Month: April 2018

Talk To Panerai Global Sales Director: Young People Including Millennials Are One Of Our Important Customer Groups

On September 12, 2019, China’s largest Panerai boutique was officially unveiled at Shanghai K11 Shopping Art Center. On the day of the unveiling ceremony, Watch House was honored to interview Mr. Benoit de Clerck, Global Sales Director of Panerai, and had an interesting exchange on topics such as Panerai’s current domestic development trends and future new product trends.

Mr Benoit de Clerck, Global Sales Director, Panerai
Watch House: China’s luxury industry is booming. According to a Bain report, mainland China will continue to dominate the global luxury market. Do you agree with this view? How do you see the Chinese market? Do you have any future plans for China?
Mr. Benoit de Clerck: Yes, the Chinese luxury goods market is currently in a period of rapid explosion. At this stage, we have seen that the choice preferences of different consumer groups in China are also changing. For the relatively younger generation of consumers in China, their choice of watches is more inclined to high-end sports watches. This trend is very beneficial for Panerai, such a well-known high-end sports watch brand. Therefore, China is a consumer market that Panerai pays great attention to, and will also make some expansion plans for the Chinese market in the future. We will choose high-quality partners and high-quality shopping malls to lay out sales channels.
Watch House: We know that Panerai recently opened a flagship store in Shanghai, which is also the largest Panerai store in China. Why choose the location of the flagship store in Shanghai? What are your expectations for the Chinese market?
Mr. Benoit de Clerck: Shanghai is a very beautiful metropolis. As China’s economic center, Shanghai has a very good luxury environment and is one of China’s representative cities, so we opened a flagship store here. If there are suitable opportunities later, we are also looking forward to opening Panerai boutiques in other cities.
Watch House: In terms of e-commerce, what will Panerai do to advance?
Mr. Benoit de Clerck: E-commerce is one of the focus of the brand. It works with offline sales channels to provide customers with complete sales services. So far, the feedback is good, and we believe this channel will continue to develop. Although the online channels are virtual, they can be served online 24 hours a day, which has effectively helped us strengthen our brand promotion efforts.
Watch House: How is Panerai planning to attract more young people?
Mr Benoit de Clerck: Millennial customer groups are important to Panerai. Because Panerai is a pioneering brand, we are positioned as a premium sports watch. In terms of design, Panerai is very in line with the aesthetics and preferences of the younger generation. In terms of innovation and use of materials, Panerai has also been at the forefront of watchmaking.
In our Neuchâtel watch factory there is a workshop (Laboratorio di Idee) that presents innovative materials every year. EcoTitanium ™ watches, BMG-TECH ™ metallic glass watches and CARBOTECH ™ carbon fiber composite watches were launched this year. Their biggest features are impact resistance, wear resistance and very light weight. The use of these innovative materials is of great interest to young consumers.
Watch House: You have worked for many luxury goods companies. What is special about Panerai in your eyes?
Mr. Benoit de Clerck: I have previously worked for some other luxury goods companies. Panerai has a long history and strives for innovation in the iconic classics. For me, the difference is that its brand DNA is very personal.
Watch House: At this year’s Geneva International Watch Fair, Panerai launched three special edition watches, each of which has its own unique meaning. What do you think is the benefit of this special model for Panerai? Will there be more such special models in the future?
Mr. Benoit de Clerck: At this year’s Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, we launched 3 special edition watches, each of which offers an exclusive experience for customers who buy them. So far, two exclusive experiences have been completed: In early September, in La Spezia, Italy, 33 customers who bought a Panerai SUBMERSIBLE MARINA MILITARE CARBOTECH ™ stealth series carbon fiber watch-47 mm (PAM00961) participated in Italy Navy Submarine Commando (Comsubin) training experience; at the end of September, 15 people purchased the Panerai SUBMERSIBLE sneaker watch GUILLAUME NERY EDITION Guillaume Neri Special Edition (in Moorea, French Polynesia) ( PAM00983) customers experience free diving with Panerai brand ambassador Guillaume Nery. The launch of these three special watches cannot be measured in a conventional sense. They represent unique experiences that cannot be bought with money. We will continue to launch special edition watches with unique experiences in the future, so stay tuned.

