Month: June 2015

Hublot Launches Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Watch

Hublot is pleased to announce that OBEY founder and well-known artist ShepardFairey has become the new brand ambassador, and launched two BigBangMeca-10ShepardFairey limited edition watches designed and created together. The new watch is paired with a Texalium® aluminum-plated carbon fiber case, a hollowed out dial, and a stylish power reserve display. The watch is bold and colorful, and is available in blue and gray colors. Each is limited to 100 pieces.

   The case diameter is 45 mm and is decorated with a unique floral pattern. The dial is decorated with Shepard Fairey’s StarGear logo at 3 o’clock, and the power reserve indicator wheel is displayed at 6 o’clock (the remaining days are displayed in a red box). Built-in HUB1201 manual winding movement, this movement can provide up to 10 days of power reserve. The new watches are paired with blue or gray calfskin straps (rubber-lined) and feature a ‘one-touch’ quick-release system that allows the wearer to easily replace the strap.

Model: Hublot BigBangMeca-10ShepardFairey Limited Watch
Model: 414.YF.1137.VR.SHF18 and 414.YL.5179.VR.SHF18

Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 15.95 mm
Case material: Texalium® aluminized carbon fiber
Dial color: blue or gray
Fluorescence: blue or red
Water resistance: 100 meters
Chain strap: blue or gray calfskin strap (rubber lining)

Movement: HUB1201 manual winding movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display
Diameter: 34.80 mm
Thickness: 6.8 mm
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Gems: 24
Retouch: Hollow
Price: $ 28,300, equivalent to about 180,000 yuan
Limited edition: 100 pieces of each limited edition

