Month: May 2018

Girard-perregaux Presents New 2013 Only Watch Charity Watch

GP Girard Perregaux once again supported the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction created by the Monaco royal family in 2013, and donated a unique Chrono Hawk Only Watch; this Chrono Hawk chronograph The watch is from Girard-Perregaux’s new Hawk sports watch series, made of matte black ceramic and palladium metal, combining elegance and avant-garde.

 The biennial Only Watch charity auction has entered its fifth session. The charity donation this time will support research efforts against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and hope that more patients can benefit in the future.

 The Chrono Hawk Only Watch exudes dynamic, elegant and fashionable temperament. The sharply contoured case is equipped with a round bezel. The dial timing display is clear and easy to read, and the details are meticulous, which perfectly reflects the ancient watchmaking essence of Girard Perregaux. And the principle of striving for innovation.

 The Chrono Hawk chronograph has a distinctive and contemporary design. The black ceramic and palladium materials of the case are both unique and natural. They have both practical functions and architectural beauty. The dial layout is simple and clear: the red timers at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are perfectly symmetrical, and the 6 o’clock is the date display; the hand-inlaid hour markers and hands are treated with luminous, and the Girard Perregaux theme texture is modified to make the function The layout is balanced and clear; from the transparent case back, you can see the exquisite structure and workmanship of GP Girard-Perregaux GP03300 self-winding movement. The alligator strap with rubber lining and bold red stitching makes it even more unique!

 Girard Perregaux Chrono Hawk Only Watch chronograph technical information
 Made for the 2013 Only Watch Charity Auction, only one limited

Movement: GP03300 self-winding chronograph movement

Power reserve: 46 hours or more

Case: Ceramic case, palladium bezel, diameter 44 mm

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, date

Table mirror: anti-glare crystal glass with six screws

Water resistance: 100 meters

Strap: black alligator strap with rubber lining

Clasp: Ceramic with PVD titanium discount

Wu Qilong Airborne Xi’an To Create Trend For Tissot Watch Conference

Perak Tiger Wu Qilong appeared in a shopping mall in Xi’an on July 18 for the 160th Anniversary New Product Launch Conference of Tissot Watches. Although it is now over 40 years old, ‘Four Lords’ is constantly breaking through on the road of interpretation, so fans are not only enthusiastic about the enthusiasm of all people, but also blocked the mall.

 Despite a light rain in Xi’an, it was still slightly sultry. Wu Qilong appeared in a gentleman suit and was very upright. He raised his hands to show his elegant style, and his wise talk highlighted his life experience. He admits that he prefers comfortable dressing, for example, cotton and linen clothes are the best choice when not working. When asked about the most recent itinerary and plans, he said that he would still focus on his career at the moment, and would not be much different than before.

 In an interview with the media, Wu Qilong behaved very easy-going. He even introduced several brands to the brands he endorsed.

 The emergence of Wu Qilong pushed the whole event to a climax. He admits that Tissot is his favorite Swiss watch brand, and its constantly innovative brand spirit is also the most worthy learning spirit in my life. The Haozhi series of watches released this time is even more addictive.

 In the end, Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, presented Wu Qilong with a Chic Series watch on behalf of the Tissot brand. Days, we always need to readjust the date and time for the mechanical watch taken off on the weekend, and this luxury series of Tissot uses a breakthrough 80-hour power reserve. There is no need to adjust the time anymore, which reduces a lot of trivial matters. ‘

Rado Swiss Radar Le Enjoy Fashion

In the autumn and winter seasons, an exquisite RADO Swiss radar watch can still bring you a good mood. RADO is an important brand of the Swiss watch group. Since its birth in 1957, Swiss radar has been a global leader in watch design and innovative materials. Adhering to the spirit of ‘vision, innovation and iconic design’, Swiss radar The design of the company shows breakthroughs in materials and technology, creating pioneers in design and creating future history. If you want to show a distinctive style of fashion, here are a few watches to meet your needs: DiaMaster RHW1 limited edition watch, high-tech materials and saddle leather watch add to this cool watch Sense and mysterious appeal; eSenza Ceramic Touch watch is the world’s first portable high-tech ceramic touch device watch, the latest technology combined with the most moving sensory factors; HyperChrome series UTC time This watch can be converted into different styles in different time zones, making it the best travel companion for celebrities.

Presage Explore The Delicate Japanese Craftsmanship And Launch A New Ultra-thin Mechanical Movement

The Presage series first appeared in 2016, showing two core qualities of Seiko: respect for Japanese traditional craftsmanship, and long-standing heritage of mechanical watchmaking technology. The 2018 Presage series once again vividly demonstrates Seiko’s ability to seek and explore new development paths in these areas.

