Month: January 2018

Panerai Panerai Florence History Store

Panerai PANERAI’s historical store in Florence, its birthplace, has been reopened after expansion. The brand specially invited the famous architectural designer Patricia Urquiola to participate in the project. Panerai’s Florence history store is located in Piazza San Giovanni in the city centre, facing the magnificent Cathedral. The store area has been expanded from 58 square meters to 285 square meters, and large display windows have been increased from one to four. The expanded Panerai Florence store occupies two floors. The first floor welcomes San Giovanni Square, and the wide windows on the second floor take in the magnificent views of the baptistery.

Panerai re-opens historic Florence store

Well-known Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola reinterprets Panerai’s classic aesthetics and watchmaking techniques, while retaining the brand’s unique and historical workshop concept

Although the design concept is basically the same as other new or refurbished Panerai stores in Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Miami, also operated by Urquiola, the Florence store is even more unique. Urquiola’s design adheres to tradition without losing fashion, presenting the perfect balance between past and future, space design and professional technology, fully respecting the brand philosophy, and making Panerai from the 1930s to the 1950s for the Italian Navy diving commandos. Beginning with precise instruments, the essence of time-honored interpretation is vividly demonstrated. Urquiola deliberately added another traditional Italian element to the Florence store, spreading ‘Striato Olimpico’ (zebra marble) on the ground, blooming a magnificent geometric pattern, very eye-catching. She also used brass materials commonly used in Panerai stores to evoke the atmosphere of the ocean and sailing boats. Brass is used on tables and lights just like other specialty stores. The front desk of the Florence store is also decorated with various antique brass pillars.

Florence stores have many classic and unique elements. The walnut wood commonly used in Panerai stores is carved into checkered ceilings, watch showcases and even tables to create a unified style

Florence store will be the only one in Italy with an exhibition area

A large sign in the middle of the first floor reads ‘Bottega d’arte e archivio storico’ (‘Workshop and Historical Archives’), marking that this store will become the only specialty store in Italy with an exhibition area. Exhibit exhibits borrowed from the History Museum to illustrate the brand’s story; there is also a watchmaker’s zone, on-site watch repairs, and assistance to customers. The second floor is for special sales. The floor is ‘Cotto Fiorentino’, a traditional terracotta-colored floor tile of Florence. This floor will also display collections from previous generations, including two pendulum clocks, a floor clock and two lathes. With the opening of the new Urquiola-designed store, Panerai now has 64 stores, five of which are located in Italy (two in Florence, one in Venice, one in Portofino, and one in Milan).

With the opening of a new Urquiola-designed store, Panerai now has 64 stores

Urquiola deliberately added another traditional Italian element to the Florence store, spreading ‘Striato Olimpico’ on the ground, blooming a magnificent geometric pattern

Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati said, ‘I am pleased to announce the opening of the brand’s historical store in Florence. Panerai’s history was born in this city, and it represents our roots. The modern history store is perfectly delivered Brand value and respect for history. I think it is perfect to display the historical collection of the brand museum here. ” Patricia Urquiola fully respects the brand philosophy, successfully communicates the connection between the brand and tradition, and demonstrates the brand’s future, design and innovation. Unremitting efforts to pursue excellence. The store has been refurbished and expanded, and still retains its original charm. Limited edition watches inspired by Florence and the brand’s history will be exclusively sold here, showing a unique look unique in the world.
Patricia Urquiola said: ‘The Florence store is of fundamental importance, not only because of its historical value and location, but also because the store itself can fully interpret the original personality of the brand. Through this opportunity, I understand The brand’s success symbol and the elements of fashion that keep pace with the times, use the design to reflect and highlight the history of the specialty store blending classic and fashionable contemporary style.

