Month: February 2018

Ultra-thin Watches The Pinnacle Of Minimalism

A few centuries ago, ‘ultra-thin’ was one of the goals that countless watchmakers wanted to conquer. Around 1550, the timepieces were called ‘drum-shaped watch’ because the diameter and thickness were more than 112 x 66 mm, and the weight reached 4 kg. This heavy metal object must be carried by a strong servant or hung directly on the horse. However, sometimes even horses are reluctant to hang such a sinking stone, so they simply lay down on the ground and went on strike. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin
Movement thickness: 1.85 mm
Master Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Ultra Thin watch in the 175th Anniversary Collection celebrates its slender figure with exquisite color matching and is the pinnacle of minimalism. Inside it is a Jaeger-LeCoultre 849 manual-winding mechanical movement consisting of 123 parts, making it one of the thinnest movements in the world today. In order to make the movement thinner, not only is there no barrel clamp bridge inside, the size of the escapement is also reduced. Due to the reduction in size, the fine adjustment and calibration of the watch during assembly have become more difficult. The simple, restrained Dauphine Princess-style hands are used to indicate hours and minutes, and the transparent sapphire crystal case back gives a beautiful view of the exquisite movement. The watch is equipped with a chocolate alligator leather strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle or folding buckle, and has the ‘1833’ commemorative word under the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo on the dial.
Apotheosis Temporis Watch
Movement thickness: 3.25 mm
Blancpain’s Villeret series watch has gradually been proud of its heroes with its unique charm of subtle elegance. Villeret ultra-thin is the ultimate great achievement that reveals the subtle beauty of subtlety. This ultra-thin watch is based on the basic elements of focus and pursuit of high-quality watch design, coupled with a slim movement. The 18K white gold case has a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 9.2 mm. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal on both sides and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal case are set with a slim magic color dial. Under the matte black slim dial is a Calibre 1153 self-winding movement consisting of 188 parts but only 3.25 mm thick, which stores 100 hours of energy. The rotor made of platinum is also decorated with Breguet convex engraving, and a hand-stitched black alligator leather strap, and the folding buckle is made of 950 platinum. The beautiful appearance, simple lines, thin case, and dial design are clean and neat, there is no extra decoration, only practical functions, exuding endless charm, this ability to bring out the subtle beauty of subtlety to the fullest, can be described as unmatched.
Patrimony Grande Taille
Movement thickness: 2.60 mm
The slender shape of the Patrimony Grande Taille watch, the large and simple round case with an ingenious dial design, and the unique manual winding mechanical movement give Patrimony Grande Taille a distinguished temperament. All planes of this movement are decorated with ‘Cotes de Genève’ decorative patterns, the sharp corners are carefully carved, all flat screw caps are all polished by hand, and each place is the brainchild of the craftsmen. To showcase the extraordinary craftsmanship of watchmakers in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin’s designers designed an 18K yellow or white gold case for Patrimony Grande Taille based on two sets of aesthetic standards that were rarely used simultaneously. The classic slim shape represents their respect for tradition, and the new case design with a diameter of 40 mm is extremely contemporary. Under the silky bezel and transparent sapphire crystal glass surface, the silvery white dial with a slightly arched outer edge presents a matte white gloss, and the 18K gold hour scale and raised minute scale make the dial design more prominent. A pair of rod-shaped hands made of 18K gold and the “Maltese Cross” emblem add a touch of excitement to the watch.
Piaget Altiplano Watch
Movement thickness: 2.50 mm
Earl of, a brand that has always advertised itself with dazzling jewellery art in recent years, has now demonstrated its ultra-thin movement technology in a high profile. The Altiplano 40 mm watch in 18K white gold case features a silver dial with black Barton time scales and hands, inheriting Piaget’s original unique simple lines and classicism. In order to maintain the classicity of this watch, Piaget even tried not to let it have a too modern design when it was manufactured. From this watch, you can see that it is loyal to Piaget’s original unique simple lines and classicism. The Altiplano series is the first to introduce a 40 mm diameter style. In order to welcome the birth of this new size of the watch, Piaget equipped it with a 838P homemade movement, a hand-wound ultra-thin movement with a thickness of only 2.5 mm. The white gold case is equipped with a transparent sapphire case back, and the rose gold is available with a brown strap and limited edition platinum.
Patek Philippe 5180/1 watch
Movement thickness: 2.53 mm
Patek Philippe’s skeleton watch 5180/1, with an ultra-thin movement with automatic winding 240. Since the germination of watchmaking, hollowing out has been a challenging technique. It is necessary to pierce all kinds of orifices in the range of the bottom plate, bridge and bridge bearing, until the limit of the skill can be stopped. Difficulty Very high. The surface is a micro-arch crystal mirror, and the back is an airtight sapphire glass case back. The 18K white gold collar is also hollowed out, leaving only one shape with 12 radial spokes as the hour marker. The edge of the sapphire case bottom under the collar is stained blue, exuding a charming indigo tone. The new 5180 watch is not limited to production, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make, the annual output is really precious, and it takes some patience to get it. And because the hollowing out and engraving work are all done by human hands, each piece is inevitably slightly different, which has become the reason people love Patek Philippe.
Glashütte Senator Meissen watch
Movement thickness: 4.30 mm
Combining classic and elegant design, outstanding watchmaking technology and Meissen porcelain exquisite dials, this is the main element of Glashütte’s new Senator Meissen. Senator Meissen’s appearance is simple and low-key, with historic hour and minute hands, with a porcelain white dial, showing an elegant style. Equipped with a 100-10 movement with a thickness of 4.3 mm, it is the thinnest movement in the series. Its dial is produced by the prestigious Meissen porcelain. The dial is pure white and flawless, and the surface glaze is perfectly bright. It was born in a porcelain kiln up to 1400 degrees Celsius and complements the delicate Senator Meissen. In order to ensure that the dial perfectly matches the case, each dial is manufactured under strict quality control, and only the qualified dials manually selected can enter the coloring process. The Roman numerals on the dial are hand-drawn by skilled artisans, and need to be drawn twice and fired at 900 degrees Celsius to show moving colors.