Qibao Enamel Limited Edition
   Qibao enamel is a special type of enamel that originated in Japan in the 17th century. The biggest difference between it and enamel enamel lies in the polishing process after firing. This is a very challenging process for dials less than 1 mm thick. Presage’s Qibao enamel dial is made by Ando Clois-onne (Ando Qibao Store). This century-old professional manufacturer is located in Nagoya. Presage’s Qibao enamel dial is hand-glazed by the craftsman Wataru Totan. In order to make the dial comply with the high environmental protection and safety standards set by Seiko (the standard reaches the same standard as the EU RoHS), Mr. Togu uses a lead-free glaze specially developed for this series of watches and then fired at 800 degrees . Through repeated glazing and firing, the uniformity of the enamel is ensured. Only after Mr. Totani is very satisfied can the final polishing process be carried out, and a beautiful pattern emerges on the dial, and the surface achieves a beautiful and smooth effect.
   The new Presage dial is dark blue, reflecting the ocean-like color. The ocean brings elements of exotic culture to Japan, but the same is true. The ocean also protects Japan from outside influences. Because of this contrast, many aspects of Japanese life, from art to industry, are influenced by overseas multiculturalism, but will eventually precipitate into a unique Japanese style. The Qibao enamel craftsmanship in Japan is a perfect example. It came to Japan across the sea and gradually developed into a mature Japanese style here. The ocean has played an important role in shaping the traditional Japanese culture. Seiko proudly incorporates the traditional Japanese seven treasure enamel craft into the Presage limited edition watch, and in this way shows its respect for the ocean. The deep and lasting blue enamel reflects the eternal blue like the sea that surrounds Japan. The pattern on the dial also symbolizes the surging waves that are constantly flowing to the coast.

Presage’s new movement and appearance
New movement and case structure create a slim new Presage watch
   We are proud to announce the creation of a new 6L35 self-winding mechanical movement for the Presage series, which is specially designed for slim watches, compared to the highly acclaimed and trusted 6R15 mechanical movement, The specifications are higher, but the thickness has been reduced by 1.3 mm to only 3.7 mm. This new watch is limited to 1881 to commemorate the year of the Seiko brand.
   Not only is the movement itself slimmer, but the newly designed case structure is also more sophisticated. The movement can be placed in the case from the front of the watch. In this way, the left and right sides of the case can be bent inward to fit the wrist more. In order to ensure the durability of the watch, a double bezel structure design is adopted. The inner layer is a spiral bezel and the outer cover is an auxiliary decorative bezel to cover the card slot to maintain a smooth case design. The design of the watch also complements this extraordinary movement. The case is polished using Seiko’s exclusive Zaratsu (grinding method) and is protected by an ultra-wear-resistant carbon film coating. The sapphire crystal glass is also super clear coated, which not only makes it easy to read time in different environments, but also clearly appreciates the delicate texture patterns on the dial and the blue steel seconds hand.
Japanese-style Qibao enamel limited edition

Mechanical watch with automatic power reserve display: SPB073J1
Movement model: 6R27 (SPB073J1)
Big three hands with small dial with calendar and power reserve display
Vibration frequency: 28,800 rpm (8 rpm)
Power reserve: about 45 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 29 stones

Self-winding mechanical watch: SPB075J1
Movement model: 6R15 (SPB075J1)
Big three hands with small dial with calendar and power reserve display
Vibration frequency: 21,600 rpm (6 rpm)
Power reserve: about 50 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 23 stones
Stainless steel, Qibao enamel dial
Double curved sapphire crystal glass (non-reflective coating)
See-through spiral bottom cover
Diameter: 40.6 mm (SPB0731J1) /40.0 mm (SPB075J1)
Thickness: 14.1 mm (SPB0731J1) /12.4 mm (SPB075J1)
Water resistance: 10 bar
Antimagnetic performance: 10 bar, antimagnetic function: 4,800A / m
Crocodile leather strap, tri-fold button switch clasp
Recommended retail price in China: RMB 11,800 (SPB0731J1) / RMB 9,900 (SPB075J1)
Limited edition of 2500 SPB0731J1 and SPB0751J1 each
Available September 2018

Ultra-thin self-winding mechanical watch: SJE073J1
Movement model: 6L35
Vibration frequency: 28,800 rpm (8 rpm)
Power reserve: about 45 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 26 stones
Ultra-wear-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel
Ultra-clear coating on sapphire crystal
Diameter: 40.7 mm, thickness: 9.8 mm
Rotating bezel with see-through spiral case back
Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800A / m
Recommended retail price in China: RMB 16,800
Limited edition of 1,881
Available September 2018-