Month: October 2016

Classic Cartier Oval Feminine Charm

Every famous watch standing in the world must have its excellence. Cartier watches have long been known for their oval surface designs. Have an oval watch with a unique shape, often hanging it in your hand, slowly experiencing its superb craftsmanship, perfect surface design, and enjoy! Cartier’s baignoire watch collection
As a conical section, the ellipse has two focal points from the beginning, which makes it different from other geometric figures. Mathematicians have found that any straight line passing through the center point of an ellipse can cut the ellipse into two identical figures. Because of the symmetry and balance characteristics of the ellipse, compared with other geometric figures, it looks more complete and full as a whole. The slightly expanding outward curve contour has dynamic tension in the static state, which is very easy to create an intriguing Visual thinking space.
Inspired by the ellipse, the Japanese Taiping Zhengfang summed up the ‘ellipse philosophy’ in the economic field and tried to find a balance between the two focal points in the complex economic relationship. Today, Japan is still developing rapidly in the direction he envisioned.

Cartier’s baignoire watch collection
Cartier’s baignoire watch series is famous for its seductive oval case. This unique oval case was designed by Louis Cartier in 1912. In 1956, this inner curved oval watch did not have its own name, but it was already on par with other Cartier series such as the tank and santos series.
In 1968, the series launched extended and oversized models, and derived a number of different innovative styles. It was not until 1973 that the series was officially named baignoire. This series is one of the best manifestations of the oval philosophy on the watch. At the same time, the appearance is soft, and the sharp straight Roman numerals are used. The scale composed of flying lines and dotted lines is soft. .

Creative Pioneer Keeps Moving Forward-audemars Piguet 2019 Sihh New Timepiece

Geneva Fine Watch Exhibition 2019, Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet launches the new Audemars Piguet CODE11.59 series (CODE11.59byAudemarsPiguet): innate classic temperament, subverting traditional aesthetic Design, Audemars Piguet Code11.59 series opens a brand new page in the history of brand watches. This series reaches a new level of technical and aesthetic complexity with new watchmaking tools, techniques and craftsmanship.

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 Super Time Minute Repeater

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 self-winding watch

  Audemars Piguet Code11.59 series is one of the most important and wide-ranging series launched in the brand’s development process. Among the 13 new timepieces, there are 4 complicated timepieces;

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 series automatic floating tourbillon watch

  This is the first time that Audemars Piguet has launched a watch series suitable for both men and women. It is equipped with the latest generation of six Audemars Piguet movements, including three new movements: a chronograph with integrated column wheel and flyback function. Movement, self-winding movement with seconds and date display, and self-winding floating tourbillon movement;

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 Super Time Minute Repeater

  Audemars Piguet has developed a sophisticated and complex anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. The inner surface of the sapphire crystal is dome-shaped, and the straight line of the outer surface from 6 to 12 o’clock shows a circular arc. Modeling, this hyperboloid sapphire crystal glass uses clever depth, perspective and light effects, and incorporates subtle optical principles to create a unique visual experience;
  Audemars Piguet combines strong design tension and contrasting aesthetics to create this series of unique and recognizable case shapes. By embedding the design of the octagonal middleware in the round case, Audemars Piguet pushes the limits of creativity and craftsmanship, highlighting the innovative concept of case design.

Audemars Piguet Code11.59 skeleton tourbillon watch

  A carefully crafted, hand-embedded 3D 3D Logo: Audemars Piguet Logo presents an extraordinary shape, pushing the fine watchmaking art to its peak. Each letter is accumulated in layers of solid gold and is made by a 3D printed chemical plating deposition process. Each letter is connected by a thin line of hair thickness, which is manually set on the dial and fixed with tiny claws that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

  At the same time, Audemars Piguet launched a number of new timepieces including the High Jewellery Watch Series, Royal Oak Offshore and Royal Oak Series during the watch exhibition: SapphireOrbe High Jewellery Watch creates a new height of gem setting technology to cross The Orbe River in Brassus, the valley where the Audemars Piguet originated, is named after diamonds and gradient blue and orange sapphires to create a brilliant river-like design, as if the colors of day and black blend together style.

  The new Royal Oak offshore self-winding chronograph with a diameter of 44 mm applies brown ceramic for the first time, with an 18K rose gold case, and an oversized checkered dial ‘Méga Tapisserie’. It has a water-resistant seal performance of up to 100 meters. Ceramic is harder than stainless steel, can withstand high temperature and thermal shock, has excellent scratch resistance, and lasts long. The 37mm diameter Royal Oak offshore self-winding chronograph uses an 18K rose gold case, the bezel is set with a carefully selected and rainbow-colored sapphire, and the smoky rose gold dial is decorated with a ‘LadyTapisserie’ grid. The decoration and sub-dial with the same tone are more luxurious and chic.

  Royal Oak Series Double Balance Skeleton Frost Gold Watch with 18K frosted gold case set with 32 long step-cut ‘Rainbow Tone’ sapphires (total weight: 2.24 carats), showing a brilliant luster from the sun’s refraction on the bezel The patented double balance device requires precise and complicated production procedures to complete, and can greatly improve the running accuracy and durability of the watch. The two sets of balance wheels and hairspring are fixed on the same axis, so that the movement’s oscillation system operates in perfect synchronization.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

Royal Oak Tourbillon

Royal Oak Automatic

Royal Oak Women’s Watch

  The new Royal Oak self-winding watch is equipped with the self-produced Calibre4302 self-winding movement developed by Audemars Piguet. It has a high frequency of 4 Hz and a power reserve of up to 70 hours. It also uses innovative subtle design details to make it more elegant. Chic, legible dial. The date display window is further away from the center of the dial, the width of the hour markers is increased, and the minute scale is no longer transferred on the ‘GrandeTapisserie’ large grid. Instead, it is located on the satin-polished outer ring.

  Audemars Piguet has launched two highly sought-after watches in history. This year, for the first time, the new Royal Oak series ‘Jumbo’ ultra-thin watch with a diameter of 39 mm was introduced: in 1992, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Royal Oak series For the first time, Audemars Piguet decorated the dial with a small check of ‘PetiteTapisserie’ in rose gold, with a satin-finished 18K white gold case and strap. The white gold version was only used in a Royal Oak watch in the 1980s, with a blue dial and diamond-set hour markers.