Month: May 2014

Kunlun Titanium Bridge Power Reserve Watch

The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve watch, which was first introduced in 2011, combines aesthetic design and top-notch watchmaking technology to become the industry leader. This year, CORUM watch injected new elements into the watch, using red gold and titanium two precious materials to create a new red gold titanium bridge power reserve watch. The watch is a modern interpretation of the essence of Jinqiao. Its long movement is firmly fixed by four ruthenium-plated brackets, which fully reflects Kunlun’s unique watchmaking skills.
Kunlun watch adds a brand-new watch with a focus on material application to the unique titanium bridge series, bringing the watch series to the next level. The new watch subtly combines two materials-the case is decorated with solemn red gold, and it is accompanied by a titanium CO107 manual long movement, which brings you a watch with a strong sense of enjoyment and modernity. Style. Red gold gives the watch a sense of elegance and fashion, while the red gold case and crown contrast strongly with the titanium movement, emphasizing the linear design and the complex design and construction of the components. The surface is decorated with gold-plated logos and hour markers; the hour, minute and power reserve indicators are provided with a luminous coating to ensure that the surface display can be clearly read in the dark environment; the alligator leather strap is equipped with triple folding gold with two safety buttons buckle. This new red gold titanium bridge power reserve watch will be limited to 50 pieces.

心脏 The heart of the watch is paired with the classic CO107 movement in the watch industry to promote the display of hours, minutes and power reserve. The CO107 movement is placed on the satellite gear, and the side of the case reveals its operation at 9:00 to 3:00, bringing out a different view from the front of the watch. This watch also has a number of unique settings, including a unique gear system consisting of three gears, and one of the three gears is an eccentric planetary gear that can rotate on its axis or around other gear axes . This system can connect the main shaft of the winder and the power reserve display at the same time in less space.

Another unique setting is the power reserve display inlaid on toothed sliding parts made of nickel phosphate-the application of this material is combined with deep electroforming molding (LIGA, acronym for Lithographie Galvanoformung Abformung in German), making time predictions traditional More accurate to ensure the accuracy of the power reserve display (three-day power reserve).
As a leading professional watch brand, Kunlun Watch has always been committed to creating bold and innovative watches. It is the red gold titanium bridge power reserve watch launched this time. The innovative design combined with advanced watchmaking technology is precisely showing the brand’s determination to become a navigator in the watch industry.

Cartier Launches Two New Crash London Boutique Special Edition Watches

The history of Cartier and London can be traced back to 1902. Recently, the brand boutiques on New Bond Street in London reopened. To commemorate this event, Cartier launched two new Crash London boutique special edition watches.

 The Crash series was born in 1967 and is said to be inspired by watches damaged in car accidents (most likely the result of the brand’s ideas and craftsmanship), with limited production. The replica watch (WGCH0006) is based on the original watch and uses the same size and material (gold).

 It is worth noting that Cartier’s secret signature is missing from the replica watch’s ‘VII’ (Roman numeral 7) position, which is now standard on Cartier watches, but not on the original. The only obvious difference between the replica watch and the original watch is that the dial of the original watch is decorated with the words ‘London’, while the replica watch dial is decorated with the words ‘Swissmade’.

 The replica watch is equipped with the 8971MC movement, which is a compact oval movement, modified from Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.846. This watch with brown leather strap and deformed folding buckle is limited to one piece per month, priced at 27,000 euros, equivalent to about 210,000 yuan.

 The second is a jewellery watch (WJCH0007). This watch has an 18K white gold case with diamonds and is equipped with the same 8971MC movement. The watch is limited to 15 pieces and is priced at 65,000 Euros, equivalent to approximately RMB 510,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)