Month: July 2016

Good Filmmaker Style Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema

HAMILTON Hamilton has become a watch brand in the film industry in the following eighty years since it rolled a corner in the film ‘Shanghai Express’ in 1932. According to brand statistics, their watches have appeared in more than 450 movies. And many of them are blockbusters you and I are familiar with, such as ‘Peak Warrior’, ‘MIB Star Warrior’, ‘Great Wisdom’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, closer examples are ‘Interstellar Effect’ and ‘Jedi Rescue’ ‘Wait, there’s no shortage of characters wearing Hamilton watches.

Hamilton revamps its Jazzmaster Regulator to create a new special edition for movie lovers

Out of enthusiasm and love for the film industry, Hamilton further held the HAMILTON Behind the Camera Awards in 2006. The purpose is to pay tribute to the staff behind the film. The contribution of classic films should not be buried, unlike the awards given to front-line personnel such as the Golden Globe or Oscar. The behind-the-scenes heroic annual award reminds us that the movie is a teamwork, not just a few star monologues. 2018 coincides with the tenth annual Heroes Awards behind the scenes, so Hamilton has specially launched a special edition watch-Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema.

Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema changed the standard dial to a pointer with a turntable, and combined with the creative ideas of film rolls, the entire watch looks quite individual.

The sharp-eyed person should find that this special edition is not a new work. In fact, it is derived from the brand’s Jazzmaster Regulator watch. The biggest feature of this watch is the use of bevel-shaped standard dials. The so-called standard design is early. The watchmaker sets it in order to refer to the correct calibration time. Generally, the units of hours, minutes, and seconds are based on an axis. The more common standard dial is a line from 12:00 to 6:00. However, the Jazzmaster Regulator is a bit of a break from the traditional taste. In addition to the hour dial, center-axis minute hand, and small second dial that are arranged diagonally, their axes have not been aligned, forming a very special visible field of view.

The transparent back cover is also printed with a film film pattern. The H-12 movement underneath is modified from the ETA-2825-2 movement, but the details have been further modified by Hamilton.

As for the case, which is still 42mm, the Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema is obviously a movie-related element. Except for the center-axis minute hand, the hour dial and small seconds dial have been changed to a turntable design. The appearance looks like It is a traditional movie reel. In addition, the brand logo at 2 o’clock on the face plate is also decorated with a film-like decoration, and the face plate is decorated with black sandblasted grain patterns. The transparent bottom cover of the case back can see the structure of the H-12 movement. At the same time, Hamilton is also printing a film film pattern on the mirror surface, echoing the creative theme of the entire watch.

The 10th Hamilton Behind the Scenes Hero Awards 2018, the brand presents Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema as a gift to the winner

The Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema is one of the prizes given to the winners in this year’s behind-the-scenes heroic awards. They can get such a timepiece tailored for the film industry, and each winner receives the prize with a smile. Shut up, but Hamilton did not hide it. This special edition also has a commercially available version to allow watch fans who like movies to have a chance.

Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema

Stainless steel material / H-12 self-winding movement / eccentric hours, minutes and small seconds display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 8,800 RMB