At This Moment, The Silver-wrapped Tissot Watch Accompanies You To Appreciate The Unique Charm Of The Snow World This Winter

During the year, only this winter can enjoy the beauty wrapped in silver, watch the snow fluttering outside the window, lean against the warm fireplace, and pour a cup of hot tea Hold it in your hand … The winter scene is precisely due to the arrival of Aoxue Lingshuang, which has shaped the incomparable winter charm. Although the ground is freezing and cold, you who are tired of work may wish to go out of the greenhouse created by heating and explore the unique ice and snow. Whether it’s skating on ice-like lakes or skiing in snow, it’s extremely exciting and fun; or head to the hot springs to enjoy the warmth brought by nature on cold winter days and feel the beauty of the sudden changes in temperature; Just want to enjoy the beauty of the ice and snow, you can go to the snow and ice country in Northern Europe and chase the aurora and the stars. The famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watches will accompany you to appreciate this winter with the Tengzhi series that can adapt to various severe weather, the Durul series named after the Swiss city of snow and ice, and the elegant and shining wave series watches. The unique charm of the ice and snow world.

The beauty of winter sports rhythm
   The cold wind, the north wind howling, the silver coat of winter and the snowy frost created the unparalleled charm. In winter sports, the beauty of the power combined with the graceful figure and smooth gliding has also become a bright color in winter. . The cold weather has made the sparkling lake crystal clear, which not only adds a winter dream to people, but also completes a skating sport that combines beauty and art. Light-swallow, wonderfully slender lake skaters, glide fast, or spin to dance, interpreting the endless charm of winter snow sports. There are also snow-covered, sweeping ski areas, vigorous green pine and silver snow complement each other, adding some vitality and vitality to the cold and quiet snow. Ski enthusiasts, wearing ski jackets and galloping down the snow-capped mountains, show off the rhythmic beauty of ‘ice skates flashing lightning, straightening like swallows flying’.
   It’s time to get out of the drowsy heating room and unwind in the world of silver-clad plains. The Tengzhi series second-generation professional solar watch is designed for enthusiasts who are adventurous. The dial is equipped with a solar panel, which can ensure a long-term kinetic energy reserve for snow and ice sports enthusiasts in winter. Thoughtful function. The compass function is turned on to indicate the direction for outdoor adventures. The altimeter can display the altitude and is an indispensable weapon for climbing peaks. The weather forecast function can predict the future weather trend by recording the changes in atmospheric pressure in the past 6 hours. In addition, this This watch is also equipped with a regatta countdown function, night vision function, segmented cumulative timing, simultaneous segmented timing, lap timing function, azimuth function, logbook function, timer function, dual alarm, dual time zone, and There are up to 20 touch screen functions such as a perpetual calendar display with the date and day of the week, and all operations are just a touch of your fingertips. The new luminous coating used in this watch has higher luminous efficiency and almost no radiation. At the same time, the wristband uses a new synthetic material, which is less prone to allergies, and is lighter in weight and more delicate in touch. It is a rare Functional watch. Combining comfort, convenience, complete functionality, and long-lasting kinetic energy reserve, the Tengzhi series touch-screen watches awaken travelers’ enthusiasm in the winter, and challenge the coldness with the beauty of rhythm.

Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Solar Professional Edition Army / Navy

Discover the beauty of soup experience
   When the cold is coming, from a bonfire, the warmth of a hot drink becomes a luxury in winter, and the natural hot spring is a great gift for nature to human winter. That pool of hot springs is like the world of ice and snow A drop of tears moved people. There are 250 Alps-rich hot springs in Switzerland. Even in snow-covered winters, you can soak in the hot springs comfortably and enjoy the gifts of nature.氤氲 Flowing spring water blooms in hot spring pools with very different architectural styles. The warmth of the hot spring steam room and the surrounding beautiful scenery will inevitably make you indulge in sudden temperature changes and beautiful scenery, and forget the whole world .
   In the snow, the Swiss spa town is a great winter travel option. Switzerland is the home of Tissot watches. Tissot watches were born 165 years ago on Durul Street in the small town of Lille. It has been invented for more than 100 years and has been cast on Tissot Durul watches named after this street. A combination of low-key and classic blue embellishment on the wrist, Paris studs under the Roman numerals, a variety of sanding treatments on the elegant case, and the solid texture of the arched sapphire glass mirror represent the Tissot watch pair. The details are meticulous and exquisite, making people indulge in a harmonious and beautiful mood. Whether it is a sunray dial that fits perfectly with natural light, or a dial with a date display, it exudes noble charm with a unique design, and it can also reflect the wearer’s own identity and taste in the snow country. In addition, the connotation of this watch perfectly grafts the traditional experience of watchmaking with innovative materials, and achieves a power reserve of 80 hours with a mechanical power 80 movement, making it a powerful companion in travel.

