The circle has a globe design.

Cal. 563 automatic movement

   The bottom cover is dense and durable. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 563 self-winding movement, rhodium-plated, with Geneva stripe polishing, 25 rubies, vertical lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, shock absorber, self-compensating horizontal spring, 21K gold Tuo, stop seconds device.

Summary: Breguet’s sailing series can be said to be a reminiscent of the precious history of the great sailing era, and its functional practicability also meets the needs of today’s watch users. The watch retains Breguet’s characteristic style and has practical functions, a combination of classic and modern. Due to its sports purpose, this watch is suitable for attending various occasions, daily life, work conferences and even sports and leisure. It can be said that it is an all-round watch suitable for ‘gold collar’.

2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Countdown Anniversary Celebration Held In Nanjing

Recently, the Omega Countdown Clock was grandly unveiled in Nanjing Xinjiekou Square, which indicates that there is still a full year before the opening of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. At 7:30 that night, the countdown celebration jointly organized by the Nanjing Youth Olympics Organizing Committee and Omega officially started. Okehua, President of Omega Global, member of the International Olympic Committee, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Marketing Department Gerhard Heiberg, Mayor of Nanjing, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Nanjing Youth Olympic Committee Ji Jianye and Executive Deputy Mayor Liu Yian, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee, attended the celebration.

Omega countdown clock unveiling ceremony
Although the President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, failed to attend the countdown celebration, he still recorded a video conveying his ardent expectations for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games: ‘After a full year, the world’s best young athletes will come Nanjing participated in the Second Summer Youth Olympic Games. The Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee has made great efforts for the successful hosting of the Youth Olympic Games. I believe that this Youth Olympic Games will be successfully held and leave us unforgettable memories. ‘
At the countdown celebration, the Nanjing Youth Olympics official mascot ‘Nanjing Lu’ appeared on the scene and was warmly welcomed. The young dancers from Nanjing held colorful luminous umbrellas and danced in the sound of drums, bringing a wonderful performance. The short video that followed showed the history of the Olympics and the customs of Nanjing. It also described the wonderful process of Omega’s long-time timing service for the Olympic Games. Finally, an exciting silk hanging show unveiled the countdown clock curtain in an ingenious way and pushed the celebration to a climax. Near 8 o’clock in the evening, the audience at the scene counted down in unison under the leadership of the host, and together they ushered in the 365 days of countdown to the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.
的 The official countdown clock located in Xinjiekou Square is 6 meters high. In addition, Omega also set up a 4-meter-high countdown clock in front of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee’s office, which beats every second with the passage of time, and welcomes the moment of the opening of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.
科 Omega Global President Okehua said that Omega is looking forward to providing timing services for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. ‘At the first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore, we were impressed by the outstanding performance of sports rookies.’ He said, ‘Some of these athletes went on to shine in the Olympics and won medals, which fully illustrates their Strength. At the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the audience will witness the bright prospects of international sports. ‘
期间 During the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Omega will provide professional timing services for 26 sports events in each stadium. Omega will use advanced timing equipment weighing approximately 80 tons at the Youth Olympic Games, including 115 public and competition-specific scoreboards, fiber optic cables with a total length of 100 kilometers (100 kilometers / 100,000 meters), and 25 TV video signal generator. At the first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore in 2010, Omega also provided timing and data processing services.