Month: April 2014

Longines 2016 New Riding Series Women’s Watch 12500 Yuan Peng Yuyan Advertising Spot 25000 Yuan

The close relationship between Longines and equestrianism, I think everyone should have heard of it. The large Longines advertisements on the street almost have equestrian figures. Recently, the author learned at Longines Beijing Blue Island Hengli World Watch Center Store that Longines’ new series of products in 2016, the Chivas watch, has been launched, ranging from small to medium-sized models. The price is 12,500 yuan. In addition, classics such as multifunctional full-calendar chronographs endorsed by Longines spokesperson Peng Yuyan are also on sale.
Longines Cycling L6.

    Longines and equestrian sports have a long history. From the elegant charm shown by riders and equestrian sports, Longines draws rich design inspiration and regards elegance as an important quality of brand watches. In 2016, Longines was inspired by the harnesses of the Franche mountain horse, which are common in Switzerland, and launched the Kashi series watch based on the rectangular buckle on the stable. The compact model has a square character and is rounded instead of sharp square sharp angles, which is very elegant. This lady’s dial features diamonds embedded in the dial. The small blue-steel hands are graceful and interesting. With the crystal-like texture of the mother-of-pearl dial, the style of women’s riding on the watch is admirable.
Longines Master Series L2.673.4.78.3

    This is the model worn by the Longines brand spokesperson, the famous movie star Peng Yuyan, and the most representative watch in the Longines master series. Just like the name of the famous craftsman series, this series of watches features special functions and watchmaking concepts. This watch is equipped with the automatic movement L678, which has many functions such as moon phase display, full calendar, chronograph and 24-hour indication. Reasonable dial layout makes this movement the most popular model among complex movements. In addition to Peng Yuyan’s endorsement, this Longines watch is also more popular with consumers.
Longines Compaq L2.786.4.56.6

    The Longines Compaq series is a classic and elegant series dominated by the Longines watchmaking tradition. It is a more casual series. Its generous and tough design is very suitable for daily leisure and business wear. This watch is the best-selling style in Longines. The black dial style is more understated. It also has white dial and leather strap styles. It is equipped with L688 self-winding chronograph movement with column wheel structure.
Longines Boya L4.810.5.77.7

    The Boya series belongs to the Longines watchmaking tradition series. It is specially launched by Longines to reflect the brand’s elegant positioning and classic design. The series models have slender and slender hands, slim scales, simple dials, and round overall appearance, which has distinctive traditional characteristics. This watch is a very special one. It is not only set with Weston VS diamonds, but the dial is treated with Striped Silver, showing a silk-like texture. The red gold part of the bezel and bracelet is treated by Longines with a 200 micron thickness of 18K gold-clad technology. This is a traditional metal outer coating process, which can maintain its gold color for a long time.

Henry’s World Watch Center Beijing Long Island Store Longines counter

Summary: Longines should be the most recognized mid- to high-end price brand in China. Many of its series such as Concas, Compaq, and famous craftsmen are very popular. During the visit, I also saw that Longines has unique characteristics. Other design models of the Kashi series are on sale, and friends who are interested may wish to visit the store for details.
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Longines 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Chronograph Stopwatch Introduction

For professional sports events, professional, stable and accurate timers are an indispensable scoring standard, and Swiss professional watch brands with outstanding watchmaking technology have become the cooperation of many events The first choice, and Longines with a long history of 180 years, has also become an indispensable official partner for many sports events.
 Longines launched the first official timer in 1878. In 1889, it launched a 19CH stopwatch with 30-minute timekeeping performance. This is the world’s first timepiece that can accurately measure to 1/5 seconds. A similar timepiece was selected for 1896 Athens. In sports events; Longines launched the first chronograph movement in 1910 and the L8.72 pocket watch timer in 1928, which can be accurate to one thousandth. With the continuous progress of Longines watchmaking technology, Longines The timekeeping performance of the watch is also constantly becoming more precise and perfect. In the various sports events around the world: such as tennis, equestrian, gymnastics and other exciting events, elegant figures of Longines timers can be seen everywhere.
 In addition to professional sports timers, Longines has also used accurate and stable performance in the development of watches. Continuing with the release of the first chronograph movement in 1910, Longines continues to revolutionize the timekeeping performance of watches. By 2010, Longines launched a new ‘column wheel chronograph stopwatch’. The column wheel chronograph stopwatch is equipped with Longines’ exclusive L688.2 movement. The L688.2 movement bears the transmission column-wheel movement. It was previously a brand in 1878 The first 20H 20-minute chronograph stopwatch movement released. This movement was widely used in Longines’ later timers.

 Longines Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph
 Longines Guide column wheel single push chronograph 180th anniversary limited edition
 To coincide with the 180th anniversary of Longines, in order to celebrate the brand’s anniversary, a series of replica watches are specially introduced, which not only pays tribute to classic craftsmanship, but also provides watch fans to experience the outstanding works of Longines more closely. Make. Longines single column push-button chronograph stopwatch inherits Longines’ first chronograph made in 1878. The basis of this watch is very similar to the first watch chronograph manufactured by Longines in 1913. The latter is equipped with a movement of 13.33Z, while the new model uses the L788 column-wheel movement developed exclusively by Longines. The wearer only needs to press a single button integrated on the crown to start various stopwatch functions such as start, stop and reset. This watch features a refined streamline design and a bright red ’12’ on the white dial, reminiscent of the original Agassiz dial, while the moving lug is derived from the noble tradition of Longines. This watch is made of rose gold and is limited to 180 pieces worldwide. Each model has a serial number.

Longines column wheel single push chronograph 180th anniversary limited edition, limited to 180 pieces worldwide.
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