Month: October 2014

Langer And ‘goodbye Forest’

On October 13, 2015, the 200th anniversary dinner of Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s birthday in Beijing began with Mendelssohn’s ‘Abschied vom Wald’ . More than a month ago, at the opening ceremony of the Lange new factory building in Glashütte, Germany, the world-famous Dresden Children’s Cross Choir performed the song for German Chancellor Merkel.

On August 26, 2015, at the inauguration ceremony of the new Langer factory building, the young people from the Dresden Cross Children’s Choir performed a song ‘Abschied vom Wald’ for German Chancellor Merkel.

On the afternoon of August 26, 2015, German Chancellor Merkel visited the town of Glashütte to host the unveiling ceremony of the new Lange watch factory.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Saxony Gov. Stanislav Tirich and the Dresden Boys Choir for the opening performance at the opening ceremony of the new factory in Lange
   ‘Goodbye the Forest’ is selected from the third of six (No. 59) art songs by Felix Mendelssohn for unaccompanied mixed choruses. The author is Joseph von Eichendorff The song was composed in 1843. Entrusting people’s desire for a better life, choosing this song on this special occasion is also a tribute to Lange who has led and witnessed the rise and fall of the small town of Saxony-Glasütte for 200 years.
   Mendelssohn is a representative musician of the German Romantic School. He was the conductor of the Saxony Leipzig Buischen Building Orchestra and founded the Leipzig Conservatory in 1842. 1842 was also the year that Ferdinando Adolf Lange returned from a study tour, returned to his hometown of Dresden, the capital of the Saxony kingdom, and married the daughter of Entique Gutkeis. Since then he has changed from an apprentice to a partner, and he has assisted his father-in-law in building the famous five-minute digital clock for the Dresden Semper Opera House. In 1845, Ferdinand Adolf
   Lange’s venture in the remote mountain town of Glashütte laid the foundation for German precision watchmaking.
   The Old Cross Church in Dresden is located on the Old Market Square and was built in 1168. The Cross Boys Choir has been with the church for 800 years and consists of 150 boys. It usually attends high schools in churches and conducts mass chanting at churches on weekends. It also cooperates with the Dresden Semper Opera House and famous performance groups. In the role of child solo and chorus.
   During the Allied bombing at the end of World War II, the Old Cross Church and the Semper Opera House were ruined. The two were rebuilt after the war, and the Cross Boys Choir, as always, appeared in mass events every weekend.
‘Goodbye Forest’ lyrics
Ah valley, ah upland, ah beautiful green forest
Leave my joy and sadness
Deceptive disturbance outside
Green home gives me one last hug
At dawn, the earth is shining and rising
The birds are singing,
As the wind blows, the dust is scattered
Rejuvenating youthful radiance
A whisper echoed in the forest, solemn tone
Telling love and justice on earth
I read this simple and true psalm faithfully
Listen with all your heart
Soon i will leave and become a stranger
Standing on a colorful alley in the stage of life
In life, sincere power
Hold up my lonely heart and make me young forever