Month: August 2016

He Is 21 Years Old And Younger And Younger Than Gold.

Li Ronghao has a song called ‘Young and Young,’ and I heard it for the first time at a satellite New Year’s concert in 2019. The sadness of this song has sung all the helplessness, unbearableness and livelihood of the younger generation. Kang Laoshi feels that ‘Year’ is more like a real estate advertising song. . Among the many works created by Li, ‘Year’ has ranked first in the heat. How painful to realize, tears burst into rain. Li Ronghao truly achieved young talents through moving music and became a ‘now’ of a certain actress. Compared with Li Ronghao, this person is even more enviable, he is less than 21 years old, not only has achieved a lot of young money and completely does not rely on his father, even does not need hard-working hands … Hublot’s youngest brand ambassador -Kylian Mbappé Kang Laoshi is not a true fan, but likes football. Except for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, the rest of the World Cup need to stay up late, inadvertently from Italy summer (1990) to Russia (2018). The greatness of the World Cup lies in its ability to make stars. Winning is the last word. Any pre-match analysis and strength comparison are pale. So at the 1958 World Cup, a young man under the age of 18 became a rising football star, and he was the well-known ball king Bailey. In 2018, Mbappe, who was less than 20 years old, reappeared the glory of the year. They all have their own halo, the dazzling halo that the protagonist has forever. From the first game of the French group stage, I found this guy’s unique aura. Hublot brand ambassadors Kylian Mbappé and Pelé have amazingly similar growth experiences. Is it a coincidence or a fate? Bailey and Mbappe are at their first World Cup exactly 60 years apart. However, the influence and love of the two on the history of football is self-evident. Football is the most popular sport in the world, and Bailey and Mbappe are the symbol of football’s transcendence of time. It is loved and admired by fans all over the world. The new and old generations of football legends have the same quality: humility and respect Broad-minded and persevering. China has not seen such a football legend since the Song Dynasty. Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu white tattoo watch Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang Unico titanium ceramic watch Hublot Big Bang Unico titanium ceramic watch Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang Russia World Cup Referee Watch Hublot Big Bang 2018 Russia World Cup Referee Watch Mbappé Wearing Hublot Classic Fusion Hollow Black Magic Chronograph Mbappé Wearing Hublot Big Bang 44mm Titanium Pavé Watch Hublot Brand Ambassadors Kylian Mbappé, Pelé Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold Ceramic Watch Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold Ceramic Watch, Case Manufactured by Hublot’s King Gold material, the bezel is made of satin-finished and polished black ceramic, and is equipped with the brand’s own Hub 1242 chronograph movement. This chronograph movement with flyback function can be reset to zero at any time, and it is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. On the front of the dial, you can enjoy the mechanical beauty of the column wheel, and it is unique with dual clutch mechanism and column wheel. Independently detachable escapement bridges increase the convenience of maintenance and adjustment, with a power reserve of 72 hours. Mbappé wears Hublot classic fusion hollow black magic chronograph Hublot loves football, football loves Hublot. No matter coincidence or fate, everything indicates that the young and promising star of the world football is taking over the baton in the hands of the great stars in football history under the witness of Hublot. Great news: Football genius Mbappe is here! Should go to the stadium to get his golden spirit, that magical golden spirit ~ big eyes, watch the front of the watch

The Piaget Watch Starlight Shines At The 23rd Popular Music Awards

The 23rd Pop Music Awards Ceremony has ended in Taipei Dome on the evening of June 23. This most popular and influential music award in Chinese pop music is regarded by Chinese singers and professional musicians around the world as the highest glory representing musical achievements. The earl, who has a close relationship with the music and art industry, is of course bright.
     Cai Jianya, the finalist of the six major music awards, A-Lin (Huang Liling) who was shortlisted for the Golden Melody Awards for the third time, the host of the Red Carpet Avenue of Stars Yang Qianyi, who is preparing for the awards party, and the award ceremony The host Huang Zijiao chose Piaget jewelry and watches as the best match for the glorious moment.
Cai Jianya again won the Golden Song Award ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’
     Following the successful closing of the 17th and 19th Golden Melody Awards, ‘After the Golden Melody Song’, Cai Jianya, again in four years this year, was nominated for six music awards for the Golden Melody Awards with the album ‘Speaking of Love’. She was a professional before the announcement of the results. The musicians and the media were regarded as the candidates with the highest awards, and they really lived up to the expectations of winning the Golden Song Award for ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’ again, and broke the Golden Song Award for Best Female Singer.

Cai Jianya’s Piaget Limelight Paradise jewelry bracelet watch
     She wore a royal blue slit dress, paired with lavender-colored platform heels, and her wristband was adorned with 80 Akoya pearls and diamonds. The Piaget Limelight Paradise jewellery bracelet watch not only wiped her blue and clear image The gentle ocean atmosphere is crowned with glory and grace after the new song; the Piaget Rose 18K white gold hollow ring between her fingers adds an elegant and romantic feminine character to her. The earl, who has been associated with Cai Jianya for a long time, already accompanied her to win the honor of the song and shine on the stage as early as the 17th Golden Song Awards in 2006.

A Lin
     A Lin (Huang Liling), the third-time finalist for the Golden Melody Awards, was also the third-time finalist for the Golden Melody Awards. She was accompanied on the Avenue of Stars by her fellow student group 4ever. The oblique black beige slit skirt makes A-Lin’s beautiful body looming, like a mermaid.

Huang Liling wears Piaget Limelight Paradise diamond bracelet watch while walking the Avenue of Stars
     She elegantly matches the Piaget Limelight Paradise diamond bracelet watch with Piaget diamond and diamond embellishment, Piaget Limelight red tourmaline ring, fish scale diamond bracelet watch and the black silk strap below it to create a black and white contrast, and the color of the dress And perspective design complement each other.

As the guest of honor, Huang Liling specially replaced the Piaget Miss Protocole watch
     At the same time, A-Lin, who was also invited to be the award presenter, took prudent attention, especially when he presented the award with a flat mouth small dress, with Piaget Limelight water drop shape diamond necklace, Piaget Possession earrings and Piaget Miss Protocole watch, between the fingers The blue and transparent blue topaz on the Piaget Limelight ring adds a finishing touch to the overall shape.

Huang Zijiao
Piaget Protocole XXL watch worn by Huang Zijiao
     Like Huang Zijiao, the host of the party of the soul of the ceremony, a set of Eastern and Western style suits on the Avenue of Stars meant that he had a flexible thinking across Chinese and Western pop music. His bold costume styles that did not follow the rules of the card, only had the same The avant-garde vision of the Piaget Protocole XXL jewellery watch and the Possession diamond ring with a double ring design, balance the overall match with a new design concept.

Yang Qianyi
Piaget Limelight diamond watch worn by Yang Qianyi
     Publicly recognized as the best red carpet host, Yang Qianxuan, dressed in a small champagne-colored dress, with a Piaget Limelight New York-themed necklace with luxurious diamonds in its simplicity as the main visual, and decorated with The fringed Piaget Limelight diamond watch and the intertwined Limelight ring echo the pleated details on the dress.