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Unstoppable Material Revolution Tasting Engineer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch

With the advent of the age of science and technology, the watch industry has not only ushered in a new era of technological innovation, but materials have also become another area that major brands are pursuing. Indifferently, whenever I talk about the application of the latest high-tech materials, whether it is watchmaking or motorsport, they are eager to try, not to be left behind. For the first time, Schaffhausen IWC presented a watch made of titanium aluminum alloy (TiAl), emphasizing its passion for innovative solutions. Official watch model: IW379201

In fact, as early as 1980, the watchmaker from Schaffhausen had introduced titanium as a case material into the watchmaking industry. Titanium-aluminum alloys are used in pistons and valves in motorsports because the alloy is stronger, lighter than pure titanium, and it is very suitable for the extreme high temperatures of the combustion chamber. How to process this high-performance material into a blank case is a technical challenge.

The engineer’s perpetual calendar digital date month watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar and a large digital date display. Its dynamic design and titanium aluminum alloy case are refreshing. The integrated quick-change device releases the maximum power on time when the month is switched, just like the hybrid push button on the steering wheel of a Formula 1 Formula One car.

Appearance articles:

The case is made of titanium aluminum alloy with a diameter of 46 mm. The black part of the case is zirconia, which is also a typical F1 racing material. The racing car on the track can press the push button for maximum acceleration as needed. Zirconia has the properties of anti-magnetic, anti-acid, and extremely scratch-resistant. It was also introduced by iwc as the first watch factory. In 1986, it was first used to make the case: Da Vinci ceramic watch (model 3755) came into being.

The engineer’s perpetual calendar digital date and month watch’s buttons, crown, screw cap and crown guard are made of black high-tech ceramics (zirconia) to maximize the superior performance of this material. The crown has a screw-in design and the watch is water-resistant to 120 meters.

The watch uses a double-sided anti-reflective flat sapphire glass. The function of the dial surface looks a little chaotic, but the designer cleverly uses the clear combination of black and white colors to make the visual display of layered clarity. The five major displays The disks are arranged in an orderly manner.

The watch uses a transparent sapphire glass bottom, which not only facilitates the wearer’s insight into the perfect movement design, but also shows the authoritative skills of the IWC brand as an outstanding watchmaker brand.

The watch is equipped with a black fiber-lined rubber strap, a pin buckle and a specially designed strap material to make the wearer more comfortable.


IWC Engineers Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch Although it is a general function of some dates, months, leap years, and timekeeping as a whole, every detail is tailor-made for users. The conventional hour and minute display is read by the central hand. Take the simple bar pointer design with a conspicuous white layer on the front part to increase readability.

The innovative ‘table-in-table’ design is designed to quickly and intuitively summarize the time between one minute and 12 hours, and the hours and minutes measured by the time are displayed in the accumulator at the ’12 o’clock’ position. , The time is displayed by the pointer, easy to read. The built-in flyback function resets the running chronograph hands to zero and starts a new timing.

The two dials with digital display windows are marked with ‘DATE ​​and MONTH’ in white in English below, that is, the date and month are displayed. In fact, there are no buttons to control the month and date jump, but IWC The design of the movement solves the problem of power for the watch, and will give you a detailed explanation later.

The small seconds at 6 o’clock is equipped with a stop device to allow the wearer to adjust the time more accurately. At the same time, the digital display window displays the leap year. This counts as an engineer’s perpetual calendar digital date and month watch driving the two date and month discs. When it is necessary to advance the leap year display disk, there is no advance button to help it achieve this function. In order to overcome this technical problem, the IWC team composed of engineers, designers and watchmakers has spent 4 years of hard work to develop an independent power reserve device, the so-called fast switching device. With this ingenious device, a small part of the energy is transferred and accumulated during the night date switching every day, and released on time at the end of the month to advance the display disc. At the end of the year, plus the leap year display, there are even five display disks that are synchronized. Of course, the accuracy of the movement will not be affected-even when the movement of the movement is nearing its end or when the timing function is used.

Movement articles:

The designers of IWC have developed the 89802-made self-made movement with a highly efficient double detent automatic mechanism. The movement is composed of 474 independent components and has a power reserve of 68 hours. 2013 is the year of motorsport. Therefore, the rotor has properly adopted the shape of the spokes of the car. You can watch the movement through the transparent sapphire glass back of the engineer’s perpetual calendar digital date month watch. The fiber-lined black rubber strap has an exquisite appearance, is extremely wearable and durable.

Summary: Many friends have two different attitudes to the new materials similar to the above. On the one hand, they feel very good. For users, it is a functional subversion. Of course, other people will find it difficult to accept. People’s inherent impression is that they can buy high-end precious metal high-end watches at such a high price. This may be Rolex’s insistence on following the traditional precious metal route and successfully creating a watch legend of its own. However, although I will not buy such a watch, the revolution in materials has become the general trend, and top-level watches like Hublot have already fired the first shot of the revolution.

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