Month: May 2017

Maggie Cheung Maggie Cheung Becomes The Global Spokesperson For Piaget’s Watchmaker And Jeweller

At a recent press conference in Beijing, Piaget CEO Philippe Léopold-Metzger announced that the brand has recently signed a partnership with Maggie Cheung. The actress has starred in more than seventy films and she will endorse the brand globally, linking her innate charm and temperament to the brand’s legendary ability watchmakers and jewellers-this The connection appears very reasonable, as the fate of both sides has a similar trajectory.
Although the birth of Piaget and Maggie Cheung was almost a century apart, the initial manifestation of their natural traits was gradual and well established. One is a family business born in the small Swiss village of La Côtes-aux-Fées, and the other has a bland childhood; two lives that will be extraordinary in the future start like this. One will be transformed into an international big brand due to the unique and unlimited creative growth, and the other will be a fashion model first, and then develop into an internationally renowned actress, becoming the trend vane.
The Piaget family business was founded in 1874, and initially produced high-end movements for the top brands. Until 1940, he made a major decision, registered the brand name, and changed his brand. Hit your own watch. Since then, the brand’s innovative spirit has manifested itself at all levels of the product, including technological innovation and aesthetic design. Piaget introduced 9P and 12P movements in the 1950s and became an expert in ultra-thin movements. He also established himself as the representative brand of jewellery watches through the most exquisite and luxurious product features. Such insistence on ideas, originality and infinite innovation ability have naturally gained success, and soon the brand has won a global reputation. Since then, the brand has been carefully maintained and cultivated.

Piaget’s image ambassador, Maggie Cheung, by Patrick Demarchelier
Like Earl Piaget, Maggie Cheung controlled her own destiny. She grew up in the UK and left the UK to return to her hometown of Hong Kong at the age of 18. This move was a beginning, and her life has changed dramatically since then. The model-turned actress soon made one movie after another, and became very popular, steadily becoming a movie star with a very high appearance rate. Her fame soon spread to Asia. At the Berlin Film Festival in 1992, she won the Best Actress Silver Bear Award for her role in Guan Jinpeng’s film Ruan Lingyu. Wong Kar Wai’s ‘The Mood for Love’ helped her go global, and her talented performance was widely praised. In 2004, she won the best actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in ‘Clean’ directed by Olivier Assayas.
The trajectories of Piaget and Maggie Cheung now meet in Beijing, a city that symbolizes both sides. Beijing is the gateway to the Chinese market and has contributed significantly to Piaget’s growth in this market over the past 15 years. The brand has three stores in Beijing, 13 in China and 36 in Asia. Beijing is also the base of some of the brand’s important market expansion projects. Maggie Cheung is a man from all over the world who feels similar in Paris, London and Hong Kong, but she particularly likes Beijing, where she also has her own home. As the capital of China, this city is full of opposition and unity. This is a place where tradition and modernity merge. This fusion, like alchemy, brings a unique charm to Piaget’s watch and also performs for Zhang Manyu Art adds a real foundation.

Piaget Asian Brand Manager Dimitri Gouten, Ceremony Host, Piaget Spokesperson Maggie Cheung, and Piaget CEO Philippe Léopold- Metzger
So much in common means that Piaget and Maggie Cheung have been linked to a certain extent. For Philippe Léopold-Metzger, who has been looking for a perfect way to endorse the brand in a more humane way, Maggie Cheung is a natural choice: ‘She is exactly what Piaget needed: global, noble and elegant, independent Tasteful. She has a fashionable style, a perfect fusion of classic and modern elements, and can be called a real star. ‘
Zhang Manyu responded, ‘I am deeply honoured to be Piaget’s’ perfect match ‘. I have always appreciated the brand’s pursuit of’ beyond the limits ‘… his products reflect both elegance and perfection, but Risk and innovation. I am convinced that this will be an absolutely perfect cooperation. ‘

Maggie Cheung’s image display at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art by Patrick Demarchelier
Both the Piaget Piaget and Maggie Cheung’s fate are concentrated in the artistic atmosphere. And their encounter is also an art. Master of lighting and portraiture, photographer Patrick Demarchelier created a series of wonderful photos for Maggie Cheung wearing Piaget Piaget. Under the lens of this world-famous fashion photographer, Maggie Cheung professionally demonstrated her multi-layered sexy, mysterious and elusive character in order to highlight Piaget’s creative boutique. Earl Piaget is very pleased to have selected the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, an important place for Asian art, as the place for a press conference, and officially announced that he has signed a contract with Maggie Cheung as the brand’s global image ambassador.
Source: Piaget