Superb Craftsmanship: Art Decoration Between Square Inches

In the small square inch of the dial, the ever-changing details make the watch upgraded to a superb work of art. The minimalist, simple logo-free dial, the complicated and exquisite hollow carving process, the eye-catching and luxurious starry embellishment, the dial has become a ‘surface article’ on the sense of space of points, lines and surfaces. On this square art site, watches have become synonymous with fashion art.
标识 Unlabeled black and white film
Simple and elegant imagination
Odm DD134 Studio Series-Less is More
Minimalism advocates removing all unnecessary decorations, and the DD134 Studio series adhering to the ‘Less is More’ philosophy is definitely your first step towards a simple life. The DD134 Studio series uses an all-black silicone strap to focus the visual point on the ingenious surface design. There is no superfluous and exaggerated decoration, and the characteristics of the material are cleverly used. The small seconds or screw patterns are pressed on the metal texture surface to add texture to the design in a simple way. Simplicity is by no means simple, the simpler the design, the more delicate skills and craftsmanship are required.
CK accent watch
系列 The design of this series is inspired by the strong contrast between day and night. The simple and cool style evokes the timeless classic of day and night. Elegant white dial with crocodile embossed strap, high polished L316 stainless steel design shows pure attitude. The CK LOGO at 12 o’clock and the concentric circle design of the second hand at 6 o’clock, inadvertently reflect CK’s unique and stylish taste.
With Heart Sutra
Handsome neutral suit, with color matching details to explain the design concept. Simplicity, toughness, line sense, clean trousers and suits, coupled with minimalist style fashion watches, show the femininity.
宝路 华 · 创 创 Marcella series
The Swiss-made Marcela series is designed for flawless women. It combines the gorgeousness of each hand-set diamond with the natural custom design, and creates the perfect watch with sophisticated craftsmanship. Each Marcela watch is made of stainless steel with a quartz movement, curved case, curved sapphire crystal and dome crown, and is water-resistant to 30 meters.
Watch recommendation B
Tissot Round Flower Gem Series
This is a camellia series with 68 diamonds. The rotating bezel has a unique flower shape. Like a gorgeous flower bud, the petals gradually bloom to show the extreme beauty of this watch. When the petals are closed, they are full. The bezel on both ends of the diamond and the satin black belt show the unique elegance of a woman.
With Heart Sutra
High profile out street is synonymous with gorgeous transformation, golden glitter one-shoulder dress with BLING BLING high heels studded with sequins, exquisite black wide bracelet and large gem earrings will become a shining and intimate partner. ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur King Series
The Excalibur King Series skeleton double flying tourbillon watch is a symbol of ROGER DUBUIS. The ‘all black’ titanium case is refreshing. The lightweight material reflects the RD01SQ skeleton movement in an unprecedented way. The extraordinary and refined characteristics of this watch highlight the majestic momentum of this fully transparent watch. The Excalibur King series titanium skeleton double flying tourbillon watch is limited to 88 pieces.
宝路 华 · 创 创 Coward full hollow series
I really marveled at this watch, it can be called a visual work. Bulova Zhenchuang Coward’s full skeleton series features a sapphire crystal with a tuning fork logo counterweight seconds hand. The dials are all exquisitely carved and carved, which can directly see the base of the chassis, and enjoy the classic timepiece function in operation. The powerful hollow art sense, engraving process, and high-performance mechanization of Coward’s full skeleton series are worth your possession.
With Heart Sutra
Like a skeleton watch, this skirt uses architectural lines to show the waist-hip curve. The three-dimensional cut of the dotted line surface makes the woman present an S-stance, and chooses the decorative earrings that also have a hollow sense, and the exquisite details are the king of fashion.
Breguet Queen of Naples
The Queen of Naples series, which has returned to the time stage, has won the hearts of countless ladies and nobles around the world with her noble birth and exquisite diamond-encrusted ‘goose-shaped face’. Breguet’s traditional eccentric design, with its slightly eerie 5 o’clock crown, is like a treasure worn by gods in ancient legends. The carved sunflower pattern on the dial seems to be telling something, it may be the glory of a woman, or it may be the nobility that always faces the sun.
Watch recommendation B
Tiffany Gallery Collection
系列 This series combines classic elements with modern elements. The Tiffany & Co. logo is engraved on the case at 9 o’clock. The dial arches slightly with the curvature of the case. The carved sunburst decoration on the dial forms a faint background of the graduated ring. The slender Arabic numerals are inspired by decorative arts and are placed on the dial in the form of extremely slim overall intarsia. By interpreting the rules of modern aesthetics, the designer uses unique decorative elements to clearly express the modern flavor and delicate characteristics of this series of watches.
With Heart Sutra
The three-dimensional structure of the skirt dress is manifested by folds. The exaggerated multilayer pearl necklace is stacked with a fur collar that has a warmth effect. The sexy T-band high heels have the effect of extending the legs. Clothing and watches can take the same three-dimensional geometric route.