On The Importance Of Maritime Overlords And Punctuality

Attended two brand events in the first two days of the Great Sailing Era-Panerai and Athens. Coincidentally, the history and works of these two brands have a very close relationship with ‘Ocean’. In fact, the history of horological development is indeed closely related to the history of maritime affairs, and it all starts from the ‘big maritime era’. At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, Europeans began the ‘great sailing era’ and also began ‘geographical discoveries.’ In 1497, Vasco da Gama set off from Lisbon, Portugal, bypassing the Cape of Good Hope, crossing the Indian Ocean, and reaching the west coast of India. He successfully opened a new route for Western Europe directly to India, and at the same time opened the brutal colony of Western imperialism to the East. On November 12, 2014, Montblanc held a new product launch conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and launched a number of watches in tribute to Vaska da Gamma. I am also one of the 3 invited Chinese media. From 1492 to 1592, Christopher Columbus led the fleet four times from Spain to the west, eventually discovering the West Indies and the New World of America, and also brought a tragic fate to the indigenous people living on this land. In 1519, Fernando Magellan set sail from the port of San Luca, Spain, bypassed the southern tip of the American continent, entered the Pacific Ocean, and reached the Philippines. Although he was killed by the indigenous people here, his subordinates continued westbound and returned to their departure point in 1522. The completion of the first voyage around the world in human history also further confirmed the ‘Earth Circle Theory’. The battleships between Portugal and Spain continued to bring back gold and silver treasures, spices, tea, and silk porcelain from the East and the New World, which made other countries jealous. Soon, the fleets of Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Italy also followed. Joined the ranks of plunder. Vacheron Constantin launched four Explorer series commemorative watches in 2004 and 2008, paying tribute to Zheng He, Magellan, Marco Polo, and Columbus. Nautical astronomical clocks are extremely risky. In addition to storms, in the era when there was no GPS navigation, it was necessary to distinguish directions in the vast sea, relying on experience, astrology and simple instruments. However, errors caused by the trek and the rocks hit Casualties are often severe. How to distinguish the coordinates of a ship in the endless ocean? Latitude is easy to handle. It can be calculated from the altitude of the North Star and the mid-sky of the sun, but the longitude is more difficult. If you only use the constellation to locate it, you will lose thousands of miles. The way people came up with was time. The earth is divided into 24 time zones, each time zone spans 15 longitudes, and 24 time zones are 360 ​​degrees. Every 1 hour and 15 degrees, every 1 degree and 4 minutes, the longitude is calculated based on the time difference between the position of the ship and the departure place. The method was good, but the problem was that the clock technology at the time could not meet such requirements, especially in the rough seas, the pendulum could not run regularly, let alone provide accurate time. Taking the equator as an example, the circumference of the equator is about 40,075 kilometers, and a day is 86,400 seconds. Therefore, one second can bring about 463 meters of error, and one minute of error can reach about 27.8 kilometers. How to make a marine astronomical clock that can run accurately at sea has become the most urgent problem for maritime overlords. Longitude war At the end of the 16th century, the Spanish government issued a ‘reward order’, a method of measuring the longitude at sea with a high bonus. In 1714, the British Parliament passed the ‘Longitude Act’, allowing more outstanding watchmakers to join this ‘longitude war’. John Harrison in Britain is one of them. From 1728 to 1757, he spent 30 years to make four generations of nautical clocks, from the large table clock of H1 to the large pocket watch of H4, especially H4, sailing at sea After 161 days, the error was less than 1 minute, and even today it is a miracle. In the end, Harrison won the prize, and these historical masterpieces produced by him are currently displayed at the Greenwich Observatory in London. In 2008, I saw the true content here. It is these masterpieces that have achieved the glory of the ‘Eternal Empire’ . From left to right, H1 ~ H4 clocks made by John Harrison are now stored at the Greenwich Observatory in London. France, of course, will not stay out. In 1814, Louis XVIII handed Abraham-Louis Breguet into the Longitude Committee, and in the following year he was named ‘the Royal French Navy Precision Timepiece Maker’. In addition to improving the accuracy of the ship clock, Mr. Bao also published many books such as the Ship Clock Operation Manual. Breguet then became the main supplier of the French Navy for a century. As Captain Cook’s fleet arrived on the Australian continent, there was no continent to be discovered on the earth, and with the development of spacecraft and the emergence of radio wave positioning technology, the maritime expedition and maritime astronomical clocks gradually withdrew from the historical stage. A tribute to marine DNA Breguet has a Le Marine watch, a tribute to the history of the brand. This series extends from simple big three needles with date display, to two places, chronograph, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, time equation, alarm, extending many functional styles. This year, the Basel Watch Fair introduced three new works, namely the 5517 in the junior hand, the 5527 in the timekeeping function, and the 5547 with the time and alarm music functions. The dial is decorated with a wave pattern, and the small second hand is decorated with the letter ‘B’ based on the maritime signal flag, which emphasizes the genes from the ocean. From left to right, Breguet 5517, 5527, 5547 watches. In 1846, Athens (Ulysse Nardin) was founded in Leloc, Switzerland. It started from making nautical clocks, and its various precision clocks have won many awards. It has won gold awards in London, Paris, Chicago and other fairs. At the same time, the sailing clock of Athens has also become the naval equipment of more than 50 countries, including the modern Chinese navy. Athens still has a deep connection with the sea, and its logo has an anchor pattern on it. Athens also launched the Marine series at the 150th anniversary of the brand in 1996, the dial design comes from the marine clock. Central hour and minute hands, power reserve display at 12 o’clock, and small seconds at 6 o’clock. There are also two anchors on its automatic rotor, with a power reserve of 60 hours and a water resistance of 100 meters. The nautical flagship tourbillon watch launched by the nautical series in 2016 is also very interesting. The dial is shaped like a deck, and the jump window is displayed at the top. It can be quickly adjusted by the button at 2 o’clock on the case. The top of the disk has a dark blue minute retrograde slider like a sailing truss bar. It is pulled by a very thin and super-strength nanofiber wire. It will return to its original position every 60 minutes. The return time is not a jump, but it takes time. About 3 to 4 seconds slowly returned to place, quite dramatic. In addition, there is a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The watch’s 44mm case is made of platinum, limited to 18 pieces and priced at 310,000 Swiss francs. The fate of the brand and the ocean does not end there. Previously, Athens would launch a limited edition classico enamel enamel watch, using a filigree enamel process to bring a well-known battleship in history to the disk, in response to the maritime situation of the great sailing era. This tradition has been going on for at least 20 years, but somehow it ended in 2017. The picture shows the Zheng Hebao ship, the largest wooden main ship in the early 15th century by Zheng He, a famous nautical explorer of the Ming Dynasty, who sailed the Western Ocean seven times. One last thing to mention. On November 1, Athens hosted a ‘Freak me out’ imaginary night party at the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show. This is the last stop after New York, Moscow and Kuala Lumpur. The venue was turned into an underwater world, and the brand’s iconic big sharks were slowly swimming in it, which is also the theme of Athens’s communication this year. Athens Global President Patrick_Pruniaux announced that since 2019, Freak watches will be personally customized, and the materials and colors of dials, straps, hands, and case will be selected according to personal preferences to create unique and exclusive models. In addition, the president also revealed that SIHH will launch a new Freak X watch in January next year. The Whimsical series watch launched in 2002 is a bold, innovative, peculiar and wonderful watch. I will introduce it to you in detail next time. & gt; & gt; & gt; Athens Whimsical Watches & lt; & lt; & lt; This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the Internet, and no one may steal them without permission. For reprinting, please contact us for authorization.

Harley-davidson Harley-davidson And Bell & Ross Create Special Edition Locomotive

Recently, the famous watch brands Bell & Ross and Shaw Harley-Davidson & mdash; Harley-Davidson® Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rally World Championship-Heli has created an independent custom model: Bell & Ross-inspired Nascafe Racer.

Shaw Harley-Davidson is the UK’s number one Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson distribution brand and winner of six UK Best Dealer Awards. They have worked with Bell & Ross on the design elements of the modified car, inspired by the watchmaker’s vision for high performance, precision and engineering. Similarly, Bell & Ross’ precise technology can also be used to create a unique motorcycle.

The master watchmaker of Bell & Ross and the technical master of Shaw Harley-Davidson combined the spirit of Bell & Ross design and function. The prototype of this custom model uses Harley-Davidson® FXSTB Softail® Nightrain— A more aggressive Softails & mdash; has a long knife shape, a lowered front fork, no cover, named by Willie G. Davidson.
Every nut and bolt of the motorcycle was taken apart, and every inch of detail was remade in the Speed ​​& Custom studio in East Sussex.

Inlaid with a BR 01 Carbon—a signature product of Bell & Ross—the Shaw Speed ​​and Custom team cleverly inserted a hand-made aluminum alloy chronograph in the middle of the dashboard as a professional The instrument replaces the ordinary pointer instrument, and perfectly performs its function for the rider.
In addition, the charm of the chronograph is fully expressed in the coating of the exterior of the car body, sprayed with blue anodized aluminum, carbon and invisible black matte custom coating.
Source: Bell & Ross