Month: April 2015

From The Blue Sky To The Blue Sea, Challenge The Diving Shrine With Breitling

How can a busy work, a monotonous life, and an icy city be restrained? This holiday, go to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, blue sea and blue sky! Put on a full set of professional diving equipment, dive into the clear blue waters, visit another quiet and clear world, start an adventure adventure challenging the unknown, and enjoy a different kind of freedom.
 Professional diving equipment, how can you get a Breitling professional diving watch: strong and reliable, extraordinary waterproof performance and fearless diving into the deep sea; stable and accurate, automatic winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss official observatory (COSC), so that time is under control; Excellent function, no matter the precise timing, ratchet-type rotating bezel or super luminous hands, it shows professional style; it is beautiful and dazzling, complementing the colorful and dreamy underwater world. A variety of Breitling diving watches will accompany you to challenge the major leisure diving sites. The same outstanding performance and different styles are definitely your trusted partner. When you tick, connect you with two very different worlds.

Paradise Diving Site: Maldives + Breitling Superocean
 In the wide blue waters of the Indian Ocean, there is a string of green islands surrounded by white sand. This is the ‘Lost Paradise’ Maldives Islands. It has warm blue water all year round and visibility of more than 30 meters and colorful fish schools, and it is a well-known ‘diving paradise’! The diving threshold in Maldives is extremely low, and even beginners can experience unparalleled surprises and joy; a well-equipped diving center and experienced professional instructors provide you with a variety of diving methods: take a speedboat, snorkeling , Deep dive, night dive, underwater walk … let you explore the clear and colorful underwater world from different depths, and experience the ultimate diving joy.
 Diving in the Maldives, was elected the latest generation of Breitling professional diving watches-Superocean. As early as 1957, the first Breitling Super Ocean Watch, specially designed for professional and military divers, became the world-famous diving watch with its premier watchmaking technology. Over the years, every super ocean watch has been proud of its peers and has won countless praises.
 In 2011, Breitling once again launched a new Super Ocean series watch with innovative watchmaking technology. Its extraordinary performance and novel and unique aesthetic design are fused with each other: an ultra-sturdy stainless steel case with a screw-in crown, one-way Ratcheted rotating bezel and thick double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal ensure water resistance to 500 meters (1,650 feet), 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), or even 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) ); Rubber die-cut stainless steel grooved bezel, exquisitely enclosing dynamic digital hour markers on the dial, Super-LumiNova® hands, bright and clever use of colors, all in sharp contrast with the black dial, lively
 Dynamic and innovative design; some models are equipped with safety pressure reducing valves, which can balance the pressure inside and outside the case, safe and reliable.
The Breitling Super Ocean series watches include: Breitling Superocean 42 (Superocean 42); Breitling Superocean 44 (Superocean 44, 2011); Breitling Superocean Chronograph II (Superocean Chronograph Ⅱ, 2011) Breitling Super Ocean Time (Superocean GMT, new 2011). All models are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC). They will lead you in the diving paradise in the Maldives.

Ancient Diving Sanctuary: Red Sea + Breitling Superocean Héritage
 Between the northeast of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, there is a long and narrow sea area that gathers all the diving elements such as soft sea sand, singular swimming fish, and transparent water. This is the famous Red Sea. The beaches of the Red Sea are exquisite gifts from nature: the sand is washed with water, and the water is filtered with sand, which makes the sea sand extremely soft and delicate, and the sea water is extremely clear and blue. Under the clear water, there are many rare marine life, flower carpet-like coral reefs and colorful and smart fish are waiting for you to discover their secrets. Even more fascinating is the deep history and culture along the Red Sea coast. The east coast is the Arabian Peninsula that gave birth to the Babylonian civilization of Cuba. The west coast is North Africa where the ancient Egyptian civilization was born. The encirclement of the two ancient civilizations adds an incomparable historical charm to the Red Sea, which is deeply deposited under the blue water. Dive into the ancient and mysterious Red Sea, as if traveling through a thousand years, and stepping into the historical tunnel of that long and bright civilization.

 When you come to this ancient and beautiful diving sanctuary, of course, you need to wear the most interesting diving watch-Breitling Superocean Héritage. This watch series reproduces the classic Superocean watch from half a century ago. The design inspiration is mostly derived from historical models and gives modern interpretation: the dial is embedded with the classic Breitling brand logo 18K gold capital letter B in the 1950s. Classic triangular luminous hour hand to ensure easy reading in the dark; rich dial color selection, gorgeous and pleasing to the eye; the stainless steel woven bracelet is also deeply inspired by historical models, full of retro charm.
 The retro look does not detract from its superior performance. Thanks to Breitling’s latest cutting-edge technology, it is equipped with a 120-tooth unidirectional ratchet-type rotating bezel with a water-resistant depth of 200 meters (660 feet); thick double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystals and automatic COSC-certified automatic Winding mechanical movement, sturdy and reliable, excellent performance, no fear to dive into the depths of the ocean with you; there are also models with precision timing function optional.
 Breitling Super Marine Culture series watches include: Breitling Super Ocean Culture 42 watches (Superocean Héritage 42, new 2011); Breitling Super Ocean Culture 46 watches (Superocean Héritage 46); Breitling Super Ocean Culture Chronographe . Visit the Red Sea, an ancient diving destination, the Breitling Super Marine Culture Watch, which is also unique in its charms. It blends into the scenery, as if it resonates with this ocean, and experience the wonderful and thrilling underwater journey that is exclusive to you.