Tissot Duluer

The natural beauty of the polar aurora
    The scenery near the polar region has the beauty of independence from the end of the world, endless tundra, lonely rocks, clear ice, and the snow-capped mountains, and the aurora with a glance of 10,000 years is shocking and suffocating. In northern Europe, if you are lucky, you can have a poetic, romantic, and shocking date with ‘Amorous Lover’ Aurora. The rare and colorful natural wonders of the northern lights, from dark to bright, gorgeous aurora dancing in the night sky, beautiful and mysterious, unpredictable, as if there is life, in the direction of his fate, like a group of elves in Dancing under the sky.
   The stars flickering in the night have inspired the design inspiration of the Tissot Ocean Wave series, thus creating a low-key and charming dial. The movement of the ribbon is transformed into the curve of the case and lugs, which is smooth and full of charm. The Tissot Wave Series watch is like the epitome of the aurora night sky. The pure mother-of-pearl dial represents the deep and fascinating night sky. It provides an excellent stage for the detail design. The sparkling natural Weselton diamonds are used as decoration, as if they are bright Stars, hollowed-out hands are presented in soft lines, such as the wonderful and beautiful aurora. The Tissot Wave series offers a variety of design styles, either a simple satin-like decoration inlaid on the dial, or an aventurine sparkle effect throughout the dial. The discrete but elegant ribbon and mother-of-pearl contrast each other. The colors are doubled with the satin luster. The Tissot Wave Series watches are just like the aurora and the stars that people are chasing.

Tissot Waves
Technical Parameters

Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Professional Solar Watch Reference Price RMB 7,700

-Swiss-made quartz movement with battery charging display
-Antimagnetic titanium case with black PVD coating
-Touchscreen sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm

Tissot Tengzhi Series Second-generation Professional Solar Watch Reference Price RMB 8,100

-Swiss-made quartz movement with battery charging display
-Antimagnetic titanium case with black PVD coating
-Touchscreen scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm

Tissot Duluer Series Reference Price: RMB 5,600-6,450

-Made in Switzerland
-Mechanical power 80 movement
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Arched scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
-Size: 42mm * 42mm

Tissot Duluer series reference price: RMB 5,600-6,450

-Made in Switzerland
-Mechanical power 80
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Arched scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
-Size: 32mm * 32mm

Tissot Wave Series Reference Price RMB 2,850-3,550

-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with battery low power display (EOL)
-316L stainless steel case
-Arched scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Set with natural Wesselton diamonds
-Rugged 316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-All rose gold plating is PVD process
-Size: 30mm * 30mm

Simplicity Two Tiffany Ct60 ™ Watches Recommended

Tiffany Watch Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2008 and has become a member of the Swatch Group’s outstanding luxury watch family. Just as the Tiffany brand’s lofty reputation in jewelry, Tiffany Watches also shoulders the mission of designing, manufacturing and selling high-end luxury watches.
Tiffany CT60 ™: 3-Hand 34 mm

Watch comments: stainless steel watch. White sunburst dial with gold frosted digital hour markers. Case diameter 34 mm. Mechanical self-winding movement. 42-hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet / 10 standard atmospheres. Made in Switzerland.
Tiffany CT60 ™: 3-Hand 40 mm

Watch comment: Men’s stainless steel watch. Blue sun-radiated dial with gold-toned digital hour markers. Case diameter 40 mm. Mechanical self-winding movement. 42-hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet / 10 standard atmospheres. Made in Switzerland.