Month: November 2018

Man’s Feelings: Playing Is Hollow

The word ‘play’ seems to be separate, but in the authentic Beijing dialect, you need a standard Erhua. Coincidentally, hollowing out seems simple, it seems that as long as you pay for it, in fact it is like having a child’s voice, which has its own secret.
     The first is naturally the brand. Whether it is a pen or a watch, because it has already evolved into a luxury, the brand value has to be put first and taken into account first. In fact, this is also recognized by many players. In today’s mixed luxury market, an important added value brought by brands is to guarantee the quality of their products. Such as Vacheron Constantin’s Cal.1120 is a classic of hollowed-out movements, and the hollowed-out models with perpetual calendar components added to Cal.1120 are even more collectible. Vacheron Constantin is still launching new hollow-out watches. In addition, Cartier’s Santos 100 cutout series launched at this year’s SIHH exhibition is another example of cutout. Cartier evolved hollowing from a remodeled art to a design art. He redesigned the movement board circuit into 12 Roman characters as a time scale indicator on the dial. In this way, this Cal.9611 MC is more than just a skeletonized version of a traditionally modified version.
     The same is true for fountain pens. Many of Montblanc’s art patron series have a lot of hollow sculptures. If the ‘Queen Semela’ of 1996 is the representative of the art patron series of hollow sculptures, then 10 years later, this Bailangfeng diamond hollow pen introduced to celebrate the centennial ceremony can be described as a brilliant representative. The master craftsman inlaid 1277 white diamonds and 123 blue diamonds on the hollow pen barrel with exquisite skills, showing the shape of Bailang Peak, and the mountain peaks, white snow and blue glaciers. The blue transparent pen is just like the blue sky, highlighting the towering diamond snow mountain.
     Of course, the choice of brand is only the first step of the gameplay, and the advantage in quantity is really the essence of collection. The Cal.240 skeleton movement of Jun Fang Patek Philippe is no longer new because the masters have passed away. For this reason, rivers and lakes are really hard to find. As a result, the skeleton watch equipped with this movement has been auctioned for more than 300,000 US dollars in 2003. God knows what it would cost this year! The Cal.177 oval manual winding movement, which is also Patek Philippe, is also very expensive. The reason is simple. The hollowed out Cal.177, which has a larger carving area, is rarer in quantity than Cal.240.
     In addition, even though Montblanc’s art patron series is limited to 4810 pieces worldwide. But there are more rare pursuits-such as Pelikan’s Antonio series launched in 2002. It is not easy to get a limit for Pelikan, but if it does, it must be the best. This hollow carved pen, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, is hard to find even at auction. Another example is Caran d ‘Ache, a Swiss brand specially produced to commemorate the founding of Switzerland. The 1291 series is limited to 1291 pieces worldwide. It even carved the entire Swiss village on 925 silver and attached it to the pen. From the hut to the coniferous pines to the white snow, how can the word ‘beauty’ be so good?
     Hollowing allows a man to peek into bits and pieces that could not be seen, but properly retains the frame and blocks vision. Hollowing out makes men feel as if they are in front of them and seems to be at their fingertips, but this is not the case. Openwork-man-love. Play is hollow.